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Attleboro High School, my alma mater, is split into five buildings: A building, B building, C building, etc. Every student has their piece in the school. The jocks crowd the locker rooms and chat about last night’s big game against the school rival, Bishop Feehan. The artists gather in 116A every Thursday to create shocking masterpieces that make the administrators queasy. Throughout all my years in high school, I “lived“ in E Building. E Building consists of the music department where the chorus girls and the band kids congregate. Instruments are played here; voices sung. Right outside the doors of the classroom is the auditorium where I have spent many a night rehearsing for the school drama productions. It is here that I am truly myself. Here I can express myself through voice. Here I can play pretend with fellow thespians onstage. Here I can breathe. Now that I’m a senior graduating from my home away from home, I’m in search of a new abode.

Out of my twelve years of schooling, ten of those years have been spent practicing the performing arts in some form. This includes pirouetting down the halls of April, May, and June’s School of Dance, rehearsing on stage for an Attleboro High School Drama Club production, and perfecting each note for the upcoming chorus concert. These ten years have put me in a routine that I’m not willing to break.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to a high school with a great music and theatre program. I want to go to a college that provides the same opportunities. The Hartt School offers a Music Production and Technology major that I am positive will ensure a future for me in the music business. I’ve looked at other colleges that offer similar majors, but nothing compares to the Hartt School. This school has always been a dream of mine. I can only imagine the sound of the voices coming from the choir. I’d consider it an honor to be even considered qualified.

Perhaps in the fall of 2010, my new home away from home will be in West Hartford, Connecticut.




The Government and Electronic Innovation


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The Government and Electronic Innovation

The article is providing an overview of the management of the electronic innovation business. In any innovation, entrepreneurial acquaintance is considered to be more imperative. This is because it helps to supply skills that can be executed for a better outcome. Moreover, the article provides some insight into the government’s roles in the electronic innovation world. IT implementation in electronic innovation plays a crucial role in the realization of the measures which can be implied for a better outcome. In general, innovation may entail the realization of novel thoughts that can be integrated into business operations leading to a better outcome. Therefore the article has explained that before electronic innovation has been established an initial knowledge is considered as being important. More specific the knowledge and skills required in this case regard information technology. Besides the leadership along with the other government agencies are considered as being effective. Generally, there exist diverse ways through which the government agencies may affect the innovation process in any business venture (Ziyae, Rezvani, & Zareai, 2019). Hence there should be a critical study of what governmental feature regard to be considered for an enhanced outcome.

For instance, the innovation process may be affected by the taxes which are being executed in the process. The outcome of this is that it can lead to the loss of morale to the business hence failing. Generally, the realization of government agencies in the innovation process can be considered as being a positive idea. A study has utilized that data concerning 115 administrators who have been operating in different electronics. This organization has been researched as being more innovative in terms of ensuring that there is the implementation of the new electronics. In most cases, failing to concede with government officials has been attributed to various issues like lack of insurance and theft. Without effective security concerning certain innovation processes, the outcome is a failure. The author has insisted that the knowledge among the entrepreneurs is important since it helps to create a way through which new ideas can be executed.

There are various ways through which the government can get involved in the success of electronic innovation. For instance, in some cases, government agencies have critically been involved in the provision of the funds which can be utilized in the development of the business. Generally, the research has indicated that most of the organizations have not been well operating due to the lack of funds. Therefore the availability of government support will help to ensure the sufficiency of the funds required and hence success as the outcome. The government also helps in ensuring that there is the establishment of the policies concerning the prices of the products being provided to the customers (Ziyae, Rezvani, & Zareai, 2019). At this point, it will be able to operate without any problems and thus accomplishment in terms of the production of more products.

The main reason why the government agencies have been involved in the provision of support to electronic innovation is to enhance the implementation of new machines that can be used in the industrial production process. This will create room for better prices. Besides, the act of the government has been evident to be essential in electronic innovation through the provision of required security to private property. In most instances, personal properties may be interfered with. This affects the overall innovation process and hence the goal is not achieved. Therefore based on this argument the government agencies have implemented various rules and regulations through which there is better security to the resources which have been provided for the innovation process. Different campaigns have been implemented to enhance the provision of knowledge concerning information and technology skills. This is important since they help in the achievement of the knowledge and skills that are essential for effective production in consideration of the electronic products.

In some other cases, being engaged with the government is important in electronic innovation since it helps in the creation of corporate relations. Having a better relationship between the organization helps to exchange ideas on how better activities can be done. Through this, there can also be a chance through which resources and other materials are required during electronic innovation (Angelopoulos, Papadopoulos & Kitsios, 2009). There is also a chance in outsourcing in cases when outside knowledge is required specifically when the two corporations have been in a good relationship. In general, the presence of the government in electronic innovation has a great role to play. Therefore the article has clearly stated that we need to be in a position of accessing the services provided by the government for success in any form of innovation.

From the research article, I have been introduced to various concepts that are essential in terms of my level of understanding. First I have learned that socialization between the government’s agencies in any organization is considered as being essential. This is aligned with various reasons like the creation of a healthy environment and making a better relationship between the corporate. Besides, the government agencies provide a chance through which there is the provision of the funds in cases the organization is striving to make further investment. In some other cases, the government needs to ensure that information technology has been provided to the top management in the organization. This is because knowing information technology helps in the realization of more ideas through which more and more products can be provided.


Angelopoulos, S., Papadopoulos, T., & Kitsios, F. (2009). Services innovation in e-Government: A roadmap for a critical success factor approach. European Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), 13–14.

Ziyae, B., Rezvani, M., &Zareai, F. (2019). Explaining the Entrepreneurial Effect of Customer Knowledge Management on Product Innovation of Electronic Businesses. Journal of Organisational Studies & Innovation, 6(3), 12-24.