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A presentation about (How COVID-19 effects on hospitality industry) in PowerPoint + Outline + answering some questions related to the presentation.

A presentation about (How COVID-19 effects on hospitality industry) in PowerPoint + Outline + answering some questions related to the presentation..

Informative SpeechThe purpose of this informative speech is to increase your audience’s knowledge of a topic or to teach your audience something new about the topic. In this speech, you are not trying to change your audience’s attitudes, actions, or beliefs. For this speech, you should choose a topic that is related to your academic major or intended career and that teaches your audience something that can potentially benefit them.When brainstorming ideas and selecting a topic for your informative speech, you should begin by asking yourself a series of questions about each topic that you should consider.1. Is this topic about something related to your major or career?2. Is this an appropriate topic for an informative speech in a scholarly setting?3. Is this a topic in which I am interested? Is this topic important to me?4. Do I have expertise in this area or want to learn more about this subject?5. Will my audience be interested in this topic?6. How much does my audience already know about this topic? Will this teach them something new?7. Will learning more about this topic help or improve my audience in some way?Research: You should orally cite at least 2 different types of sources and use at least 2 different types of support materials.Presentation Aids: You must use power point or some other form of visual aid.Notes: You may use up to 3 note cards.Length: 4-6 minutes_______________________________________________________________Informative Speech OutlinePlease upload your completed informative speech outline. Remember to follow the example template EXACTLY. The outline is the entire speech written out (including verbal citations & transitions between points) but written in outline form.An essay is not an outline and will receive and automatic 50% grade deduction._______________________________________________________Answer those questionInstructions: After reading the textbook chapter, answer the prompts below. To receive full credit, each response should be written as a complete paragraph (4-7 sentences in length) and incorporate key concepts and vocabulary from the textbook. Save the file to your computer, and then upload a copy to Canvas to submit your responses. Be prepared to share some of your thoughts during our class discussion.Soon you will be asked to give an informative speech to your classmates. Your speech will need to be about something related to your major or intended career, and the topic should be something about which you have greater expertise than your classmates. List three possible topics that you might choose for this speech and briefly explain why each would be appropriate for you, your audience, and the occasion.For your speech, you will need to do an interview with an expert on the topic that you choose. For each topic that you listed above, identify one person that you could talk to who would be an expert and explain why you might choose to interview them as part of your research for this speech.Choose the topic that you are mostly likely to use for your informative speech assignment. For this topic, explain how you might use each of the four types of supporting evidence in your speech.At this point, you should have begun to narrow down the topic that you plan to use for your informative speech for this class. In the space below, write the topic, specific purpose statement, and thesis statement that you plan to use for your speech.Topic:Specific Purpose Statement:Thesis:Write two different attention getters that you could use in the introduction to your speech. Highlight the attention getter that you think is strongest.Think about what you want to teach your audience. How will you organize your main points and subpoints to help your audience understand and remember your speech as much as possible?Find a video example of a speech online. Paste the link here. Describe which aspects of verbal and physical delivery were done well and which needed improvement.Which of the four forms of delivery was used in the speech that you selected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this particular type of delivery?Think about what your upcoming informative speech. Explain how you could use three different types of presentation aids in your speech to enhance the audience’s understanding of your topic.What are the five patterns of organization for informative speeches? Give an example of a topic that would be ideal for each pattern (not the one used in the book) and list the three main points you would use with that pattern of organization.Which pattern of organization will be most effective for your speech? Why? Explain how you will use it to organize your main points and subpoints.What is one concept in your speech that will be difficult for your audience to understand? Which of the three strategies for explaining difficult concepts will you use in your informative speech? Write out how you will use this strategy to explain the concept in your speech.Give examples(not the same as the ones in your book) of a speech that would be arguing a question of fact, one that would be arguing a question value, one that would be arguing a question of policy, and one that would be a refutation.For one of the speech examples that you identified in question 1, which pattern of organization would be most effective if you were giving a speech in which you were trying to make that argument? Why would this be the most effective pattern? What would your main points and sub points be?Find an example of a commercial that relies on a fallacy to persuade viewers. Paste a link to that video here. Explain which fallacy you believe is being illustrated and provide a rationale for that choice._________________________________________________Please use the completed example outline and template to help prepare your outline. Outlines should be structured exactly like the examples and contain the exact same elements (including at least 2 credible sources and support).Research: You should orally cite at least 2 different types of sources and use at least 2 different types of support materials.Presentation Aids: You must use power point or some other form of visual aid.Notes: You may use up to 3 note cards.Length: 4-6 minutes
A presentation about (How COVID-19 effects on hospitality industry) in PowerPoint + Outline + answering some questions related to the presentation.

Discussion Board and replies Document included below..

For each forum, post a thread in response to the topic prompts provided. Your post should contain 400–500 words and adhere to AMA writing style guidelines. This word limit promotes writing that is thorough yet concise enough to permit your peers to read all the posts. If the Discussion Board Forum prompts you to answer a series of questions, make sure you address all of them thoroughly within the word limit. Do not restate the questions in your post; simply begin a new paragraph for each new thought. The goal is to have a seamless written argument closed by a brief conclusion tying together your individual responses. Use your best critical reasoning skills, employing the Universal Intellectual Standards as a guide, but not a strict outline. Refer to specific statements of the author(s) whenever appropriate but limit direct quotations to a maximum of 25 words for your entire post. Since this is a personal discussion, you may use first person; however, you should maintain professional decorum at all times.Read the issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation entitled “Education and Health” 2011, located in the Reading and Study folder for this module/week. Discuss the following points in your thread. Review the Discussion Board Instructions before posting your thread.There appears to be a dose-response relationship between educational attainment and health—the more you get, the better it is. Why this is true is not clearly understood, though several reasonable hypotheses have been proposed. Describe the 3 interrelated pathways presented as explanations for this relationship in this brief. Which do you feel is the strongest? Why?According to data presented in the brief, “the United States is the only industrialized nation where young people currently are less likely than members of their parents’ generation to be high-school graduates.” What evidence is given to support this statement? Why do you think this situation exists? What will it take to correct it?As would be expected, parents’ educational attainment is linked to their children’s health and even their educational attainment. These linkages, in turn, influence the health and educational attainment of their children’s children, as well, perpetuating an endless intergenerational cycle of high (or low) educational attainment and its associated better (or poorer) health. How does this fit with the biblical understanding of multigenerational influence (Exodus 34:6–7)? In what ways can the Church help interrupt the vicious cycle beginning with low educational attainment? Pray that God will use you to be a positive influence on your children in this area or on others whom God will bring across your path.Replies needed 200 words with sourcesFirst reply: Kelsey Taylor Education vs. HealthCOLLAPSECorrelating Education Levels and Health RatesThis article greatly shows the believed correlation between education and health. From it one can infer that increased education relays a better quality of life and better overall health. As mentioned in the article, “education can lead to improved health by increasing health knowledge and health behaviors.”1 Education helps prevent many health issues as individuals are more likely to understand what is healthy and what is not. This helps those individuals make better choices overall and promote better health. It is also suggested that “greater educational attainment leads to better employment opportunities and higher income, which are linked to better health.”1 Increased education typically leads to better jobs and better income. With this follows benefits such as insurance plans allowing individuals to have better access to medical care. Lastly it is suggested that “education is linked with social and psychological factors that affect health.” 1 This is believed to be related to factors such as stress, practical and emotional support. Although all of these pathways are important I believe increased education and income are the strongest. Increased income allows for greater access to medical care and it helps to make medical care affordable. Lack of money and expensive medical care is a major reason why many individuals avoid medical care all together. Without the extra worry of cost individuals may be more likely to seek medical attention early when needed rather than when their situations worsen. Recent studies have shown that young people within the United States are less likely to obtain their high-school diploma compared to older generations as studies show evidence for a decrease in rates. 1 Underlying causes of this can include the lack of parent interaction. Education helped to land many parents jobs that are needed to provide for their families. As a result, younger generations are left unattended more as their parents are forced to work. Other factors can include the lack of parenting. The United States is known to have the world’s “highest rate of children living in single-parent households” as “almost a quarter of U.S. children under the age of 18 live with one parent and no other adults (23%), more than three times the share of children around the world who do so (7%) .” 2 I believe increased rates of divorce have helped to increase the number of single parents along with an increased rate of children being born before marriage. It is important to provide more resources for single-parent homes. We must form a support system for parents who have to constantly work. After school programs can help create interactive ways from students to become more engaged while their parents may be at work. This creates less stress on the parent and allows the student to receive more help or guidance when needed. Second reply:Luke Carbonaro Be Grateful for Your HealthCOLLAPSEGood evening everyone and a Happy Thanksgiving to all; hope everyone is staying both safe and stuffed. It is accepted in our society that those who go to college live better lives. This is typically the wisdom that focusses on economic advantages in the long run with college graduates typically earning more over their careers than those who never seek post-secondary degrees. However, the brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation takes this a step further in that it suggests that higher educational attainment has a causal relationship with health. The Johnson Foundation states that those who receive additionally education have more health knowledge, have access to higher quality health insurance, and have developed better social networks which all lead to improved health (vis a vis an aggregate)1. These distal effects all have merits but perhaps the one with the best predictive impact is having a white-collar employment that offers higher salary and better quality health insurance. By having a career which is lax taxing physically and also provides for a better overall quality of life coupled with better health insurance coverage, enables those that fit this category to thrive more1.The Johnson Foundation report also goes on to postulate that American millennials will be the first generation in the history of the United States that will not have a higher rate of high school graduates than a previous generation. This is highly faulty information, but perhaps it was more relevant based upon its dataset that is around 15 years old1. According to the October 2014 report from The Council of Academic Advisors to the President of the United States, American millennials (a report which was published only three after the Johnson Foundation report) are not only outpacing previous generations regarding high school graduation but are far outpacing those previous generations in graduation from undergraduate as well as graduate studies2. Not only is it irresponsible to continually predicate arguments based upon this outdated dataset it is detrimental to how public health professionals model their approach to their outreach and public education programs. As I have opined over the weeks in this course, it is prudent for the Church to be a beacon of the community and to enable its members to work (volunteer) their time and abilities to aiding those most disadvantaged. This achieves what is stated in Exodus that those who return to the Lord (i.e. the Church) will enable their families to thrive for generations to come.Reference ListEducation and Health. Published April 1, 2011. Accessed November 25, 2020.…The Council of Economic Advisers. (2014). 15 ECONOMIC FACTS ABOUT MILLENNIALS. Retrieved November 25, 2020, from…
Discussion Board and replies Document included below.

Islam. Paper details Explore Islam and compare Muhammad’s 5 Pillars with Jesus, Moses, Confucius and the Buddha. What are the five pillars of Islam? Why is it important to pray five times a day? What does Ramadan entail? What significance does the annual Hajj hold for Muslims? Why do Muslims give to the poor? Compare and contrast the Islamic teachings with the 10 commandments, Jesus’ Beatitudes, Confucius’ Virtues and 8-Fold Path of Buddha. Are we beginning to see some similarities in the various teachings?Islam

University of Phoenix The Control Techniques for Erosion Research Paper

University of Phoenix The Control Techniques for Erosion Research Paper.

Assignment ContentErosion is one of the most significant challenges facing soil fertility around the world.Choose either an urban or a rural setting.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on the effects of erosion and the control techniques for erosion. Include the following: Describe the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles in terms of nutrient availability.Explain how water and wind contribute to soil erosion.Explain the process of erosion in the setting that you selected. What are the consequences of erosion in this setting?Describe how plants prevent or contribute to erosion.Explain how to manage erosion.Explain how economics might affect landowner decisions to implement erosion control Include at least three references in addition to the text, formatted consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.ResourcesCenter for Writing ExcellenceReference and Citation GeneratorGrammar and Writing GuidesCopyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
University of Phoenix The Control Techniques for Erosion Research Paper

George Washington University Creation of a Charitable Website Capstone

cheap assignment writing service George Washington University Creation of a Charitable Website Capstone.

instruction Give references and citation The Draft Paper1. Explain the topic 2. is there anyone is doing similar application, if yes what makes this different3. Answer this WH questions What Why your research is important4. The Process – project management 5. Setback – (obstacle)6. Scope – What is your topic covers – anything important Paper DraftThis paper draft is meant to help students shape the structure of their final paper. Since most of students are still in the investigation mode, this draft does not have to be more than 10 pages long (1.5 spaced) but it should serve as a guideline and road map for the final paper. More details will be provided later in the term about the structure of this paper. Paper format will vary depending on the nature of the project.I will attach you below the other parts that was done before topic selection, timelines and goals, Progress report 1 and progress report 2 now professor wants 10 page paper draft for the capstone project for this semester
George Washington University Creation of a Charitable Website Capstone

Post University Samsung and Apple Inc Brand management Report Paper

Post University Samsung and Apple Inc Brand management Report Paper.

1.You will select two different brands in the same product category marketed to the individual
consumer. The brands could be a tangible good, (e.g. razor blades, soft drinks, computers etc.) or a
service (e.g. insurance, banks etc.). No alcohol or tobacco products please. PLEASEDO NOT USE ANY
CONAGRA BRANDS. 2. Make sure the brands are comparably similar. For example, if we were going to use the automobile
market as a category, you can compare Ford to General Motors (both automobile manufacturers).
You can compare a Jaguar to a Lexus (both luxury automobile brands). You would not compare Advil
to Tylenol for children (two different products & markets). Advil could be compared to Aleve. Both
are adult pain relievers. 3. Base your analysis on the following ‐ identify the customer, brand equity, brand elements, brand
positioning, brand portfolio; targeting, segmentation and marketing mix. 4. Identify which brand you feel is more effective and support the reasons for your decision based on
branding principles.
You will create a running report with response to instructor feedback. Each unit report will be about
one page in length. Use APA format; double‐spaced; 12 size print; one‐inch margins. Please attach
additional support materials.
Post University Samsung and Apple Inc Brand management Report Paper

BIO 120 Eastlake High School Biology and Thermodynamics Questions

BIO 120 Eastlake High School Biology and Thermodynamics Questions.

The second law of thermodynamics says that energy transformations result in the universe becoming more disordered. If this is the case, how do we account for biological order?Describe the two types of chemical reactions and provide an example of each type of reaction as it occurs in living cells.How are chemical work, transport work, and mechanical work powered by ATP?What do enzymes have to do with chemical reactions?Explain how the unifying theme of “interactions between components of a system” relates to the cellular control of enzyme activity.How is energy harvested through cellular respiration?How is the transfer of electrons involved when your cells extract energy from fuel molecules?Outline and describe each step in glycolysis in a way that helps you understand the overall process.Outline and describe each step in the citric acid cycle in a way that helps you understand the overall process.What is the estimated number of ATP molecules produced from a single molecule of glucose? How many from each process in cellular respiration?What are autotrophs and why are they significant?Explain (in writing…using you own words) what is being diagrammed in Figure 7.2 starting with the picture of the leaf and ending with the picture of the thylakoid. Demonstrate your understanding by using the bold terms from section 7.2 in your description.What do light reactions and the Calvin cycle have to do with photosynthesis?What three components involved in the light reactions are imbedded in the thylakoid membrane?How is the energy created by the light reactions used to reduce CO2 to sugar?Explain some ways in which photosynthesis is globally significant.
BIO 120 Eastlake High School Biology and Thermodynamics Questions