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a nutrition class Please include the question in the document as well

Each question is worth 10 pts. For total of 100 points. TO BE TYPED ONLY – ANSWER TO BE TYPED DIRECTLY BELOW QUESTION. List Food Safety and the Global Food Supply Assignment in the subject or topic line. 1.​Which would be more likely to contain bacterial contamination: Sliced tomatoes or fresh salsa? Why? 2.​Jenny and her grandmother order raw oysters at a local seafood restaurant for lunch. If the oysters contain the Vibrio bacteria, who is more likely to become ill after eating them? 3.​As a follow-up to question 2 above, Jenny’s grandmother experiences mild abdominal pain and diarrhea during the evening of her lunch date with Jenny. How likely is it that Jenny’s grandmother contracted Vibrio? Is any other condition more likely? 4.​Knowing that you are fond of gourmet cooking, your neighbor gives you a gift of flavored oil she has made herself. You accept the gift graciously, but should you consume it? Would it matter if she had given you an oil that was commercially made instead? 5.​If a person experiences the symptoms of food borne illness such as nausea and vomiting caused by a bacterium or paralysis caused by a neurotoxin, should you investigate only the food that person consumed? 6.​Why is it best to wash produce before cutting or peeling? 7.​How many different types of thermometers would be useful to have in your kitchen? Where would they be used, why would they be needed, and what temperature cutoffs should you memorize? 8.​Is it possible to consume a toxin but not suffer any ill effects? Why? 9.​Is it possible for two college students to eat hamburgers at the same restaurant and for only one of the two to experience food poisoning? How? 10.​The United States has banned the use of the pesticide DDT. Does this mean that DDT can no longer pose a threat to human health in this country?