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A Revolution for Little Miss Rock and Roll english essay help C Programming

Breaking into the music world takes determination, passion and a great deal of luck, but for female-fronted bands, making it into the limelight has previously seemed hopeless.
The bulk of breakthrough rock bands have formerly been cookie-cutter male rockers with the same black eyeliner and occasional screaming. The revolution of today’s female-fronted bands began with the introduction of the wildly popular, 80’s rock band, the Pretenders, lead by Chrissie Hynde. This lineage was continued by Evanescence, when lead singer Amy Lee’s eerie, conscience-piercing vocals forced open the door for a new style of music in the late 90’s. Since then, female-fronted bands have fought their way into popular awareness.

In the realm of punk rock, Paramore’s Haley Williams steals the show with her dark yet upbeat vocals. With a background of head-banging rock and her inspirational lyrics, Williams puts a spin on the cliche four-man band. Her clear and passionate voice creates just the right change from the hundreds of other monotonous punk rock bands. Paramore’s strong instrumentals and vocals provide a high-energy beat that has to be listened to while dancing on tables.
For more alternative rock fans, the vocal stylings of Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley add the perfect break from the stereotypical bands. Anger, sorrow, fear and hope pore out of every line as Mosley’s darkly melodic voice combines with the alternative rock style of her male band-mates. The strength of their music springs from haunting vocals, pounding guitars and thought-provoking lyrics. In the track “Fully Alive” off the album of the same name, the band adds perspective on life in relation to an abuse. “All my complaints shrink to nothing/ I’m ashamed of all my somethings/ She’s glad for one day of comfort/ Only because she has suffered.”
Fans of softer pop rock will love the and considerably happier, more bubbly approach of Hey Monday’s Cassadee Pope. Pope’s upbeat, pop voice propels the tracks forward, along side the bands alternative rock beat. She provides a fresh voice to classic pop rock while still giving a nod to the pop princess, Avril Lavigne. Her high-energy ballads are addicting and perfect for brightening up a dark day.
For the average rock fan, the montage of identical male rockers has become stale. Though there are still many interesting and captivating male bands who have defied the stereotype, the recent wave of female vocalists has begun to shake up the music industry.

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Improving Intrusion Detection Systems.

Improving Intrusion Detection Systems 

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