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A Scary Story Essay, Research Paper

The Lakeside Ghost Story

My tummy was churning as the large bold letters came into position. They read,

Camp Lakeside. The coach came to a sudden halt and a counsellor at the forepart of the coach

stood up and shout, Everyone away! A stampede of eager campers rushed from the coach,

into the bright sunlight of Lakeside cantonment.

I had been looking frontward to the cantonment for a few months and now that I am here I

can t believe it. My friend Justin saved a bunk beside his. I arrived besides to the good

intelligence that I wouldn t need to take the swimming trial. Although I m non a great swimmer,

I made some major betterments last twelvemonth.

That dark for dinner we had chicken with mashed murphies and Brassica oleracea italica. For

sweet they served Jell-O. I got a little leery when after dinner we were ordered to travel

to our cabins and unpack.

After we were finished unpacking, we had some free clip until 7:45, which gave

us thirty proceedingss to play. The clip passed rapidly and before we knew it, the clip was

8:00! I started running to my cabin, but all of a sudden I spotted two counsellors dressed in all

black. I had the impulse to follow them, but my desire to remain out of problem on the first twenty-four hours

maintain me from following them.

The following twenty-four hours flew by as a merriment filled twenty-four hours. My friends and I played thr


the searing hot twenty-four hours. He had besides seen something that dark, but thought it was nil.

We both made a promise that we would follow the two counsellors subsequently that dark. After

dinner, we were given the same regulations as the twenty-four hours before. I played until 7:30, so hid in a

shrub with my friend Tommy. At around 8:00 we saw the same two counsellors walking

in the same topographic point so we followed them at a safe distance.

The two counsellors walked rather a distance until they suddenly stopped at an old

campfire haunt. We approached easy and carefully seeking non to do a sound when

both of them turned about and said hello small kiddies and vanished go forthing their

lifeless apparels on the land.

We ran every bit fast as we could towards what we thought was the way of the route.

Then out of nowhere they appear in the darkness in front traveling quickly at us. We decided

tally to the left trusting person would assist us. That s when I looked back and noticed

that Tommy wasn T behind me. I kept peering back trusting to happen some hint that he was

behind me, but nil merely the two ferocious shades.

When I eventually reached the chief route I flagged down a constabulary auto and blurted to

the constabulary officer Lakeside Camp is a shade cantonment. The officer looked at a loss and said

Lakeside Camp burned down over 30 old ages ago.

Various responsibilities of a project manager

Review the various responsibilities of a project manager by organizing a project. See Chapter 19, sections 19.9 and Cases. The project will be a continuation of how to improve the process you chose in Competency 1.
Apply project management tools and a project management outline type of your choice to structure and plan the project by defining, planning, and controlling.
Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation (supported by Excel and Word as needed), with detailed speaker notes, that includes the following:
Project description
Project Management Charts (Critical Path, Gantt Chart, etc.)
Improved Process Flowchart from Competency 1 (optional)
Meeting cadence/rhythm and timing
Metrics to measure the project’s success
Financial and budgetary considerations
Description of the project reporting structure
Again the main source should be from: (chapters 16,17,