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A marketing plan for a small gym

I will be opening a small business. It will be a gym called Maximize Yourself. It is a private business, this seemed fit because it is a new business and incase it fails, I will have limited liabilities. The Goal of any business would obviously be to make a profit, but to enjoy yourself whilst doing so is important. The goal of enjoying is going to happen automatically because I love fitness training and being able to help others achieve their fitness goals makes it all worth the while. To jump start the business and start making quick profits, debts are required to be repaid, bank overdrafts will be paid as soon as possible to jump start the profit making process. The gym offers amazing services and products including, clothing, supplements, and protection gear and of course fitness training. The gym will have 6 employees including 2 women and 4 men. The women will be mostly concerned with boxing and fitness training and the men focus more on the main gym room, boxing, and also rehabilitation done by myself. All employees are able to answer any questions that members might have, give tips on how to do exercises, and even offer nutritional plans to those of whom are looking to improve their diets. The gym is located in Ryde because there are no other gyms in the area and it is a high traffic area. There is also a pool nearby and sporting clubs in Ryde making it an advantage because people would want to stay in shape and have nice bodies to show off. Also the fact that there are no competitors nearby makes it less of a hassle to have to constantly keep up with competitors. The gym is open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 8pm on Monday to Friday and 8 am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Maximize yourself gives bonus offers whether it’s free boxing and fitness training classes, or discounts for multiple members entering at once, discounts for people who refer others and of course for loyal long term members. This business is all about, overcoming objectives using various strategies, achieving goals, helping people with their fitness goals, and enjoying a job at a gym. Because the gym is in the establishment stage it needs to build a reputation, and to do this we are giving special trial offers and also advertising via commercials and radio broadcasts, etc. Business Description and Ownership It will be a small business, it’s called Maximize Yourself, it will be a Private Company because it is a new business and if it fails it will limited liabilities. The goals of the business will be to make a profit and to do this it will need to build a reputation, starting with ads like commercials showing free trial offers and deducted prices on equipment in the opening month to get some customers. It will be located in Ryde because there aren’t many gyms there and it’s a high traffic area. I will be the owner and start off with 6 employees that have personal training experience to help customers with training and they will ensure all equipment is in place and help with questions that members might have. Employees will rotate between jobs and I will manage financial statements like cash flow in and out of the business. The purpose of the business is to help people with physical goals whether it’s building or losing weight and in doing this make profit. I will need to manage my funds for the equipment I will be buying with a loan and then repay them when I can. Purpose of plan Preventing failure and guiding a business to achieve it’s goals is the main purpose of a business plan. By setting targets for the business a giving a design it enables it to evaluate its progress against identified reference points. In order to have a clear direction with the business and a path for the future a well written business plan must be created. It can show how the business could perform in the future and the priorities that are set for the business. The goals of Maximize yourself include: Making a profit (Financial goal, short term/long term) Satisfaction in work – self achievement (Personal goal) Long term security – Financially (Financial goal, long term) Sponsorship by supplement/ body fitness companies (Social goal) Successful business (Personal goal/Financial goal, long term) Increasing market share (Financial goal) Help people achieve their physical goals (Personal goal/social goal) According to the textbook a business plan outlines: A description of the business (Name, address, organisation and management) The business’s goals A market analysis – Customer needs and size of the market The goods and/or services the business provides The industry in which the business operates Marketing/production/financial/employment relation strategies. Situation Analysis This is to make an analysis of the position of the business at the present time SWOT analysis Strengths Great Locations Brand new equipment No bad perspectives of the business because it’s new Buildable reputation based on service Good manager Skilled and qualified Workers Good use of technology 4 rooms (gym room, fitness training room, boxing room, rehabilitation room) Great reputation (over 100 members) New and updated equipment Large rooms for easy transition between equipment and rooms Weaknesses Low amount of staff and therefore longer shifts Still an expanding financial position High costs required for quick profits No reputation Opportunities Expanding to new locations A growing market means more people will participate Can attract more people due to it being a multigendered gym Threats Increased rent costs Possible changes in governmental regulations. Competitors (Runyaway gym) Competitor Analysis Runyaway Gym Strengths Low prices Many workers A lot of equipment Great reputation Good finance Trained employees Qualified and experienced managers and workers Weaknesses Due to it being popular it has high membership costs It’s large reputation means that the Gym could be filled with members at certain times Opportunities Much easy chance of expanding to new locations Large profit allows it to Buy out competitors Threats Competitors (Fitness First) A lot of gyms are starting up Loss of members due to high costs Market Analysis provides enough information to convince a lender or investor that the business has enough existing or potential customers to achieve a certain amount of sales even though there’s competitors Target Market and market research The reason maximize yourself is located in Ride is because there aren’t any gyms in that area, but there is sporting teams and swimming pools which will influence people to want to workout out, lose weight and get fit, to look and feel better and what better way then joining the gym and pursuing their goals . The businesses main focus is: – Helping people achieve their physical goals with prices that wont burn a hole through their income. – A place to socialise and possibly meet future husbands/wives and also to share tips and make new friends. – Also teenagers will be a major topic, due to the fact that there is suddenly a revolution of mostly teenage boys wanting to get into shape a build muscles to show off to the girl in summer. -Aged people, to keep their fitness levels up and maintain their dietary needs. -Lastly, mothers, having to lose those stubborn few pounds to achieve the body they had before getting pregnant Market Segmentation The division of the total market into small segments based on the similar characteristics of a customer group. This is a prediction of how many members the gym will have in the first 2 months, and their age range. AGE AMOUNT OF MEMBERS 10-15 5 16-18 15 19-26 44 26-35 19 36 17 This is a prediction of what areas of the gym they will be doing Age Bodybuilding Boxing Body Fitness Cardio/weight loss room 10-15 1 4 0 0 16-18 9 4 2 0 19-26 24 10 2 8 26-35 4 2 2 11 36 1 5 1 10 Objectives and strategies Objectives are specific goals. They need to be S.M.A.R.T which means they need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. Key business functions Operations: The physical production of a good or the provision of a service. Since my business is a gym it is service based. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because: -There isn’t that extra hassle of having enough stock -Making sure it’s not over stocked -Finding the latest new products to sell to appeal to consumers needs and compete with other businesses -Having to constantly innovate into the business later on in the business life cycle. This is a disadvantage because -If what your providing isn’t selling then you could always innovate new products into your business, but when it’s service based there is no backup, therefore it means that your service must be so good that it will appeal to others and keep consumers interested -It costs a lot more to replace equipment used for services as opposed to just replacing a product -The fact that you cant actually advertise how good your service is as opposed to saying how good a product is in an advertisement. Also having a good description of the good or service, including: -Technology used -Materials and equipment required -Supplies used Testing and evaluation expenses The service the business will provide includes: -From open till close, 7 days a week, at all hours, there will be personal trainers available throughout the gym answering any questions members might have and also helping out people with their workouts, and giving tips on how to maximize their time in the gym to get the best possible results and help them to achieve their goals fast. -Personal trainers that will constantly give feedback to members and support them as they strive to achieve their goals. -A range of knowledge ranging from bodybuilding and body fitness to fat burning and rehabilitation, also kickboxing will be taught by a former champion. The businesses service will be amazing because all employees will have experiences of at least one of these categories and will be able to share experiences and accomplishments and help members do the same. Objectives for the gym include reducing cost of merchandise like supplements, and gym gear, also lowering membership costs or giving free offers, a strategy to accomplish thisis to lower the prices but be aware of competitors prices so the business has a fighting chance, it’s at a reasonable price, and it’s still making profit. Another objective will be to improve quality of the service and the products sold, strategies involve researching about the new and latest product but for the sake of them being beneficial as opposed to them costing more then requiring members to pay more for products, also introducing new employees or exercise categories like yoga to attract a variety of consumers. Marketing: This involves finding out what consumers need and want and linking these to the businesses product/service. These may result in a new promotional campaign. Appealing to consumers’ needs and wants is one of the very daunting tasks of the establishment stage, because it requires finding out what the consumers want and being able to provide that with your business. In terms of a gym, consumers want to be able to achieve their physical goals without getting ripped off, they want to be able to be able to get their money’s worth, be in a comfortable, friendly and inviting environment that would make them want to continuing using the gym without the hassle of being in a crammed room that contains weights, bikes, boxing bags and boxing rings, and be able to navigate throughout the gym with ease. In words this is easy, but being able to be a competitor on the market and show consumers just how good the gym is, will be a challenging task. An objective of the business will be to increase the number of members of the gym by 5 percent in the first year. Strategies to achieve this objective will include trial offers and deducted prices, also special offers that include discounts on equipment and classes to get new members and allow them to experience the gym and potentially keep them as members and possibly have them refer other people to the gym. The main strategy is to find what the consumers want and being able to provide it, also giving people a reason to joining your gym as opposed to going to another gm which will be a competitor. To do this the gym will be for both male and female and for all ages. Other objectives include increased market share which also allows the business to have a chance against competitors and last of course increased profits by 10 % in 12 months. Strategies to achieve this include introducing new products that appeal to consumer demand like the latest supplements or the newest workout machine; this will potentially get more members and also extend current members’ membership. Marketing strategies must be consistent, the following must be taken into consideration: -Position: Knowing consumers perspective on your product/service and being apply to use this information to improve your business -Price: Set prices, how it was determined and how it is compared to competitors. -Place: Available distribution methods must be assessed Accounting and finance: Provides the financial information needed for sound and viable decision-making. All small businesses must have the following to function properly and also to keep track of money. Financial requirements are needed; new businesses must have a clear idea of the amount of funds they will need. This could come from debt financing or the original owners equity, keeping track of the businesses budget and cash flow is crucial because it lets the owner know what areas are making profit and which areas are slowing the increase in profit. To keep track of these, businesses use a range of tools such as financial forecasting which tells the owner whether or not they can afford to produce the product or provide the service, this helps with a gym because it helps to show which products are selling, and whether or not the quality of their service is good based on the amount of members that they have or the amount of members the have ended their membership. Also there’s financial records, this is good for small businesses so they can keep track of their finances, they will need to have, revenue statements (Income, profit and loss of the gym), cash flow statements (the money coming into and going out of the gym), balance sheets and budgets. Also theres breakeven: A planning tool that can be used to forecast how much of the product must be produced, or the service must be provided to cover costs of product and cost of paying employees to cover costs and make a profit. Lastly, financial controls are needed, which is having controls in place to ensure the business stays on track. These controls allow corrective action to be taken and without controls, the businesses ability to succeed start to be questioned. Objectives include reducing debts, that being said reducing the bank overdraft for all the equipment and land that was bought from $35000 to $25000 after 6 months, strategies for this to be done include getting more members to make profit and to do this, the gym will need to be advertised and show special offers to get consumers attention. Another objective includes increases profits by 10 % in the next 12 months by advertising more to make more money, also by continuing to sell products and providing services. Employment Relations: Due to such easy access to technology and raw materials, a businesses staff has become a valuable asset. The gym has an excellent range of staff hand picked by the owner due to their experience and the fact that they did a personal training course, or completed a course for the area of the gym they are working in. A challenge for the owner is keeping the employees interested in the job, this can be bother an easy or hard task depending on whether or not they like the job to start with. Objectives include increasing the pay of the employees. Even though the business is still starting out, a rise in pay should still occur because there won’t be much members at first and it’ll make it easy for the employees to get bored of their jobs. Also rewards and bonuses will be given to employees who deserve it. 10% increase in employees pay in 12 months. A strategy to achieve this will be to possibly cut back the owners pay for a while or by advertising more to sell more products and get more members to make more money to be able to pay the employees. The numbers of staff, and the skills they contain have a large impact on strategic goals, the employment relations of the gym has objectives such as: Ensuring that the employees understand what their job is and whats expected, ensuring a healthy and safe environment, measuring and evaluating their perfomances. Strategies to achieve them include buying fresh new equipment and products, training the employees for a few weeks, keeping track of employee achievements. Job Description Must have a resume showing all recent achievements. Most have completed a personal training course or have certificates in the area they wish to work in. Also at least 3 years experience of the job. Also a medical check is needed to ensure that there is no injuries that will affect the employee on the job. Staffing requirements Rostering is the process of allocating particular staff to complete particular duties. Employees: – Steph Greensburg – Personal trainer (Completed personal fitness course) – Penelope Chaaya – Personal Trainer, boxer (Body Fitness course) – Tim Stevens Personal Trainer, bodybuilder ( Personal training course, 5 years experience) – Alex Dagher Personal Trainer, Boxing (3 Year personal training course) -Simon Rassy Former boxing champion (degree in personal training) – Charles Chaaya (Boss) Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation doctor (degree in personal training, 4 year course of physiotherapist, 3 year course on body fitness) ROSTER Example: 1 hour break Day (8am-2pm) Area (3pm-8pm) 6pm on Saturday and sunday Area Monday Charles Chaaya Steph Penelope Gym room Boxing Room Rehabilitation room Charles Chaaya Steph Penelope Gym room Boxing/cardio Fitness training Tuesday Alex Tim Simon Cardio/fitness Gym room Boxing Alex Tim Simon Cardio/fitness Gym room Boxing Wednesday Steph Alex Charles Cardio/fitness Gym room Rehabilitation Steph Alex Charles Cardio/fitness Boxing Gym room Thursday Steph Tim Penelope Cardio/fitness Gym room Boxing Steph Tim Penelope Cardio/fitness Gym room Boxing Friday Charles Simon Alex Rehabilitation Boxing Gym room Charles Simon Alex Gym room Cardio/fitness Fitness training Saturday Steph Penelope Tim Cardio/fitness Boxing Gym room Steph Penelope Tim Cardio/fitness Boxing Gym room Sunday Charles Simon Alex Rehabilitation Boxing Gym room Charles Simon Alex Rehabilitation Boxing Gym room Price / Promotion The pricing of Maximize yourself will be based on whether it is an affordable amount, and whether or not it beat competitor pricing. There will be promotions of cheaper trial offers to let people try out the gym and see whether they like it or not. There will be free trials for boxing classes and body fitness classes to also attract a wide range of consumers. Also bonuses included free boxing or body fitness lessons with 3 month memberships, this will also be to gain members. Apart from profit being a main goal, it is important to have an environment where people don’t feel trapped in a maze and can move around freely, and these offers will allow the consumers o discover just how good the gym is. There must be a distinguish between maximize yourself and other gyms, that being, and amazing service and of course amazing prices. Ways of Promoting the gym include: – A commercial -Social networking sites -Radio -Door to door sales informing residents of the cheap offers -Discounts for referrals -bonuses for long term members Membership Fees Single visits: $5.00 per person 1 week pass: $20.00 1 month membership: $55.00 3 months membership: $140.00 6 months membership: $240.00 12 months membership: $400.00 OR free boxing/Body fitness classes: membership cost $15.00 Classes will be posted on a timetable hung up in the gym: Boxing: 1 Class: $8 1 Month: $55 Body Fitness 1 Class: $5 1 Month: $35 Supplement Prices “MUSCLE MASS” Protein bucket: 1kg: $30, 2kg: $50, 4kg: $80 Creatine Powder: $30 Fat burner supplement: $40 Bulk Building supplements: $60 depending on product. Products: “Bodybuilder” and “100% Natural” shirts: $15 each Training Singlets: $10 (Different Colours) Gloves for weights: $20 (different colours) Belt for weights: $40 (different colours) Product Due to Maximize yourself being a new gym it is obvious that it will have new top notch products, including trademark brands which are easily bought due to a friend of the owners being a seller of them giving him discounted prices. Due to the spacious layout of the gym the equipment will be spread accordingly allowing free movement without bunching into equipment and interrupting others during their workouts. Obvious products will be sold such as supplements, shirt, singlet’s, gloves and belts. The products of course vary in size to suit different sized customers and the maximize yourself logo will be on the lower back of the shirts/singlet’s and imprinted on the belts and gloves. Place How and where the product is distributed. Maximize Yourself did not create the supplements they are going to sell. Although everything else is owned by the business and they are all made by a retailer then send to the business when stock is ordered. Only Maximize yourself will be able to sell the equipment due to it being exclusive distribution. Description of the product/service Even though Maximize Yourself is service based it sells many great products. Services include the following: The gym area, this is where all the main equipment is, this room is mostly used for bodybuilding and contain all the weights and machines that assist with bodybuilding, there will always be a personal trainer in there helping people with their weight training and giving out advice/ answering questions. Also the other trained staff who run boxing classes and fitness training class simultaneously are expertly trained and will give you your money’s worth. Whether that’s to learn how to defend yourself, lose weight or get fitter, they’ll supply the help. Equipment inside the gym Bench press x 2 – $500 Power racks – $800 Rubber floors- $1000 per square metre Rubber mats x 8 -$100 Cable equipment (For all muscles) 45 degree leg press – $400 45 degree back extension – $200 Dip / pull up assist machine – $200 Medicine balls x 6 – $120 Set of Dumbbells- $1500 Fitness step x 4 – $360 Barbell set (10kg – 70kg) – $2500 Smith Machine x 2 – $3000 Rowing machines x 3 – $2000 Treadmills x 3 – $4000 Exercise bikes x 12 – $5000 Boxing bags x 5 – $600 Boxing ring – $3000 Helmets x 20 – $800 Boxing gloves x 20 pairs – $600 Personal Trainers – Steph Greensburg – Personal trainer (Completed personal fitness course) – Penelope Cruz – Personal Trainer, boxer (Body Fitness course) – Tim Stevens Personal Trainer, bodybuilder ( Personal training course, 5 years experience) – Alex Dagher Personal Trainer, Boxing (3 Year personal training course) -Simon Rassy Former boxing champion (degree in personal training) – Charles Chaaya (Boss) Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation doctor (degree in personal training, 4 year course of physiotherapist, 3 year course on body fitness) Classes Boxing See instructors for details Fitness training See instructors for details Boxing Class Learn how to fight and defend yourself with our top notch boxing instructors. Fitness training Intensive cardio, bodyweight training like pushups, dips, squats, lunges, abdominal circuits. Opening hours Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 6pm Front Counter Drinks Singlets Shirts Supplements Gloves Belt Boxing gloves Wrist pads Maximize yourself offers great discounts like: Free trials Discounts for loyal members More people=less you pay Financial Forecasts Balance Sheet Maximize Yourself Pty Ltd Current assets Cash $10000 Accounts Receivable $20000 Inventory $30000 TOTAL $60000 Non-Current assets Equipment $150,000 Land $250,000 Building/Property $100,000 TOTAL $500 000 Other Current Assets Good Will $100,000 TOTAL assets: $660 000 Current Liabilities Overdraft $80 000 Accounts Payable $30 000 TOTAL $110 000 Non Current Liabilities Mortgage $600,000 TOTAL $600 000 Owners Equity Shareholders funds $167,000 Capital $80,000 Retained Profits $40,000 Total Liabilities Equity $997 000 Liquidity = Current Assets . Current Liabilities =$60000 = 0.55 $110,000 Cash Flow Statement Cash flow from operating activities Receipts from customers Payments to Suppliers and Employees Net cash provided by operating activities $120000 ($110 000) $10 000 Cash Flow from investing Activities Payment for Property, plant and equipment Net cash provided by investing activities ($50000) ($50000) Cash Flow from Financing Activities Repayment of borrowing Net cash provided by financing activities Net increase (decrease) in cash held Cash at beginning of year $40000 $40000 ($5000) $(20000) Cash at end of year ($25000) Critically review the plan and process In all honesty, I actually enjoyed doing the assignment, sure it was EXTREMELY long but it involves me being creative and actually doing an assignment about a topic I like for once. I must admit, if it wasn’t for my plan and help from the business teachers I would’ve had no clue what I was doing. Now that I think of it, I regret not setting out my plan correctly, I left to much of the report if not ALL of it for the last due date, this left me with a mess load of work, plus the fact that I didn’t manage my time and ended up having to do more than half the assignment in the last two days. I regret not asking as many questions in class. It was startling having a different teach teaching the subject after having Mrs Jones for so long but I eventually adjusted. I was disappointed in my slow progression and poor time management skills, and having assignments for other subjects just made it all the more less motivating in proceeding to complete this assignment. One of my worst flaws is my short attention span, something as little as seeing an item on my desk would cause me to stop and daydream, also knowing that I was one click away from face book and msn. On top of all these distraction is my MAJOR distraction! My Xbox 360, my mentality was always, play now, do business later, “Im so good at this game, I can’t just stop playing now im ‘owning'” is what I always said to myself, even whilst making progress I thought about getting off the computer and going to play. Another factor was friends, there’s always someone to have a discussion with, and of course anything to get out of doing work right? Overall I believed I achieved what I planned to and was glad due to the relief of completing such a detailed assignment. I believe a few more lessons dedicated to actually explaining the assignment might’ve motivated me to have completed some work sooner. Although Im g
Reflection Paper. I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

In this assignment, you are asked to reflect on responses to the presented scenario. This should not just be writing down your first reaction or what you already know. Reflection involves critical thinking, which means rethinking your existing knowledge and previously held opinions in light of what we have learned about theories of ethics, logic, and reasoning. You will need to question your existing knowledge and beliefs. Why do you feel the way you do about HIV/AIDS prevention?
Of the four responses offered in the HIV/AIDS Prevention scenario, which do you feel is the most ethical and why?
To complete this assignment:

Complete the entire scenario.
Compose your reflection in a Word document. Of the four responses offered in the scenario, which do you feel is the most ethical and why?
Support your conclusions with evidence and specific examples from the textbook, as well as other sources as needed.

Reflection Paper

Engineering Employee Turnover: How to Address It Report

Problem Definition Turnover in engineering is a considerable bother for managers due to considerable implications of the matter. High turnover rates are associated with increased expenses on recruitment and training of new personnel. Moreover, high turnover rates lead to a necessity of keeping a sizeable human relation (HR) department, which is also associated with increased costs. When speaking about the price paid for retention, it is also vital to consider that after recruitment, the efficiency of new employees immediately after hiring is significantly lower than the performance of their predecessors. New employees need time to adapt to the new working environment and acquire knowledge about the norms and business processes of the company. Moreover, the firm pays for the losses in productivity associated with the time a position stays unoccupied. Therefore, the prevention of high turnover rates is of extreme importance for HR managers to decrease associated costs. The consequences of low retention rates are not limited by financial implications. The matter may also be associated with nonpecuniary costs, such as low employee morale and decreased workplace satisfaction. Therefore, the primary task of management personnel in engineering is to employ efficient strategies for improving retention rates. The present paper argues that one of the most efficient strategies for addressing the problem of high turnover rates is to use predictive hiring techniques by screening candidates for possible risk factors. However, HR managers are often unaware of risk factors of low retention intentions specific to engineering. Therefore, the purpose of the present paper is to introduce data-driven criteria for predictive hiring in engineering. Methodologies Variables In order to arrive at relevant conclusions, it is vital to identify the variables that should be analyzed. The dependent variable for the present project is retention intention, which was quantified by the number of years in the current position. The self-reported average salary in the current position was assumed to influence loyalty to the company. The number of children was identified as an independent variable that may influence retention intentions due to decreased risk tolerance associated with having children. Self-reported GPA in college was also considered to have positive correlations with the dependent variable because it was assumed that a higher GPA is associated with constancy and a sense of purpose. Gender was also understood as a modifier for lower turnover intentions. Sample and Data Collection In order to answer the research question, a sample of 50 random engineering employees in one organization was surveyed online. The participants were given a link to the survey, and they had to complete it within one week after the link was issued. The surveys did not include any personal information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, to ensure the anonymity of the survey. The data was stored on a private personal computer protected by a password. Descriptive statistics of the sample is demonstrated in Tables 1 and 2 below. Table 1. Sample’s Descriptive Statistics. Variable N N* Mean SE Mean StDev Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum Retention (years) 50 0 5,080 0,372 2,633 1,000 3,000 5,000 7,000 13,000 Salary 50 0 88060 2147 15181 58000 75750 88000 99250 116000 Number of Children 50 0 1,480 0,157 1,111 0,000 1,000 1,000 2,000 4,000 GPA 50 0 3,1688 0,0570 0,4030 2,2083 2,9135 3,1750 3,4140 3,9950 Table 2. Retention by Gender. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gender N Mean StDev SE Mean F 18 6,56 2,83 0,67 M 32 4,25 2,14 0,38 Identified Test Three types of tests were performed using the collected data. Since the aim of the study is to determine if there are any interrelationships between the variables, correlation analysis was performed. Pearson’s correlation coefficient is a measure of the linear correlation between two variables. Moreover, multiple regression was used to identify which variables have an impact on the dependent variable and confirm the results of the correlation analysis. Finally, a two-sample t-test was used to compare the means of retention intentions in females and males. The latest update of Minitab-19 was used to analyze the data. The test was designed to test the following hypotheses. Hypothesis 1. There is a positive linear correlation between retention intentions and self-reported average annual salary. Hypothesis 2. There is a positive linear correlation between retention intentions and the number of children a person has. Hypothesis 3. There is a positive linear correlation between retention intentions and the college GPA of the candidate. Hypothesis 4. Female candidates have higher retention intentions than male candidates. Data Statistical Analysis Correlation Analysis Correlation analysis was performed to quantify the interdependencies between all the variables, excluding gender. The matrix plot for the test with quantified results is demonstrated in Figure 1 below. The results show that there is a positive linear correlation between retention and salary and between retention and the number of children. However, there was no statistically significant connection between retention and GPA. Moreover, the results demonstrated that there is a medium correlation between salary and the number of children. Figure 1. Correlation Analysis Results. Regression Analyses Retention versus Salary The results for regression analysis for retention versus salary are demonstrated in Figure 2. Adjusted R2 value suggests that 60.19% of changes in retention intentions are attributed to increases in salary. In other words, the test confirms the results of the correlation analysis in the previous section. Figure 2. Retention VS Salary Regression Analysis. Retention versus Number of Children The results for regression analysis for retention versus the number of children is summarized in Figure 3. The results can be interpreted that 52.78% of changes in the number of years in the company is attributed to the changes in the number of children. The results support the idea suggested by correlation analysis. Figure 3. Retention VS Number of Children Regression Analysis. Retention versus GPA The results of the regression analysis for retention versus GPA also confirm the results of correlation analysis. The test demonstrates that 0% of changes in retention are attributed to changes in GPA. The output of Minitab-19 is presented in Figure 4 below. Figure 4. Retention VS GPA Regression Analysis. Two-Sample T-Test In order to identify the differences in means between the male and female populations in terms of retention intentions, a two-sample t-test with unequal variances was performed with a 95% confidence interval. The results demonstrate that there is a statistically significant difference between the two samples (p=0.006). The difference in means was estimated to be 2.3, which means that on average, women work in one company for 2.3 years longer than men do. Results and Discussion The results of the analyses described in the present paper support three out of four hypotheses concerning the retention intentions among engineering employees. First, the findings suggest that higher salaries are associated with lower retention intentions in the analyzed sample. Second, the results demonstrate that the number of children a person has influences his or her decision to change jobs. Third, females are less likely to leave a firm than men. Finally, Hypothesis 3 was not confirmed, meaning that there is no correlation between GPA and the number of years a person worked in the company. These results can be transformed into criteria for HR managers to utilize predictive hiring. We will write a custom Report on Engineering Employee Turnover: How to Address It specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When recruiting engineering personal, HR managers may consider asking for the number of children a person has and avoid considering GPA. A high college GPA may be misleading since the statistical analysis shows that it does not influence retention intentions and employee performance (see Figure 1 for correlations between GPA and salary). At the same time, the number of children seems to be correlated with decreased risk tolerance, which may be associated with decreased turnover intentions. At the same time, the findings suggest that females are more likely to be loyal to the company. Even though it may be unethical for gender to be a reason for hiring, the findings can be used by HR managers for targeting interventions for the reduction of turnover rates. In other words, HR managers should consider retention interventions to be focused on men since they are more likely to job. HR managers may also choose to target employees with lower salaries because the findings suggest that people with lower annual income are more likely to look for another job. While the validity and reliability of methods are high, there are several limitations to the findings. First, the sample size is limited to 50 representatives of one engineering company, which negatively affects the generalizability of findings. Second, the number of identified variables may be a drawback, since the identified correlations may be indirect. For instance, the number of children usually depends on a person’s age. However, age was not used as a control variable to adjust the findings. Third, the paper fails to review literature in the field and identify its place in current research. The research results may have no contribution to current knowledge since other researchers may have suggested the findings. In short, the study has considerable limitations, and its results should be used with caution. Future research should focus on addressing the week parts of the present paper. Generalizability can be improved by increasing the sample size and diversifying sample population in terms of geographical and demographical characteristics. The same design can be used for replicated studies applied to different organizations. Other independent variables should be identified and tested to find other direct and indirect correlations with retention intentions. Finally, the same study can be applied to employees from other industries to determine if HR managers dealing with other professions can use the same criteria. Conclusion Employee turnover in engineering is a considerable bother for managers in the industry since it negatively affects the performance of the company. Predictive hiring is one of the methods for addressing the problem. The present paper analyzed four criteria that can be used by HR managers to decrease turnover rates by selecting candidates with increased retention intentions. It has been determined that the number of children can lower the chance of quitting a job, while GPA has no effect on the intention to switch jobs. Moreover, the findings suggest that females are more loyal to the company than males, and employees with higher salaries are less likely to look for another job. While these two findings can find only limited use in predictive hiring, this information can be used by HR managers for targeted interventions.

ACCT 221 BCCC Journal & Ethics of Accounting Education Discussion

help writing ACCT 221 BCCC Journal & Ethics of Accounting Education Discussion.

Written Assignment Instructions Please read articles on any five unrelated Accounting topics. What do I mean by unrelated topics? For instance, if you selected one article involving accounting education in colleges, then your second article cannot be on the same or similar topic. Your topics do not have to be restricted to accounting topics covered in the course. ALL ARTICLES MUST BE RESEARCHED USING THE INTERNET. Your Accounting articles have to be from The CPA Journal, Journal of Accountancy or Accountant Today. The articles must be published in 2018 or 2019 or 2020 and must contain at least 2 pages (equivalent to 8.5”x11”) of text. On each topic, you are required to write 1 page. Thus you will have written a total of 5 pages. Each topic is divided into two sections and has to be clearly identified, as follows: Section 1-Summary of the article in your own words (0.5 pages long) Section 2-Your comments, opinions and any other feedback you wish to provide on the topic (0.5 pages long). Format Use letter size paper (8.5″x11″) Spacing of Work: 1.5 times Normal Print: 12 font size Margins: 1″ on all sides Your work must be presented as follows: I Cover Sheet Show your name, course name and number, and semester. II The next page should list the articles presented with the title of the article, name and date of the source publication and links to them. III Next, you will present all of the 5 write ups. Each write up must start on a separate page. At the top of each write up, just show the name of the article only. IV. Next, cite your articles using the APA format. Refer to the library website for details on the APA format. This assignment is designed to broaden your understanding of the accounting discipline as well as sharpen your Internet research, communication and critical thinking skills.
ACCT 221 BCCC Journal & Ethics of Accounting Education Discussion

ESOL 200 Humber College Progress Report on The Water Supply Project Analysis

ESOL 200 Humber College Progress Report on The Water Supply Project Analysis.

TASK Also attached the template.Your audience for this update is your instructor (Derrick), NOT the company you work for. Write a progress report (1 page) to update me on the progress of your report. Identify the work you have completed, the work that is in progress, and the work that is still planned. Identify any issues or obstacles that prevent you from completing your work. List any resources that you require to complete the work.A progress report is typically no more than a single page. It should be in memo format (include the header). Use appropriate formatting (bullet points, headers, tables) to organize your information. There should be four main areas to report (Overview/Work Completed/Work In-progress/Work To be Done).Your progress report will be assessed using the following criteria:Analysis – Does the message show an analysis of the purpose, audience, information, etc (PAIBOC)?Content – Does the report provide all the required information stated or implied in the task? Format and Design – Is the message formatted professionally, based on the principles practiced in this course?Tone and Style – Does the message make use of strategies for tone and style practiced in this course (point of view, positive language, common courtesy, etc.)Grammar and Mechanics – Is the message free of word and sentence level errors which interfere with meaning and fluency?Submit your assignment using the Assignments tool (click on the red title at the top of this document). Be sure to label your submission clearly. For example, if your name is “Brad Pitt”, label your submission bradpittmajorprojectpart2.doc.Please message your instructor right away if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment.
ESOL 200 Humber College Progress Report on The Water Supply Project Analysis

Effects of Education Context on Curriculum

Effects of Education Context on Curriculum. 1a How can the curriculum offer and delivery vary according to the education and training context or purpose? The education and training context in this instance varies according to community outreach venues, specifically chosen to reach the parents of children needing ESOL teaching, who have low levels of first language literacy and so require potentially different means of supporting language learning. Different approaches to curriculum design are going to influence how the teacher develops the syllabus or the scheme of work, because this will affect how they select each topic to be taught, how sequence topics and themes, language stages, based on whether this is a process or product based syllabus, notional/functional syllabus, Communicative Syllabus, Top-based syllabus.[1] For example, a content-based syllabus, based maybe on grammatical structure, would be organised according to sequencing structures, while a communicative syllabus might be more functional or based on identified needs. Syllabus design is one of the means by which teachers can approach the process of facilitating language learning[2]. However, in language teaching, syllabus design has been largely neglected. Curricula are ways of organising learning, indicating lesson content and learning progress, while syllabuses are much more concerned with what actually goes on in the classroom, forming part of ongoing development, review and refinement of the syllabus[3] to meet the needs of the learner while satisfying the requirements of the institution or awarding body. Syllabus design is the selection and grading of content, and is argued to also relate to the selection of tasks and materials[4]. Because of the complexity of language learning, selection of tasks and selection of content may be different than in other types of learning.[5] “Lesson planning involves reinforcement with frequent feedback on learning, delayed feedback, allowing trial and error, and praise, marks and prizes.”[6] All of these means of ordering learning are focused on what and how the ESOL student will learn.[7] In this context, the focus is on ESOL Keeping up with the Children – Family Learning, and so the curriculum is designed with this in mind, but the needs of learners in ESOL can vary, including a more academic approach, such as ESOL in FE[8], or intensive ESOL training for Job Search, or Vocational ESOL (eg ESOL embedded in something else, like Catering). This would then require a more functional syllabus which would be focused much more on vocabulary, and schemes of work would take this into account, practicing key elements of communication rather than simply grammar. Dynamic language learning is more complex than simply the repetition of sounds, words and sentence structures, and so the communicative approach may be much better suited.[9] However, all of these approaches could also potentially serve to help ESOL students integrate into the social world as well.[10] However, the syllabus design and development in this case is also constructed within the requirements of the awarding body, thus requiring that students learn sufficient and in the right manner to meet the assessment requirements, and develop a general English vocabulary which covers personal details and experiences, work, educationEffects of Education Context on Curriculum