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A Sutdy on Consumers Attitude Towards Water Purifier history essay help Software Development assignment help

The media infrequently treat the extent of scientific or public understanding f these issues directly, except as they relate to crisis situations. Selective coverage has resulted in an unbalanced public view of real versus perceived concerns as to the safety and quality of public water supplies. This report seeks to document the basis for public dissatisfaction with public water supplies and specific reasons for the purchase of alternative drinking water sources.

The study clearly demonstrates the need for improved consumer awareness of the objectives, competency, and limits of operations of water purveyors. The fact that we generally enjoy inexpensive, high uality water supplies for a variety of uses must be effectively brought to public attention. In this way, real concerns and future problems can be faced on a more reasoned basis by all concerned. Michael J.

Barcelona Head, Aquatic Chemistry Section State Water Survey Division Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources October 1983 Page Abstract Introduction Rationale for consumer dissatisfaction with drinking water quality and for the purchase of alternatives Health concerns Aesthetic preferences Consumer distrust Fashionability Expansion of the bottled water and home filter industries …

Plan of the report Acknowledgements Background Consumer perception of drinking water quality Current topics relative to drinking water quality Chlorination and human cancer risks Water hardness and cardiovascular disease Sodium in drinking water The fluoridation controversy Waterborne disease Need for further research Types of bottled water and home treatment uni ts Design ot the study Results and discussion Consumer dissatistaction Health concerns Sodium and other minerals Chemicals in drinking water Radiation in drinking water Aesthetic reasons Taste Odor Hardness Turbidity Color Social reasons

Consumer distrust of persons responsible for drinking water quality Fashionability Income, occupation, and education Control group rationale for not purchasing bottled water and/or a home unit Conclusions

Founders Analysis Paper

Founders Analysis Paper.

These sections must be discussed in the order presented above and with appropriate headings

• Part 1: A summarization of biblical principles of government, leadership, and statesmanship relevant to founding a nation (1– page);

• Part 2: An application of those principles to the decisions and actions of George Washington and Patrick Henry (1- page) and
• Part 3: Application of the statesmanship principles discussed in parts 1 and 2 to one germane issue in a contemporary context (2 pages). (The application is not a full blown case study as you read in Newell. The application links the principles and in Part 2 to a similar situation today.

In Part 2, remember to provide specific evidence (i.e., actions taken and decisions made) to explain how these leaders demonstrated the various attributes and principles discussed in Part 1. In doing all of this, keep in mind the following:

1) While statesmanship is certainly about personal leadership skills, moral attributes, and vision, it must also include an understanding of how government actually works and should be structured. There are plenty of nice, honorable people who care for others but who do not possess an understanding of the inter-workings of government and the required structure needed for a government designed to figh injustice, prevent exploitation, and limit tyranny, particularly in founding a nation.

2) Thus, your discussion must include a conversation about the type of understanding needed by a statesman as it relates to government structure. The class readings and in particular, the class presentations for this week will be really helpful to that end.
3) Your discussion must also focus on those statesmanship principles needed specifically for founding a nation. As you will notice from the course, we discuss statesmanship in a variety of contexts. It could be that different statesmanship principles are needed for these different contexts. Therefore, make sure you are thinking specifically about the challenges of creating a nation based upon justice and liberty for this assignment.

General requirements:

• 4 pages, not counting the title page or references page
• Citations from:
o 3–5 outside scholarly sources
o the “Leadership and Statesmanship” article
o from Newell and Vaughan (1997) and the required reading and presentations for the week

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