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A Remarkable Event That Happened in My Life argumentative essay help online Communication Strategies assignment help

It’s all start when my sister and I went to Watson. While I’m doing window shopping, my sister went to buy some stuff. Accidently, in a glance, I saw my sister at the health section. In consciously, I went to her with full of questions, and asked her ‘are you sick? ’ Then she turned back to me and answered my question with a question, ‘is this good? ’ My mind was full with questions but all of them were answered when my sister called my mother and told her the great news. Then suddenly, I’ve heard this loud screaming from my mother room.

In a minute, all my siblings went to her room with anxiously. After she hang up the phone, with full of excitement we asked her what was happening? With a joyful face, she told us that our sister is pregnant. The question that was keeping in my mind and made me in an uncomfortable position finally has been answered. “No wonder she buys the pregnant test today”. This is how I got to learn about my sis’ pregnancy. But what I really want to share with u today is how I took care of my sis during and after her pregnancy. During my sister pregnancy, I try my best to take care of her.

I still remembered the day she suddenly asked me a question with a worry face “Can you do me a favor? ” From her face, I knew that she was worry about something. As a wife, what make her so worry? Except the housework, there was no other thing she needs to worry about. Then I asked her “Yes, what is it? ” ”Could you please come to my house every Saturday and do the chores? Some of the stuff was hard for me to do because I’m pregnant now. ” I answered, “Can, but what I get on return? ” I don’t want to make a non-profit deal. “Yes, I will pay you RM20 every time you clean up my house. Is it deal? ” SURE!!!

Some of them said that when a woman pregnant, their characteristics will change to be more temper and easy to get mad. I knew that if my sister gets mad, it will affect the baby too. So I try my best to satisfy her demand all the time when she put s an order. Example, carry things, take boiled water for her to take medicine and etc. I still remembered that day, when my sister drove me to eat my lunch. In our way, we were having a slightly car accident. Fortunately, we both were safe and no injured. At the same time, I feel self-accusation because I scared if it will happen again and maybe next time we are not that lucky.

So after the accident, I never let my sister driving during her pregnancy because I realize it is dangerous for her. So every time when she wants to go out, I will just be her driver when she needs me. My sister was limited by my mother about her eating habits during her pregnancy. Every time when my sister and I went out for our meal, I will do as what my mother always did, reminded my sister “u can’t eat that, this is not good for the baby”. Almost all the time she will listen to me, but sometimes she would not. for her, I am an annoying person.

Whenever she wants to go, I will always support her with my hand. Example, help her to open the car door, take her to cross the road, lead her hand when shopping and etc. After she gives birth by operation, she needs to stay at hospital for 1 week. I was being the volunteer who want to stay and accompany her in hospital for 1 week. for me it is better than just staying at home and doing nothing. In that time, I always chatting with my sister, watch television with her to reduce her pain in wound. Some of the time she feels very uncomfortable and cried.

I will hold her hand and tell her, “is ok, don’t too worry, the pain will gone after this few days. ” I’m always reminding her to take medicine on time. Support her with my hand and took her to walk around the hospital so that the wound will recover faster. I will always take her to see her baby in the baby room. I look like a part time nurse in that hospital, but that was for my sister, I know I have the responsibility to do that. After a week, my sister finally can go home. Because this was her first time to give birth, my mother offers her back home to be in confinement.

But there was no room for her, so I just give up my room for her to be in confinement. Some time I will help her to buy pampers and milk powder when she has no time to buy them. I will always help her to take care of her son when she was tired. Example, lullaby my nephew to sleep, feed the baby with a bottle of milk. Why this event is remarkable for me? During this event, I have learned and gain many things in my life. I learn how hard my mother giving birth of me. I learn how to take care of my future wife when she is pregnant. I learn to appreciate everyone in my life. I gain a good relationship with my sister.

Criminal Justice Question

In this class, you will complete a comprehensive project that will analyze a specific terrorist organization or group. The first part of your project is to submit a terrorist organization (or group you would like to research and write about) to your instructor for approval. This must be at least 150 words. You will also provide a brief overview of which type of terrorism the organization or group falls under (religious, political, and/or ideological) and why. You may use the overview as part of the course project introduction.
The overview must be at least one page in length. Please include at least one reference. Adhere to APA style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.