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A. Summarize (suggested length of 1/2–1 page) evidence-based practice, relevant national standards, or current literature to support the need Essay

A. Summarize (suggested length of 1/2–1 page) evidence-based practice, relevant national standards, or current literature to support the need for interdisciplinary teams.

B. Summarize (suggested length of 1–2 pages) your initial meeting with the nurse manager and your experiences during the three different interdisciplinary team meetings you attended as either an observer and/or an active participant.

C. Discuss the roles of three interdisciplinary team members who participated in the interdisciplinary team meetings you attended.

C1. Explain how nurses play an important role in interdisciplinary team interactions.

D. Evaluate your interdisciplinary team interactions by doing the following:

D1. Discuss how effective the leadership was during the team meetings, based on your observations.

D2. Discuss two goals from any of the interdisciplinary teams you observed.

D2a. Discuss how you participated or could have participated in achieving the goal(s) of one of the teams.

D3. Discuss the benefits of having a cohesive interdisciplinary team, based on your observations, for the following:
• client or patient
• healthcare organization
• nursing staff
• group dynamic

D4. Assess the group dynamic for one interdisciplinary team you observed or participated with, including the effectiveness of the group.

D4a. Discuss the method you used to evaluate the group dynamic.

D4b. Discuss whether any personal or professional conflicts arose during the team interactions.

E. Identify two potential issues that may arise in the future within any of the interdisciplinary teams, based on your evaluation of the groups’ dynamics.

E1. Compare two methods for dealing with difficult group dynamics (e.g., negotiation, conflict management).

E1a. Discuss how you could implement one of these methods.

E1b. Discuss how individual members of the interdisciplinary team could affect the function or dysfunction of the group.

E2. Discuss two factors that could make it difficult for change to occur in your clinical setting, based on the meetings you observed.

E2a. Discuss why nurses, as leaders, are instrumental for leading change.

F. Discuss how the meeting outcomes for any one of the interdisciplinary teams were communicated throughout the practice setting.

F1. Discuss whether the interdisciplinary team’s recommendations and action items were implemented.

G. Reflect on how your observations or participation in the interdisciplinary meetings shaped your views about the role of the nurse in an interdisciplinary team.

G1. Discuss your observations of nursing leadership in action.

G2. Discuss how you, as a nurse, could function as a leader in your clinical setting.

H. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.