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A Question of Ethics

A Question of Ethics. I’m trying to learn for my Law class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

On July 5, 1884, Dudley, Stephens, and Brooks— ”all able-bodied English seamen”—and a teenage English boy were cast adrift in a lifeboat following a storm at sea. They had no water with them in the boat, and all they had for sustenance were two one pound tins of turnips.
On July 24, Dudley proposed that one of the four in the lifeboat be sacrificed to save the others. Stephens agreed with Dudley, but Brooks refused to consent – the boy was never asked for his opinion. On July 25, Dudley killed the boy, and the three men then fed on the boy’s body and blood. Four days later, a passing vessel rescued the men. They were taken to England and tried for the murder of the boy.
If the men had not fed on the boy’s body, they would probably have died of starvation within the four-day period. The boy, who was in a much weaker condition, would likely have died before the rest.
(a) The basic question in this case is whether the survivors should be subject to penalties under English criminal law, given the men’s unusual circumstances. Were the defendants’ actions necessary but unethical? Explain your reasoning. What ethical issues might be involved here?
(b) Should judges ever have the power to look beyond the written “letter of the law” in making their decisions? Why or why not?
A Question of Ethics

CS 319 SNHU Use of Color and Sound in UI UX Design and Development Discussion.

I’m working on a computer science report and need an explanation to help me learn.

As a designer, your perception of a UI/UX design will not necessarily match the perception of your users. Because of this, it is important to examine established research on how color and sound design can impact the user experience for an application. Even if your impression or awareness of these elements does not perfectly align with what the general research suggests, understanding the way color and sound can be used as tools to serve your users is still valuable for your designs.While not every user’s encounter with color and sound will be the same either, you will use this assignment to construct a baseline assessment upon which more layers of insight can be developed. For example, you might identify instances where color differentiation is appropriate for a component in a user interface. But if a user is color-blind, then a colored indicator would appear to them differently. As you form your assessments of how color and sound can be used in design, be sure to review the Android and Apple guidelines, as you have done and will continue to do frequently throughout this course. The standards they set take many factors, like accessibility, into consideration. Your assessments should also include some personal thoughts because, although you are taking on the role of designer for this course, there are likely many instances where you have been the user of an application in daily life.PromptSpecifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:Explain the impact that the use of color can have on user experience for an application. Using the resources provided in this module, discuss how color can be effectively used in UI/UX designs. The conclusions you draw should be based on established research, but you can also consider your own perspective as a user. Think about applications (mobile, computer, or other) that you use often and how color does or does not affect your engagement with those apps’ content. You might consider ways your experience would be different if your phone or computer screen displayed apps only in black and white. What do you think that experience would be like? As you complete your analysis, you may also reference the following questions for guidance:What are some effective ways color can be used in designs?How can the level of user engagement or interest be changed with color?How has the use of color been shown to help users achieve goals within an app?Discuss how research informs your own approach to designing with color. Based on the impacts you have explored regarding the use of color in designs, think about ways this knowledge will shape your own creations. What additional considerations or perspectives has this opened for you? How will you effectively serve your users by understanding the best practices outlined by research?Explain the impact that the use of sound can have on user experience for an application. Using the resources provided in this module, discuss the ways sound can be effectively used in UI/UX designs. Like your investigation of color, the conclusions you draw should be based on established research, but you can also consider your own perspective as a user. Over the course of a day, think about all the sounds a user might hear while interacting with any type of device. You may consider your own experience, ask a friend or family member to recount theirs, or base your assumptions on indicators given in the Android and Apple guidelines. As you work, think about the following questions to help guide your response:What are some devices that incorporate sound into their functionality?How can those sounds help a user to navigate an app?What sounds are shown to work well?Where could sound design be improved to better help a user reach their goal?Discuss how research informs your own approach to designing with sound. Based on the impacts you have explored regarding the use of sound in design, think about ways this knowledge will shape your own creations. What new perspectives have you gained from the research you found? How will you plan to use sound to effectively serve your users?Explain the limitations of color and sound in UI/UX design. After you have finished reading through the resources in this module and have formed your own approach to designing with color and sound, take a moment to assess what limitations there are with these design elements. Color and sound may be overwhelming or not enough on their own to convey meaning, depending on the situation. Outline how you will take these factors into consideration and ways that this shifts your design approach.Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit your written work as a 2–3 page, double-spaced Microsoft Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style.
CS 319 SNHU Use of Color and Sound in UI UX Design and Development Discussion

Module 01 – Business Problem.

Your company, Rasmussen Consulting, was hired by MovieFlix, a company
that provides subscription service for on-demand Internet streaming
media and DVD-by-mail within the U.S. You are the consultant that
Rasmussen has decided to assign the MovieFlix case to. To begin
your assignment you will need to select one of the business problems
described in the “Capstone Project Introduction” page of Module 01. You
will complete this assignment in 2 parts. To complete your assignment,
you will need to do the following:Part IResearch
your business issue. You will need to use a minimum of 4 credible
sources for your research, with 2 being academic sources, such as a book
or an academic scholarly journal. Academic scholarly journals can be
accessed through the Rasmussen Online Library. For business sources,
ProQuest and EBSCO Host are helpful. *A note about credible sources:
Credible sources are reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. These sources
are written by authors respected in their fields of study. You want to
identify sources where the author of the article is listed, if they’ve
referenced other information, the sources should be cited so that you
can check for the accuracy of and support what they have written. Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. For more information on credible sources, please visit the Rasmussen Online Library. In 2-3 pages, describe the problem that you’ve selected:What is the problem?Why is it a problem for businesses?Why does this problem exist or what causes it?What are some of the consequences if the problem goes unsolved?Remember
to use proper tone in your paper. You are speaking from a “consultant”
point of view. Your audience is the Leadership Team at MovieFlix. Make
sure to write your paper utilizing proper APA formatting guidelines,
and to include an APA formatted title page. Use NoodleBib to document
your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and
in-text citations.Part IINow that
you’ve shown MovieFlix that you’ve adequately researched their issue
it’s time to write them a formal business letter to discuss next steps.Write
a formal business letter from your company (Rasmussen Consulting) to
MovieFlix. For your letter, you will need to follow proper business
formatting guidelines and use “block letter formatting.” Also, include
an APA formatted title pageYour business letter needs to be a minimum of 2 pages in length and must include the following:Let MovieFlix know that you have researched the issue and what your conclusions are for their company based on your research.Discuss latest developments surrounding the issue.Describe
what the first steps will be in helping them to resolve their issue.
Explain why it’s important that these be the first steps and what your
role will be in helping them to implement these first steps.Because
this is a formal business letter, tone and grammar are extremely
important. You will need to submit your letter to “Grammarly” which a
free service for Rasmussen students, prior to submitting your paper to
the drop box. Once you’ve made all of your suggested grammar
corrections, submit your paper to the Drop Box, along with your
Grammarly PDF report as a separate attachment. Your goal is to obtain a
Grammarly score of 90 – 100%. Grammarly instructions can be accessed here.Submit your paper, business letter, and Grammarly report as three separate attachments
Module 01 – Business Problem

University of Maryland College Park Synthesis Matrix Literature Review.

8 pages. (If you prepare more than 8 pages due to the format required, I will tip appropriately) See attached instructions for completing a literature review synthesis matrix. Using the attached literature review and thesis proposal, create a literature synthesis matrix per the directions in the attachment, “synthesis review for literature review”**You are not required to use the sources in the attached literature review however the final product sources must include the following:20 sources including 10 sources from peer-reviewed or high-quality scholarly journals and publications. You are attempting to establish what the literature says and where the gap exists that you plan to fill.The synthesis matrix focuses on how other researchers have addressed similar questions. It places the study in context and discusses how it will differentiate itself from what is already in the field. ———————————————————————————————-The literature review is for my capstone in public administration. As part of the thesis paper we must address the Public administration Program objective and how the thesis paper Don’t ties to at least one of the the Public Administration program objectives. They are:Assess the leading approaches to managing public organizationsEvaluate the moral, legal, and ethical aspects of decision-making in the public sectorEvaluate the government budgeting process and funding of government programs and organizationsAppraise the role of government organizations in public policy development and implementationDevelop solutions to a public issue that take into account multiple stakeholders and decision-makersImplement the core concept of public service by providing evidence of service to the public or nonprofit sectorCritique a difficult political situation and offer creative and innovative solutions that take into account multiple stakeholders and decision-makersImplement the core concept of public service by providing evidence of service to the public or nonprofit sectorAssess the part diversity, or lack thereof, plays in public administration
University of Maryland College Park Synthesis Matrix Literature Review

Advocacy for The Vulnerable Groups Discussion Post

Advocacy for The Vulnerable Groups Discussion Post.

Getting StartedIn this assignment, you will share with your classmates how you could advocate for the vulnerable population you served during this course. In particular, you will be sharing how you as a nurse can make a difference in the health and well-being of individuals within this vulnerable population. You will explore the concept of a world changer and describe how, in your role as a nurse, you could impact healthcare disparities faced by this population. To be a world changer, you do not need to do a miraculous thing; you just need to do something. It can be something very small and very inexpensive, but it can have a huge impact on those around you and on the world.Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:Discuss the need for nurses to be advocates for patients for whom they care.Share your personal reflections on your service-learning experience.Discuss how you can be a “world changer,” advocating for a vulnerable population in your community.ResourcesTextbook: Professional Nursing: Concepts and ChallengesFile: Partial List of References for the Textbook by Black – 7th edition APAFile: World Changing Aims of IWU Background InformationRegistered nurses are in a very important position to serve their community and neighborhoods as world changers. Nurses are considered by the public to be respected, trusted, and knowledgeable experts. Nurses critically think through actual or potential problems in their environment. Working with vulnerable populations and professional organizations to find solutions to identifiable issues is an important role for the professional nurse. How can you plan to be a world changer and affect the health and health care of your community or neighborhood?InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.Prepare to discuss the following prompts:Discuss how this course impacted your thoughts about nursing and the care of vulnerable populations.Share insights from your service learning experience regarding the vulnerable population you served. Did you speak with individuals who work with this population or with individuals within this population? Had you previously volunteered for this agency? Do you plan to volunteer for this agency (or another agency) in the future?How can you be a “world changer” for the vulnerable population you served? Does this population face healthcare disparities? How could you advocate for them in order to improve their situation?Discuss nursing implications related to caring for this vulnerable population.Research and select at least two current scholarly sources to support your explanations and insights.
Advocacy for The Vulnerable Groups Discussion Post

Medical Negligence And Malpractice Law

essay helper free Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Protection of patients / clients’ rights under the care situation is an area of great importance in the work of care. All health professionals are obliged to patients / clients duty of care. Health care professionals are legally bound to ensure that they abide by and comply with legislation that protects the rights and interests of their patients / clients under their care, related to matters of confidentiality. [1] Care profession based on the principle that its members can be relied upon to conduct its business in a manner that will reflect credit on them and bring honour to their profession; this principle is universally understood in the care profession. Therefore, the health profession should be strict adherence to rules and guidelines to its members. To this end, the Code of Professional Conduct, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2002a) issued to all members of qualified nursing and midwifery. [2] It is important to note that the protection of clients’ rights in situations of care is an area of great importance in the work of nursing, all health professionals are obliged to patients / clients duty of care and are under a legal obligation to ensure compliance with laws protecting the rights and interests of their patients / client issues related to confidential information. In addition, users of care have become more aware of their rights for many years, and their expectations of services are now much higher than previously. Patients / clients rights and interests are now protected by medical services associated rights such as the Data Protection Act 1984, government statutes such as the Patients’ Charter, and the NMC code of practice 2002. Thus, the code was developed as a basis for professional work, she used to deal with failure, shape and influence the role of nurses, and learn from the mistakes of the past, which is vital to the success of any code of conduct. [4] Nurses are accountable to themselves, although the Code of Conduct may conflict with their own positions, often in the nursing professions in order to comply with the standards of care (Dimond, 2002). The Code of Conduct should be implemented by health professionals to recognize and realize that they are responsible for their practice, both for themselves and the public. This is necessary due to the fact that leaving the profession is more demanding than ever. Today, users of care have become more aware of their rights for many years and their expectations from the standard of care to which they are entitled are now much higher. Given the statement “You must treat information about patients and clients as confidential and use it only for the purposes for which it was given, the meaning of privacy in the care, the importance of confidentiality, which must remain confidential and the disclosure of confidential information to be examined, with order to better understand this complex and sometimes confusing subject. [5] The meaning of confidentiality Confidentiality is one of the values of good medical practice, which relate to the protection of private information about the patient / client, which is obtained in the period of professional activities. [6] With respect to care, confidentiality, plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining the confidence that an effective nurse – patient / client relationships depend. Health professionals who are able to build good relationships with their patients / clients may have a positive therapeutic effect in terms of speed of recovery after the operation. Confidentiality refers to the protection of personal and private information about a patient or client situations and / or conditions. In kindergarten, the term privacy is used to designate the rights of patients / clients that can access their personal information, as well as limiting access to confidential information to people who are accepted need to know who is part of the care team. A typical team care on medical or surgical ward will be composed of doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, and related care team are the secretaries, receptionists and porters (Downie

White Paper on the removal of the headphone jack on the iphone 7

White Paper on the removal of the headphone jack on the iphone 7.

1. I have attached the instructions for the white paper we have to write. It is due on the 8th of March and a draft is due this Saturday. This paper would be for an external audience. Need to add references to paper please.2. Also is attached a memo I wrote my instructor on my ideas and how to go about this paper.3. Lastly, attached are examples that we have been going over. Please help and let me know if there is anything additional you need to get this paper done by Saturday.
White Paper on the removal of the headphone jack on the iphone 7

IDST 473 Bethel University Going Big and Free Range in Your Research Discussion

IDST 473 Bethel University Going Big and Free Range in Your Research Discussion.

Going “Big” and “Free-Range in Your Research.” While Taking Notes and Journaling..You have a tentative-at-least research topic. You’ve begun to assemble and peruse sources. Now, at least for several days, it is time to go “big” and “free range” in your research, while taking notes on what you find. In other words, jump all-in into sources this week, including–consistent with ethics, etc.–some sources and approaches that you never would have considered bothering to consult without this challenge. Engage these sources with boldness over the next two days, not worrying overly about where they may take you relative to what you take to be your topic. At the end of this process, perhaps you will find that your topic, and central question about it, are well-tuned. Just as likely, these fearless forays into evidence will convince you to make some refinements–big or small in your topic and central question, and do not be afraid to make such refinements now, based on the evidence. As you do these things, reflect here about what specifically you are doing over these few days to drastically increase your engagement with a wider array of possible evidence, and update us about how you may be refining your topic and central question. What does “picking up the pace” in these ways look like in your own research this week?
IDST 473 Bethel University Going Big and Free Range in Your Research Discussion

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