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A paper on the Chainer deep learning framework

A paper on the Chainer deep learning framework. Can you help me understand this Writing question?

I need a paper written in the IEEE conference style on the “CHAINER” an open source deep learning framework. Please check the references attached for the more information. Please explain the example(mushroom) thats attached in the reference.
A paper on the Chainer deep learning framework

Discussion 4. I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

Discussion 4

The National Association of Colleges and Employers is dedicated to the career readiness of college graduates. Employers are seeking employees with certain competencies, regardless of the major you get your degree in. Please visit the links below to becomes familiar with those competencies and then identify which competencies are your strengths and which ones are areas for growth. How could you gain growth in those competencies (via class, the jobs you work in now, internships, volunteer work, etc.)

Career Readiness Defined | NACE
The Skillful Psychology Student | APA
Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success | Hart Research Associates
What employers seek in job applicants: You’ve got the skills they want | APA
300 words

Discussion 4

Inequality in the American Justice System

Inequality in the American Justice System. Paper details   Guidelines Choose a case of inequality in the American justice system and study it. Then construct an argument which answers the following question: What is one problem in our justice system that’s important to you and that we must change? Argue for a change, or solution, that’s in the public interest or public good. Your audience for this assignment is your peers (or colleagues) who are not as knowledgeable of your case, and furthermore, they aren’t yet convinced the justice system needs changing in the way you’re proposing. Make sure that you seriously consider using Plato’s Republic, Hayes’s Twilight of the Elites, and Dr. Alexander’s The New Jim Crow in conjunction with at least four additional sources of your choosing. All of your sources must be documented according to MLA rules, which requires in-text citations and a works cited page. Make sure your paragraphs are fully developed and your word count reaches 2000 but does not exceed Criteria for Success A successful paper will: 1. Use Microsoft Word—do not turn in pdfs, Apple Pages, or Google docs. 2. Avoid illogical shifts in point of view (i.e., from first person ‘I’ to third person ‘the student’). Stay away from the second person POV—you, you, and yours—all together. 3. Use active voice instead of passive voice. Be concise. 4. Have a clear thesis that shows your argument, Thesis statement addresses the question “So what?”; 5. A close adherence to the Rogerian strategy, but not so close that your voice is inhibited; 6. Clearly unpack and explain each of the claims you discuss, going well beyond the surface ideas and including unpacking of each claim you make; 7. Contain at least two anecdotes that illustrate your point(s)—maybe personal, maybe general, maybe from the media; 8. Include solid transitions from one paragraph to the next; 9. Have a thoughtful conclusion that answers the big “So what?” and that ties back to your introduction; 10.Support your ideas with at least four quotes and paraphrases from your sources—at least one of your sources must be Twilight of the Elites and you must use at least one quote from the book; 11. Include correct in-text citations (see the OWL) after quotes, summaries, and paraphrases; 12. Have an alphabetized Works Cited page; no hyperlinks; double-spaced entries (also, the OWL); 13. Be 6-8 typed pages, double-spaced, titled, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with numbered pages that include your last name.Inequality in the American Justice System

Homelessness Social Issue Project Report Reflection Paper

java assignment help Homelessness Social Issue Project Report Reflection Paper.

I’m working on a writing project and need a sample draft to help me study.

I need some one to write a 3 page double spaced reflection paper. About the following:The social issue I’ll be addressing this semester is homelessness. Homelessness is more common than you think, someone could hold a fulltime job, look clean and well put together but still be homeless. Homelessness is referred to as not having a residence, if one sleeps in a shelter or have temporary living accommodations. It effects many Americans each year and is becoming more common due to people losing their jobs because of covid 19. Homelessness typically occurs when there is lack of housing for low-income people which results in them not being able to find a place to live. reports that “There are an estimated 553,742 people in the United States experiencing homelessness on a given night, according to the most recent national point-in-time estimate (January 2017). This represents a rate of approximately 17 people experiencing homelessness per every 10,000 people in the general population.” I’m choosing to address this social issue because it’s personal to me. I was homeless back in 2012, due to a dispute with my landlord. He evicted me and I had to stay with family and friends for an entire year. I still held a fulltime job, however seeking a permanent living space was hard to come by. What played a huge part in me being homeless was my low income and high monthly rent due to Philadelphia’s gentrification. My goal is to help combat homelessness and provide resources to homeless people. The audience I’m catering to would be the homeless population, and my excellent research skills will be able to provide them with information about jobs, shelters, and low incoming housing. I want to use participant observation to ask questions about what led them to becoming homeless so that it’ll help me provide even more resources to this population.I plan on making care packages and brochures and passing them out. Hopefully it’ll be a temporary aid of relief and a source of information to resources that are available to them. The care packages will include water, hygiene products, and snacks. The brochure will include resources for, shelter, food, and job placement within the city of Philadelphia. I will verify completion of my social action by providing pictures and videos of me passing out care packages and brochures to the homeless population in Philadelphia.
Homelessness Social Issue Project Report Reflection Paper

Manzanita Brewery Company Essay

Manzanita Brewery Company Essay. Manzanita Brewery Company has been at the forefront in implementing its strategic objectives in order to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the beverage industry. As a way of attracting and retaining its customers, the San Diego Company has set-up key strategic objectives and a clear-cut path on how to implement the objectives. With its large customer base, Manzanita Brewery has opened its outlets in seven other branches, developed an organizational mission, values statement, and vision statement that incorporates the needs and tastes of the larger population. With the outlined background and mission statements, the strategic plan will build on the moves and values, which the firm has developed in the past by using the past shortcomings to design the future prospects. Manzanita Brewery’s production of quality products and promotion of responsible relationship with its key stakeholders, as well as reliance on innovation and creativity have been the main development strategy. The company operates on a no long-term debt strategy to enable the management focus on internal aspects of the firm, as the move limits instances of operations on deficits. Moreover, the company’s strategic plan touches on projections or forecasting what the firm intends to achieve, as well as how it plans to navigate the dynamic and global market. A well-conducted internal and external analysis will bring out the nature of the operational environment that the company is targeting. An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company will reveal the exact position or capabilities that the company can adopt. A clear strategic plan for Manzanita Brewery will use the SWOT analysis, as well as the internal and external analysis to propose several recommendations the company intends to achieve within a fixed period. Armed with great expertise, the company will be in the best position to employ product differentiation and cost-cutting strategies in order to remain relevant in the competitive California market. The management will use the company’s weaknesses to devise new plans on how to minimize them by greatly exploiting the available opportunities to their advantage. The implementation plan targets to have a defined timeline with detailed, clear, measurable, and time-bound objectives on how to ensure that the brands are available in all regions in the US in order to increase profit levels, expand internationally, and minimize expenses on deliveries. The production hub in San Diego will have to coordinate the supplies and stock levels at all store liquors across the 12 key states in the US. In order to remain relevant in the beverage industry, Manzanita Brewery will have to adjust its cultures and operations to accommodate the new targets. The management will have to incorporate employees and consultants in implementing the strategy; this will require restructuring of the leadership system to monitor help in identifying and allocating resources to cover the expansive targeted regions. In these aspects, the Manzanita Brewery intends to focus on new distribution channels, doubled production, and brand expansion into the new regions. With the plan to cover expansive areas, a risk management committee will assist in overseeing and constructing strategies on how to counter setbacks within the distribution channels, as well as within the firm. The report will discuss the summarized content in detail in order to bring out the main ideas that the Manzanita Brewery plans to introduce in managing its sales. Manzanita Brewery Company Essay

FAS 320 Southern New Hampshire University Gallery Exhibition Prospectus Essay

FAS 320 Southern New Hampshire University Gallery Exhibition Prospectus Essay.

I have the initial assignment that I received a B+ on. It just needs to be updated to include the new content. Imagine that you are approached by a gallery or museum and asked to create a thematic exhibition of the history of design. Prepare a prospectus for that exhibit. This prospectus is your final project and will consist of an appropriate title, introduction, and images of at least five works of art with accompanying text, conclusion, and bibliography. Choose a topic that will allow you to cover a broad chronological range (at least four periods/style movements plus contemporary) and at least two different design mediums (e.g., graphic design, industrial design, etc.).Presentation and StyleAudience/Tone: Your exhibit labels and text should be written in the objective voice; the tone should be engaging and accessible but professional. Keep the exhibition’s viewer in mind—the viewer may have no knowledge of art or design history, so you will need to provide clear explanations of concepts, vocabulary, styles, periods, etc.Structure, Format, Clarity, Grammar/SpellingEach section should be clearly labeled and arranged according to the outline belowWriting should be clear, concise, focused, and substantive (avoid tangents and superficial observations)Writing should be checked for spelling/grammatical errorsContent1. Creative title and introductory plaque text: Give your exhibit a title that is appropriate for your topic and write a paragraph or two introducing the exhibition (this would serve as the introductory plaque your exhibit-goers would read upon entering the exhibition). This should include a strong thesis statement, which you will support throughout the exhibit through carefully selected works of art.2. Works of art and accompanying text: Each work should be carefully selected to support your theme and thesis. You must provide one image from each of the five periods you chose, plus a contemporary example (for a total of six images). For each image, provide full identification and the following information:Explain how each work demonstrates your thesis.Explain the formal qualities of the work in relation to the specific message and function of the work, using vocabulary that is appropriate and accessible (explain any complex terms).Explain how each work relates to its design style/movement (cultural context).3. Exhibit Conclusion: Write a concluding paragraph directed toward your exhibit viewers. What final thoughts (or even questions) will you leave them with as they exit?4. Bibliography: Include a bibliography of properly formatted citations (MLA style). Include the course textbook and any other published, credible sources you consult for this project
FAS 320 Southern New Hampshire University Gallery Exhibition Prospectus Essay