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A Manmade Christmas Tree Essay

The first unconventional form of art I have selected for my presentation is a manmade Christmas tree made of used CDs (image 7 in the list of top ten crazy Christmas trees). It was designed by an artist Tom Deininger and displayed at the Chelsea Market in NYC in 2010. I must admit that the idea of creating this three-dimensional work of art from recycled materials was not only original, but also a rather successful one. This huge tree became a decoration of NYC. It was necessary to come close to this work of art to see what materials were used by the artist. Due to the specific qualities of CDs and their ability to reflect light and display the different colors of the spectrum, this work of art creates a visual illusion. At first glance, it is hard to say what colors and materials are used in this amazing construction. The lines used by the artist are obscure, but the shape of the work of art resembles a conventional form of a Christmas tree. In my opinion, the main message conveyed by the artist in this Christmas tree is his call to conserve the natural resources and not to use them for people’s entertainment. Another symbolic meaning of the tree composed of used CDs is the technological progress in the era of information technologies. It is notable that all of the CDs used for construction of this unconventional work o art were used and obviously contained certain units of information on them. When I imagine all kinds of music, films and photos which might have been recorded on these CDs, I see this Christmas tree as an information web (Inhabitat, 2011). Finally, this manmade Christmas tree clearly demonstrates that these are people who are responsible for Christmas miracles. Costa – Covent Garden 3-D street painting shows how easily people can be deceived. Using the pavement as his canvas, Manfred Stader has become one of the most outstanding street painters in the world. The realistic picture of a giant cup of coffee created by Manfred in London is really stunning. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Regardless of the visual illusion of three-dimensional effect, this work of art is a two-dimensional one. The artists used only chalks and waste products received in the process of coffee roasting. However, the effect produced upon the audience is amazing. Therefore, these were not only special techniques, but also profound skills of the artist which enabled Manfred to create this masterpiece in London’s Covent Garden in front of one of Costa Coffee’s UK cafes. The frog on the foam of coffee is an important detail made of chaff. The shadow from the saucer and the highlights on the cup and other details create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional object (3-D street-art, n.d.). The shapes used by the artist can be explained with his intentions to create the illusion and impress the spectators. However, when viewing the picture from other angles, people would not see the illusion. Although this pavement work of art was actually used as a marketing technique by one of Costa Coffee’s UK cafes, it definitely conveys a symbolical meaning. By using the waste materials of coffee industry for creating this picture, the artist intended to say that coffee production can and should be sustainable. Therefore, the visitors of this café not only enjoy the taste of coffee and desserts, but also can be certain that the administration of Costa Coffee tries to use sustainable manufacturing methods. Reference List 3-D street-art. Costa – Covent Garden. Web. Inhabitat. (2011). Top 10 crazy Christmas trees. Web.
Supply and Demand Supply and demand are the economic model of determining prices in a competitive market, wherein supply refers to the quantity of commodities available in the market and demand refers to the quantity demanded by consumers. The law of demand states that the higher the costof the good or service, the less people will demand it, while the law of supply states that the higher the price of a commodity, the higher the quantity required (Supply and demand, 2012). Macroeconomic Equilibrium Macroeconomic equilibrium is a condition of a nation’s economy wherein aggregate demand is met by aggregate supply (Macroeconomic equilibrium, 2012). The total demand of a final good or service in the economy is called its aggregate demand, while the total supply of a final goods and services the economy plans to sell is called the aggregate supply. Significant changes on demand or supply will affect prices, employment, and resources of a nation. How Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Determine Equilibrium Price and Output In The Short- and Long-Run Macroeconomic equilibrium is computed by relating national price level with national output. The market is in equilibrium when price and output are equal. Changes in the price or output of a commodity prompts shifts in its aggregate demand and/or aggregate supply. In general, expansionary policies shift aggregate demand to the right while contracting policies shift it to the left. Looking at the diagram below, when aggregate demand shifts to the right, equilibrium will occur at a higher price level and a higher output in the short-run and at a higher level in the long-run. When aggregate demand shifts to the left, the opposite, will occur. Figure 1. Macroeconomic Equilibrium Shifts in the aggregate supply are usually prompted by shifts in aggregate demand. When aggregate supply shifts to the right, aggregate demand dictates that equilibrium will occur at a lower price level and a higher output in the short-run. When short-run aggregate supply shifts to the right, aggregate demand dictates that equilibrium will occur at a higher price level and a lower output in the short-run. In the long-run, when aggregate supply shifts to the right, a lower price level and higher output is required for equilibrium. When it shifts to the left, a higher price level and lower output is required. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gross Domestic Product, Unemployment, Inflation Three ways to measure a country’s economy is through its GDP, unemployment rate, and inflation rate. GDP or Gross Domestic Product is the measure of total value of commodities by a country for a specific period (Gross Domestic Product, 2012). Unemployment is the state of a person who is looking for employment but is unable to find or does not have one (Unemployment, 2012). Inflation is the rate of increase of the general level of prices of commodities in a country. As inflation occurs and prices go up, purchasing power of people fall (Inflation, 2012). Business Cycles and Economic Growth Business cycles are series of patterns affected by employment, industrial productivity, and interest rates that show the expansion and contraction of economic activities. There are five stages on a business cycle, namely, growth, peak, recession, trough, and recovery (Business Cycle, 2012). Economic growth is the measure of an economy’s increase of commodity and capacity to accommodate its population within a period of time (Economic Growth, 2012).Productivity, inflation, population growth and introduction of new commodities in the economy are factors of economic growth. Multiplier Concept Multipliersare factors that quantify the changes of capital investment to total income of an economy. They are used to measure the effects of government spending on income. Multipliers are calculated by dividing the marginal propensity to save to one (Multipliers, 2012). John M. Keynes was made the second father of economics after Adam Smith because of his contribution on multipliers. The limitations of the multiplier concept include its restriction to economies (It is only for closed economies.), its lack of social factors, and its low adaptability to change. Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy is a government policy that deals with the spending activities of the government that influences macroeconomic conditions. These policies are concerned and implemented in taxation, interest rates, transfer payments, and borrowing (Fiscal policy, 2012). We will write a custom Essay on Macroeconomics Notions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Two tools of fiscal policy are the Automatic Stabilizers, attributes of fiscal policy that smooth instability in consumption over the business cycle, and the Discretionary Fiscal Policy, the conscious manipulation of implementation of taxation, purchases, transfers, and borrowings. An example of this is the Federal Income Tax (Kelly, n.d.). Macroeconomics in Contemporary Economic Issues As previously mentioned, business cycles have five stages, namely, its growth, peak, recession, trough, and recovery. In recent years, however, the flow of the stages in the cycle is unsteady, not following the regular cycle. This is because of the impact of improbable events not forecasted (or were not heard of) by economist. One significant event in recent time is the sharp decline in housing prices, resulting in a recession in the economy. This event in economy happened in 2007. Before the year, housing prices grew rapidly and collapsed by nearly 20 percent over the next two years, due to low interest rates in the 2000s, and lowering lending standards. Another macroeconomic event in recent times is the rise of prices of oil and other basic commodities, such as natural gas, steel, corn, wheat, rice, and coal. Oil consumption in the United States lessened in the first half of 2008 (Jones, 2008). This was offset, however, by the oil consumption of China, India, and the Middle East, which resulted in an outward shift in demand. This occurrence created a chain of price increases on basic commodities. Reference List Business cycle.(2012). Investor words. Web. Economic growth.(2012). Investopedia. Web. Fiscal policy. (2012). Investopedia. Web. Gross domestic product.(2012). Merriam-webster online. Web. Not sure if you can write a paper on Macroeconomics Notions by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Inflation .(2012). Investopedia. Web. Jones, C. I. (2008). Current macroeconomic events. W. w. Norton. Web. Kelly, T. Chapter 12 fiscal policy. Baylor business. Web. Macroeconomic equilibrium. (2012). Business dictionary. Web. Multipliers. (2012). Investopedia. Web. Supply and demand. (2012). Encyclopædia britannica. Web. Unemployment. (2012). Investopedia. Web.

Essay 1: The Value of MusicMain Goals•Apply a variety of rhetorical strategies in writing a unified, well-organized, and fully-developed

Essay 1: The Value of MusicMain Goals•Apply a variety of rhetorical strategies in writing a unified, well-organized, and fully-developed academic essay in response to writing task•Locate relevant information from a variety of sources to use in the development and support of their own ideas•Integrate ideas and information from sources effectively into essay using paraphrase, summary and direct quotationContextWe’llbe reading several articles whichwillhelpusthinkmoredeeplyabouttherole thatmusicplaysinpeople’slives, anddiscuss theprocess wegothroughtocreate anacademicessay.Text(s)•“Music to Your Brain” byHarvard Women’s Health Watch•“Four Ways Music Strengthens Social Bonds” byJill Suttie•“Music: A Powerful Ally in CounselingSessions”byCourtney Armstrong•“Music Therapy” by Elizabeth StegemöllerDirectionsWrite an essay in response to the following question: What is the value or benefit of music beyond entertainment? In other words, how doesmusicenrich our lives in addition to being simplyfun or interesting to listen to? Instead of briefly discussing several seemingly unrelated values of music, the best essays will focus on one unified claim about the value of musicand then have multiple supporting points to develop that main claim. Basically, write an essay about what you think is one very important value of music, and support your stance withsupporting points andexamples from the Unit 1 Readings. In addition to the readings, you may use supportfrompersonal experiences and other musical examples.Your essay should. . . •Haveallofthepartsofanacademicessay:anintroductionparagraphwithaclear, focused thesis statement responding to the prompt’s question, at least threefocused body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, and a conclusion paragraph.•Use “they say, I say” approach to enter conversation and establish your thesis claim. •Support your thesis claimwith references to the Unit 1 Readings. You may also reference specific songs andpersonal experiencesas evidence. •Explain and contextualize ideas for the readers unfamiliar with the text(s) and/or events Requirements•At least 1,250 words•Typed in MLA format (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, etc.)•Integrate at least 2specific quotes from the Unit 1 Reading(s). These quotes can be from the same article or different articles.

Social Work homework help

help me with my homework Social Work homework help. In The Bonds of Love, Psychoanalysis, Feminism and the Problem of Domination, JessicaBenjamin writes the following:?? as the child begins to feel the wish and the excitement as his or her own inner desire, he orshe looks for recognition from this exciting other. While the child doubtless seeks recognitionfrom both parents at this time, the exciting father is the one the child wishes to be like.? (p.105)Based on this passage, explain the text as you understand it and as it relates to the broaderargument made by Benjamin in the two chapters. (I attached the two files that need to be usedÿfor this essay.)The goal of this assignment is to explicate a quotation to help you understand the following keyideas of the reading:ÿ1) Boys and girls both look for emancipation from the mother/caregiver through the father2) Father?s reaction to boys and girls is different3) The difference in the father?s reaction shapes girls? and boys? subjectivity (a sense of selfas autonomous and independent) and over-emphasizes gendered ideas4) This difference in the father?s reaction to boys and girls is cultural rather than biologicalTo achieve this goal conceptually:Use the quotation above to explain in your own words:1) Why do boys and girls seek emancipation from their mothers/caregivers to achieveautonomous individuality?2) Why do girls and boys perceive the father as ?the exciting other? that will help them reachemancipation?3) How does the father?s reaction to boys and girls result in the support of boys’ subjectivity andthe squashing of girls? subjectivity?4) How does the father?s response reinforce cultural gendered beliefs about boys and girls(over-emphasis on masculine and feminine ideas)?? Make sure that each term or concept is defined using your own words!? Make sure that you refer to different parts of Benjamin?s chapters (making sure to note thepage numbers) in order to support your explanations.? Consult below the Guidelines to Reading Critically and Explication of a Quotation to helpyou unpack Benjamin?s ideas so that you can then explain them clearly.Social Work homework help

The Voyages of Exploration

The Voyages of Exploration. Can you help me understand this History question?

Please provide specific examples and use the following link for information:
Optional video for additional information:

the questions:
1. What prompted Europeans to launch voyages of exploration?
2. What technologies, discoveries, and/or inventions helped support these voyages?
The text should be a MINIMUM of 400 words.
The Voyages of Exploration

Java Theory and UML Modeling Tools Research

Java Theory and UML Modeling Tools Research.

Part 1 Java Programs in DetailDo some research on the website and provide more complete definitions for application, applet, servlet, and MIDlet.Describe the class library used, the IDE, the execution environment, etc.Part 21 Complex SystemsDo some web research and discuss if and how Object-Oriented assists in the development and maintenance of complex systems2. The “Real World”OK, Object Oriented Programming is great.Discuss how this approach does a better job of modeling the “real world” than Procedural Programming.3. Free IDE’sTwo of the most popular “free” IDE’s are NetBeans and Eclipse.Compare and contrast the two packages.4. UML ModelingDo some web research and identify some “free” UML modeling tools
Java Theory and UML Modeling Tools Research