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A Report on Research on Consumer Perception on Big Bazaar my assignment essay help American History assignment help

Structured questionnaire were used to get the responses from the respondents by personally interviewing them in the store. Some of the suggestions provided by the respondents for improvement include increasing the efficiency of the billing system in weekends and during festive seasons, proper arrangement of the products, reducing too much crowd during festive seasons and improvement in parking facility. Based on the findings the conclusion was that the overall perception of the customers towards the store is good.

The overall perception was good but there is still scope of improvement, which are the recommendations given for the study include priority given on the basis of quantity of purchase in the queue to complete the billing formalities, proper trimming or arrangement of the products, making Star Sitara saloon aware and attractive, attracting the customers by conveying the benefits of visiting the store during off season, improving the ambience and making sales personnel interaction more effective are some of the recommendations given for the study.

Retail is India’s largest industry, accounting for over 10 per cent of the country’s GDP and around eight per cent of the employment. Retail industry in India is at the crossroads. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. But because of the heavy initial investments required, break even is difficult to achieve and many of these players have not tasted success so far.

However, the future is promising; the market is growing, government policies are becoming more favorable and emerging technologies are facilitating operations. Retailing in India is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry. The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of format and consumer buying behavior, ushering in a revolution in shopping in India. Modern retail has entered India as seen in sprawling shopping centers, multi-storied malls and huge complexes offer shopping, entertainment and food all under one roof.

The Indian retailing sector is at an inflexion point where the growth of organized retailing and growth in the consumption by the Indian population is going to take a higher growth trajectory. The Indian population is witnessing a significant change in its demographics. A large young working population with median age of 24 years, nuclear families in urban areas, along with increasing workingwomen population and emerging opportunities in the services sector are going to be the key growth drivers of the organized retail sector in India.

Guide to Designing your Poster: Clinocal Audit

Guide to Designing your Poster: Clinocal Audit.

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Guide to Designing your Poster

Your poster should have 5 distinct sections plus 1 section for references:

1.   Introduction

      Aim of presentation – Definition of specific purpose of audit

      Justification and rationale for topic linked to evidence base and published policy documentation

2.   Methods

      Project methodology – permissions, (ethical approval), design, data, user/staff involvement.

3.   Measuring Performance

      Standards for measurement

      Process of audit –timescale, location, sampling

      Results: Presentation of findings of audit – tables, graphs, text

      Summary of findings

4.   Practice Enhancement (This section must be supported by evidence)

      Recommendations from audit

      Implications of results for practice development

      Strategies for dissemination, practice enhancement and sustaining of improvement

5.   Conclusion

      Overall conclusions to the poster presentation

      The clinical significance of the poster presentation

6.   References

·       Papers referred to in the text must be given as full reference in a box at the end of the poster.

·       Approximately 5 references are expected.


Overall Design & Presentation:

·         Avoid too much text

·         Text should be well spaced out

·         Avoid cluttered; make sure there is free space between text boxes and images 

·         Determine a logical sequence for the presentation of material using the above headings

·         Visual appeal is important however visual aids should be carefully placed and should not detract from the flow of the content

·         Proof read your poster


Sequencing of Content:

·         Guide the reader through the presentation 

·         Use of arrows leads the eye as well as creating movement and flow

·         Decide on the best format for the presentation of content



Font Type, Size and Colour:

·         Font types that present well are Ariel, Tahoma, Calibri or Verdana

·         The main title on the poster should have a font size of between 60-80

·         The key headings such as introduction, methods etc. should use font size 36-48

·         The subtext needs to be size 28-32

·         No more than 3 paragraphs of text in a row.

·         Avoid using font size less than 24.

·         Try not to vary the type or font or size too much throughout the poster

·         Be careful with dark font colours on dark backgrounds e.g. blue on black or vice versa, equally avoid light colours on light backgrounds e.g. yellow on white 


Tables, Images, Figures and Charts:

·       Use tables, charts, graphs to present data

·       Ensure that the figures are legible, have good use of distinct colours and are labelled

·       For each figure and table used, ensure you have referred to them in the main text

·       Avoid placing text over a picture

Word count:

Work count varies from poster to poster, typically between 400-800, no more than 1000 words.


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