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We often imagine about how see our lives go by in seconds when we placed in life or death situations. This was no exception, I recalled the most important moments in my life as I spun on that ATV bike. Everything came to my mind, my most treasured memories that reminded me how I had lived my life to the fullest. As other people spent their spring break at the beach or watching movies, I was being medically treated, due to my severe scrapes. What was supposed to be a perfect vacation turned out to be the most painful thing that I have ever experienced. It was spring break so my family and I decided to go to the beach.

The first couple of days, we enjoyed the sun and clear waters. It was until the third day that we decided to ride our bikes to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, which was about thirty kilometers away from the beach. It was the perfect day for early bike run, with excellent weather conditions. Every minute that passed by as I rode my bike, I felt more and more exhausted. It seemed we were on an endless road. Finally, we reached our destination. I was glad I was able to experience this with my family, but little did I know what was going to happen on my way back to the beach house.

It seemed impossible riding another thirty kilometers to go back to the beach. Luckily, some friends were lazy enough to ride their ATV motorcycles instead of their bikes. My dad and I switched our bicycles for their ATVs. It was getting dark, so we had to get back as soon as possible. I was driving at a high speed, and a man appeared from the side of the road. I tried not to run him over, but as I skipped the man I hit a bump on the road, which caused me to roll several times with the ATV bike. I got up immediately, my legs and hands were shaking. I still remember the burning sensation on my arms, legs and face. My dad rushed to help me.

Even though he did not say anything, his face ratted him. A family friend came to help us and took me back to the house, where there was a doctor waiting. I was completely dirty, since I had scraped myself against the pavement. Indeed, cleaning the wounds hurt more than the accident itself. At the beach house, I was cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, soap and water. It was beyond all bearing, but it had to be done. It was not until I had been cleaned that I noticed all my bruises and scrapes. It was obvious that we needed to head back to the city, I needed to treated by a dermatologist, not by a general practitioner.

Once we were in the city, I was taken to the hospital, where I was placed in a dermatological treatment that lasted for six months. Recuperation was even harder, Imagine having injuries on all your joints, and every time you tried to walk or move, they would just start bleeding and the healing process would have to start again. The purpose of the treatment was to leave as least scars as possible. In the end, I was left with scars on my arms, hands, and legs. Every time I see someone riding an ATV without protection, I tend imagine the worst. I still get flashbacks of what I saw and felt as I was rolling on that bike.

I was lucky enough to be left with a scar instead of a major medical condition, or even death. When I see my scars, I do not think about the accident itself, but how fortunate I am to be alive. It took myself an accident and six months of painful recuperation to learn that I should always wear the appropriate gear when riding a motorcycle. I believe that once we have been placed in life or death situations, we realize how fragile we are, and that we most live our lives to the fullest because we do not know if there is going to me a tomorrow.

Write a multithreaded program that calculates

Write a multithreaded program that calculates various statistical values for a list

of numbers. This program will be passed a series of numbers via either the command line or

an array in the code. Once it receives those numbers, it will then create three separate

worker threads. One thread will determine the average of the numbers, the second will

determine the maximum value, and the third will determine the minimum value. For

example, suppose your program is passed the integers: 12 75 30 91 49 52 76

The program will report:

The average value is 55

The maximum value is 91

The minimum value is 12

The variables representing the average, maximum, and minimum values will be stored

globally. The worker threads will set these values, and the parent thread will output the

values once the workers have exited.