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A Separate Peace: Social Sterotypes Essay, Research Paper

A Separate Peace: Social Sterotypes

Thesis: The five chief characters in John Knowles & # 8217 ; A Separate

Peace represent societal stereotypes, harmonizing to some


In his book A Separate Peace, John Knowles represents athletes with

Phineas, a character who believes that athleticss are the key to life. Phineas is

more of a sportswoman than a athlete. Real athletes merely care about winning, Phineas

makes certain it & # 8217 ; s non possible for anyone to win or lose.

Chet Douglas is an overdone homework, merely like Phineas is an

overdone athlete. He is obsessed with acquisition merely for the interest of acquisition.

No existent hardcore homework thinks that manner! Chet Douglas lives in his ain

educational universe. He & # 8217 ; s so captive in this surrogate world in which Calculus

has a justified being that he forgets what the school is seeking to learn

him, and really goes out and seeks more academe than what the school is

already jostling down his and everyone else & # 8217 ; s pharynx. The standard homework is merely

concerned with being on the top of the Honor Roll, so that everybody & # 8217 ; s parents

can wonder at how smart ( s ) he is.

There is one character that fits into no stereotype. & # 8220 ; Leper & # 8221 ; Lepillier

is an individualist. Individualists are people who don & # 8217 ; t conform to societal

norms merely for the interest of being accepted by others. Real individualists are

non those people with bluish and green hair you see on talk shows. Those people

conform to a subculture,

something that was less common during World War II.

The existent individualists of the universe are rapidly vanishing, as conformance

becomes more popular. I haven & # 8217 ; t met any existent individualists, so I can & # 8217 ; Ts say

whether or non Knowles exaggerates Lepillier & # 8217 ; s deficiency of stereotype.

In modern society, there is force per unit area on individualists to conform to

the most outstanding subculture in the local country ( I think ) . Those who fail to

conform become castawaies, like the character Quackenbush. Outcasts are

ridiculed so that they see themselves as inferior to everyone. In the book,

Quackenbush tries urgently to happen person who he is non inferior to, and

starts a battle with Gene. While castawaies are created in the same manner as

Quackenbush, he reacts much otherwise to being an castaway than most castawaies

make. To the criterion castaway, everyone is the mark, finally, non merely a few

inferior people.

Some people are self-obsessed. Gene would be a good illustration if he was

existent. Gene is excessively obsessed with his ain emotions, this is why we have to set

up with all his refuse throughout the book. He is the type who would step over

his ain female parent ( or agitate his best friend off of a tree ) to acquire what he wants.

Since the clip when this book takes topographic point, new groups of people called

subcultures have formed. Each subculture has its ain societal norms. They are

like a society within a society, and segregate the people even more than these

five basic types of people did back in Knowles & # 8217 ; clip.

Digital Culture

Digital Culture.

Choose ONE of the following: A) Choose two social media platforms (Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and compare how they affect society in various ways. Discuss the details of how they each function and how those unique aspects reflect and affect society. (For instance, Tweets are limited to 140 characters – reflects headline-only culture or snarky one-liner culture or both. Instagram being primary image-focused frames culture as image-related, etc.) What insights can you draw from these differences between the two platforms? Use quotes/paraphrase from at least six outside sources (two of which can be essays from our book, but the others must be from academic books or journal articles) to support and illustrate. B) Is social media dividing or equalizing our society? Discuss specific social media platforms and how they are involved with at least two of the following issues: Troll Armies, Slacktivism, Online “Dating”, Cyber Bullying, E-Commerce, Government Surveillance, Fake News, “Fake News”, News Silos, Social Media Addiction, Identity Construction, Stanning, Fast Entertainment, Social Issue Awareness, Charity, Online Education, or Political Voice. Discuss the details of these issues and how the specific social media platforms contribute to them in various ways. Use quotes/paraphrase from at least six outside sources (two of which can be essays from our book, but the others must be from academic books or journal articles) to support and illustrate. Essay should be 6-8 double-spaced pages in MLA format. You must use at least one quote from six different outside academic sources (two could be essays from our book). Should have a title that states topic and hints at thesis. Introduction should begin with 3-5 sentences introducing the topic of social media and the particular issues or platforms you will be discussing A thesis statement should end the introduction making an analytical argument—that is detailed, developed, and dynamic—that shows a college-level engagement. Body paragraphs should begin with clearly articulated topic sentences that develop individual points helping to support your overall thesis. Evidence should describe the platforms/issues and be connected to quotes, paraphrase, and/or summary from outside sources (two could be essays from the book). Conclusion should bring these individual points back to the overall thesis and make it clear what the implications are for society in the near future. Essays should follow MLA style and format (see Hacker or look it up online): typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins all around.

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