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A Path to Greatness: Alexander the Great get essay help Python homework help

The conquests and strategies of Alexander the Great after the fall of Sparta and Athens at the end of the Peloponnesian Wars.

This paper deals with the politics and reasons of Alexander the Greats? conquests. The author covers the effects on the conquered population, major clashes and military structuring during his conquests.
From the Paper:

“With the conclusion of the Peloponnesian War, Greek city-states never forgot that they were Greeks. But the Spartans, Athenians Thebans, and others were weakened to the point where Phillip II of Macedonia could influence them from the north. In the wake of their brutal civil war between the Greeks, their fierce, contentious independence made the Macedonian?s the unlikely conqueror to the Greeks, who were caught off guard. Phillip II set himself up as a protector of Greece . He had formed the cities into a league that in light of the Greek?s disregard for conquest. This action served to help Phillip II?s son Alexander to put together the biggest empire yet.”

Evolution from Purchasing to Procurement

Evolution from Purchasing to Procurement.

Write a briefing paper to the corporation’s executive committee that documents the transformation of procurement to a more strategic sourcing role, based on a chosen corporation. The paper will include best practices that enable that transformation as well as the risks and challenges encountered. This project will be addressed in the three following parts:

Part I: Global Trends Driving Changes in Procurement Practices (1500 words)
Critically analyse research on key factors and business drivers associated with the global trends across the procurement life cycle.
Provide rationale for how these trends will apply to your chosen corporation.
Part II: Competencies for Organisations and Strategic Sourcing Professionals (2000 words)
Critically analyse, with supporting rationale from the research, the core competencies required for your chosen corporation to transform its purchasing and procurement processes to a competitive strategic sourcing position.
The analysis should also address the desired competencies for sourcing professionals who have the knowledge and skills to support that transformation.
Part III: Transitioning to Strategic Sourcing Processes (1500 words)
Recommend the steps your chosen corporation should take to implement strategic sourcing processes.
Include the metrics that should be used to evaluate the performance of these processes.

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