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Particularly if one asks individuals after the event how satisfied they were with the task. The most successful might report them satisfied because of their success. When impact, it was their enjoyment of the task, which led to greater achievement rather than be caused by it. 3 Recognition For many individuals, achievement sooner or later requires external validation (recognition) if it is to be sustained. Success products a series of externally validated rewards, all of which have the effect of increasing the individual’s self –esteem, where failure leads to reduction in feeling self-esteem.

In many industrials and commercial organizations, as well as in academic life, success is often externally signaled by promotion. Promotion does not universally signal recognition of achievement on the job. Satisfaction with pay It is self-evident that satisfaction with pay is an important element in our job satisfaction. Yet the evidence relating to the importance of pay in job satisfaction is surprisingly confliction with some studies apparently showing that pay is of little importance in relation to one’s job satisfaction. Security

In many ways the question of security is more fundamental to job satisfaction than any of other aspects of a job. Security is, of course a classic example of hygiene factor, paramount when it’s absent and causing dissatisfaction, but unimportant when there is no threat to the job. Job Satisfaction work Groups As with pay the importance of co-workers figures prominently as a factor in studies of job satisfaction. Herzberg, in his review of the literature, found that social aspect of the job were rated first on average in response to the question of what made people most satisfied or dissatisfied with their job.

It is after all through our personal relationships, such as those with family and friends that we give and receive most of life’s pleasures. The work situation is merely an extension of our social interactions. 4 Job satisfaction and participation Intimately related to the concept of supervisory style is the question of participation in decision making. Thus, it was pointed out that in the Lewis, Lip pert and white experiment, the democratic leadership allowed group members to expresses their views, which were taken into account in decision-making.

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18th amendment (Prohibition Amendment).

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