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Williams took great care in applying each of these literary device techniques to the theme as he presents an intriguing contrast between Blanche and Stanley, vivid images both animalistic and broken, and imploring the use of the Odyssey to further deepen his characters. Each of these devices though varied in style combine effortlessly in this tragedy. One of the ways that Williams portrays his theme in this play was by using the literary device Foil. This is most important in characterization and is also seen in the economy vs. relationships. In the play Williams purposefully misdirects readers by using male against female.

As in Stanley telling Stella what to do in certain situations, and also telling Blanche what she is going to do about the papers and Napoleonic code about “lost Belle Reve. ” (Williams 40-43) There is also the Poker Table scene in which this places Stella and Blanche in opposition and Mitch and Stanley. Mitch wants to continue talking with Blanche and Stanley wants Mitch to come and play poker. Mitch continually tries to leave saying that he needs to get home to his sick mother. Stanley obviously does not understand Mitch’s situation and his need to be home.

Stanley is really impatient as in he doesn’t like any distractions while he is playing his game. Stanley and Blanche both struggle for Stella’s attention, and they both want Stella on their side. In A Streetcar Named Desire the literary device known as imagery is constant and throughout the entire play. The image of animal nature is portrayed as equal to Stanley. “Bears her in the dark,” it is never said, but in those words you can gather that Stanley raped Blanche. The low moans of the clarinet and the blue piano all portray the image of what an animal would do. (Williams 129) Another form of imagery in the play is broken images.

There is the broken mirror and Mitch tearing the lamp. There is also Blanche’s husband Hickey killing himself. There is also the loss of the baby which is a broken part of the story. Intertextuality is the shaping of texts’ meanings by other texts. Williams uses this literary device by referring to Book Nine of the Odyssey. Blanche is equal to deception. She is always flirting with some man especially Stanley. Anytime she gets the chance while Stella is out of the room. Blanche is like Odysseus because she is very well aware of her deceptive truths. She uses them to manipulate in situations.

She blinds Stanley by her deceptive ways. Intertextuality is also used in the image of Cyclopes. Stanley portrays the image of Cyclopes. He is also referred to as “One-eye monster,” in the play. He is referred to this character because of his strong will and physically strong, but he falls easily into Blanche’s trap of being blinded. Although there are many other literary devices that are used throughout A Streetcar Named Desire these devices work together in unison to thoroughly express the theme in their struggle to attain happiness. Though they try very hard the happiness is never really gained.

These literary devices are used to create an image in the readers minds that Williams intended to do. I found myself questioning while reading this play, “Why is the title of the play A Streetcar Named Desire? ” Well I found that while reading in the beginning of the play Blanche comes into town and she is a look for a streetcar like a trolley or taxi entitled Desire. So she takes this streetcar to her Stella her sister’s house. At the end of the play Blanche is taken away in a mental institution vehicle she is not well. It is implied that another streetcar came to pick up Blanche, but not one called Desire.

Research Proposal and Literature Review of the topic – Payroll Management System Design

Literature Review of Payroll Management System (1500 words)
You are free to structure your review in any way that you feel is more suitable to your topic. Indicatively, you can structure it as a standard essay, containing:
– An introductory section where you can define your topic, state the scope of the review and explain the organisation of the rest of the document.
– The main body where the review of relevant literature is provided.
– A concluding section where you briefly summarize the most important aspects of the literature review and point out potential gaps in existing research.
– A list of references (which is NOT included in the word count).
Research Proposal of Payroll Management System (1500 words)
Assessment Brief.
For this assignment, you need to write a research proposal on a topic of your choice, relevant to your degree. This proposal is a statement of intent for a research project to be undertaken and also a reference point from which the project is examined. For instance, the proposal can be in preparation of your MSc individual project or for a PhD programme. Note, however, that there is no requirement that you actually undertake the project in the submitted proposal. In preparing your submission, you need to take into account the following notes regarding topic choice, structure and content requirements.
Choosing your Topic.
You are strongly encouraged to base your choice on the results of the academic literature review conducted for assignment 1. While this is not mandatory, it will significantly reduce your workload since you would not have to conduct a literature review from scratch.
You are free to structure your proposal in any way that you feel is more suitable to your topic. Indicatively, you can include the following:
– An introductory part where you describe the research context: a brief overview of the general area within which the proposed research falls, summarizing the current state of the art and relevant literature.
– The main body where you state the research aims/questions and objectives, the intended deliverable(s), the methodology which you will employ to carry out the research and the intended project plan.
– A concluding section where you briefly summarize the proposed research, highlighting its originality and impact.
– A list of references (which is NOT included in the word count).
Content Requirements
The content of your research proposal is directly dependent on your topic. However, the following are required as minimum:
– A review of relevant literature that outlines the current state of the art and indicates gaps in knowledge which will act as the basis for the proposal. This can be a summary of your submission for assignment 1.
– At least one research aim/question, two research objectives and one deliverable.
– A discussion of the research strategy, techniques and methodologies that are to be used, with appropriate justification.
– An analysis of risks and potential professional, legal and ethical issues that are raised by the proposed research and appropriate ways to address them.
– A project plan (e.g. a Gantt chart).
– Referencing must strictly follow the APA 7th style.