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A Survey of Algae Species Used in Artemia Culture popular mba argumentative essay help Other homework help

A history of the cultivation of Artemia culture.

An insight into the history of Artemia cultivation (shrimp production) including an explanation of different types and analysis of the ideal conditions for their breeding.
“Prior to 1950 mariculture involved trapping baby fish and shrimps during high tides in ponds with gates built on mudflats. Many years of research have led to improved and more efficient systems. Now, most oyster, mussel, shrimp and seaweed culture are of semi-intensive type. This has been accomplished by artificial breeding of superior stock. Artificial feed has been developed to maximize health and growth. Many improvements have been made in the health and management of shrimp and other cultured species (FAO, 1999). This has been largely due to an increasingly larger demand. In 1997, approximately 50% of all mariculture is preformed by way of mudflat culture in which a building is built in a pond in a mudflat. This is used for artemia as well as fish (FAO, 1999). ”

Discussion Board ( Perceived vs. Presenting Self)

Discuss the differences between your presenting self and your perceived self. We all have some differences (some of us more than others). Be honest with yourself and the class. I think we’ll find we all have a lot in common 🙂