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My name is Rahul and I go to high school. My ethnicity is Asian and I was born in the United States. I am an enthusiastic individual ready to carry on my caliber from high school to college. I have lived in Princeton, New Jersey for most of my life. The experiences I have learned in high school will long last with me when I am in college. I was inspired by Drake’s quote where he stated “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” I took this into consideration so that when I go into college I can use the experiences from high school to aid me in college.

At school I have a wide range of friends and I am friendly to everyone because those people that are not your friends might be essential to you in the future. Over the course of high school I have learned to balance my time between education and my friends. I try to balance the number of honors, AP courses with my regular courses at school so I am not overwhelmed by the workload. This also allows me to focus my time in other areas such as volunteering, extracurricular, and clubs My strongest subjects at school are the sciences and business. I had a passion for business ever since I was introduced to the stock market early in middle school. I got interested in the sciences because I was fascinated with life. From the start I was a curious about biology. I kept pondering about biology and had so many questions that were left unanswered for me. I felt that this subject was unique in the sense that science changes every minute and we have discoveries in this field almost every day. I began to participate in clubs that revolved around business and the sciences.

After school I participate in various clubs and have some leadership positions in some of the clubs. Throughout high school I wanted to be in unique clubs every year. Freshmen year I participated in the Federal Reserve challenge club which deals with economic principles. In the spring time there is a competition for this club and the challenge is to come up with the best policy for the Federal Reserve for that year. Then in Sophomore year I participated in First Robotics Challenge. This club not only encountered a science and engineering aspect. In this club there was also a business perspective. I was involved with the business perspective of the club in respect to dealing all finances and coming up with a business plan for the club. I also worked with the programming team to program specific missions for the robot during the tournament. In Junior I am currently doing two clubs which are Business club and Medical forum. Business club is interesting because it deals with the stock market and there is a challenge during the winter time. I am also involved with Med forum, this club is an informational club and gets you exposure to the medical field. From all these experiences I learned that teamwork is important. Without teamwork a final product will not be achieved. From clubs I learned that having a social life with friends is important. Clubs give you an opportunity to be unique and to converse with your friends while preparing for the competition. It is also different than traditional learning that take place during the school day. At high school North I was involved in the tennis team. We usually played doubles and this experience made be a better team player and communicator. Tennis transformed my life and has made me into a better person.

Apart from extracurricular and clubs I am also dedicated to volunteer work. There is the saying that doing volunteer work will get you into a better college but that is not my intent. The reason I do volunteer work is to benefit my local community. I want to aid people to be successful. In the summer I worked with kids from Special Olympics during Camp Shriver. I wanted to give these kids a life lasting experience and wanted everyone to appreciate these great individuals. I also volunteered at my local tennis facility as part of an apprenticeship program. I taught the kids the basic strokes of tennis. This valuable experience helped me become a better teacher at tennis and I helped kids in my local community to help them be a well versed tennis player.
My times at high school were great and it has prepared me well me for the tough times of the college. High school has taught me to become an independent thinker and learner. It has also taught to balance my social life and my educational life. I have learned to become a better public speaker and facilitate class discussions and lectures. Clubs have given me a chance to practice my leadership skills. I hope to carry on my skills from high school to college.

The growth of a nurse leader

The growth of a nurse leader.

Description Discuss how participating in change helps a nursing leader grow and mature in their professional practice.

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