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A Look Into the Investigation of David Parker Ray my assignment essay help london Python coursework help

A look at the Investigation of David Parker Ray Ventura County Community College Criminal Investigations Professor Goff Abstract Sexual sadist David Parker Ray tortured and raped his victims using electrical and medical devices, homemade tools and various other instruments. Although there have not been any bodies found as of yet, police strongly believe there are many victims who were tortured and killed by Ray and his accomplices. Using newspaper articles, websites and various books, I have taken a look into not only his crimes, but the investigation of this case.

During her three days in what Ray called his “Toy Box” Vigil was repeatedly raped by Ray and with other objects, had her vaginal area electrocuted, and had her nipples stretched  This torture continued until the day she was able to escape. While Ray was out Vigil was able to reach her hand cuff keys and call 911, but not before Hendy saw her trying to escape and threw a lamp at her head causing the gash she had on her head when she made her way into the home in Elephant Butte.

When New Mexico police, FBI agents and Psychological profilers were called out to the “Toy Box” where Vigil was held they discovered the evidence to support Vigils statement. Along with the lamp and ice pick used in the escape, police also found an array of other torturing devices including modified medical equipment, syringes, clamps, straps, pulleys used to spread the legs of the women, blades and saws, handcuffs, dog collars and the gynecological chair that was used to restrain the victims for torture.

Also found in the trailer was a videotape of a woman being tortured by Ray and his girlfriend Hendy. On the video was a women strapped to a medical-type bench, her eyes and mouth duck taped. Ray was circling the bench touching the women and adjusting the straps on the bench. The video dated back to 1993 and police later identified the women as Kelly Garrett. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/David_Parker_Ray). Garrett was located and questioned in Colorado.

History Discussion


unit begins our investigation of the concept of modernity. The French

and Industrial Revolutions ushered in the modern period with

revolutionary gusto. Once they took place, the world would never revert

to its premodern origins. But already in this unit we see that the

modern period is full of promise and peril. To people living through

these times, the idea of modernity was both inspiring and unfulfilled. Consider both the hope and the disappointment felt by people who lived through this era. In

what ways was this time meeting the definition of modernity as

“improvement”? In what ways did people feel it was falling short?
You are free to write a paper that falls within this topic

but that is tailored to your intellectual interests and curiosity. While

the prompt is broad, your argument should be specific and focused. Your

paper should be thesis-driven. The prompt is broad in order to allow a

wide variety of answers, but each answer should be specific and include

both the French and Industrial revolutions.
Be sure to integrate as much of the course readings as possible to

craft a well-rounded, evidence-rich paper. Including Merriman is good

(or lecture material), but a lot of your focus should be analyzing the

primary sources.
Do not use any material from outside what I’ve assigned. Doing so will result in an F for the paper.
Cite to the best of your ability. I will not critique the style of

your citations, but I would like it to be clear, from where you get your

material and direct quotations.2.5 single-spaced pages., completely full
I have attached the rubric and class sources
Rem no outside sources