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A Snitch in the Snob Squad narrative essay help World History

A Snitch in the Snob Squad Author: Julie Anne Peters Characters: Jenny Solano, Kevin Rooney, Lydia, Max, Prairie, Ashley Krupps, Mrs. Jonas and Ms Milner Introduction: Jenny, Max, Lydia and Prairie were friends and formed a group called the Snob Squad. A thief in Jenny’s middle school had been stealing Mrs. Jonas and Ms Milner’s money. They wanted to find out who was the culprit of the thefts. They suspected Max, Kevin Rooney and Ashley Krupps. Max suddenly came to school in new expensive sports shoes. Kevin, Jenny’s boyfriend, suddenly lavished her with extravagant gifts and he was not rich either.

Ashley was the principal’s spoiled daughter. She was found splurging on trendy clothes. Ashley was the main culprit because she had always had a reason to get away from punishments. Summary: During a snob squad meeting, Lydia confessed that she has done it because she found it ridiculous that the principal and Mrs. Jonas did not scold Ashley when she was in the wrong. Lydia had returned the money to the teachers. The Snob Squad forgave Lydia, as the Snob Squad motto was “All for one, and one for all”. Kevin went to Jenny’s house to apologize to Jenny and they patched up.

Climax: Things were getting tense, when they started thinking that Max might be the culprit. One day, Kevin invited Jenny, Hugh and Prairie to his house for a party. However, Jenny accidentally asked Kevin if he was the one who had stole the money. It was just a coincidence, when Mrs. Jonas’s money was stolen, he gave Jenny a pair of earrings, and right after Ms Milner’s money was stolen he gave her a necklace. Kevin was angry and ended the party. Ashley was bringing a purse to school, she carried it with her everywhere, even the washroom. The Snob Squad thinks she kept the money in there.

Meanwhile, Lydia was acting weird as she was getting frustrated easily. Concluding Comments: In my opinion, I think that Lydia should have solved the problem in another way. Instead of trying to take revenge by stealing, she should have talked about it to a teacher, her parents or even the principal himself to solve the problem. By stealing, she had caused Max to receive a three-week suspension, Jenny and Kevin to have a miscommunication and Ashley’s dark secrets to be revealed. All in all, we need to be honest and think carefully before we do something, so that in the end, hopefully no one get affected. Ratings: 4/5

Discussion Six

In your reading this week, you will learn about Classical criminology which uses the idea of free will to explain that offenders choose to engage in crime and that the best way to control crime is to deter offenders and make it uncomfortable or unprofitable for them to offend. The Positivist school of criminology; on the other hand, focuses on the offender rather than the offense and uses science rather than philosophy to explain crime. It considers offenders’ motivations and examines their physical characteristics, social background, and moral development in order to determine why they offend and what can be done to rehabilitate them.
Based on your reading of the following article:
1. Identify and discuss three pros and three cons of each theory. Explain the reason for your assessment.
2. Explain why do early attempts at positivist hypotheses may seem outdated to us now?
3. Discuss the theory that, in your opinion, best explains and explores juvenile delinquency