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A Journey of Thousand Miles Starts with Single Step grad school essay help Powerpoint

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I have recently learned how true this statement is and started to realize that it applies to just about everything in my life. From college, to getting over the loss of a good friend, to starting new relationships. Ever since I was a little girl I talked about going to college. As I got into high school I started to receive letters and information from different colleges. But the fact that I was actually going to go didn’t hit me until I had to start picking out and narrowing down the college I wanted to go to in my junior year.

Now that I’m entering my second half of my senior year I have to pick out which colleges I apply to and soon will attend. The rest of my life started with the small step of dreaming of going to college. Over the past few years I have lost many close and dear friends. Each time I received the bad news that someone else had passed away the pain I felt was unbearable and like my whole world came crashing down. Time went on and I have learned to accept that no one lives forever and that it was just that persons time to pass on.

I have also learned to think of each persons life as a blessing and that the end is not a horrible thing but just makes us appreciate each person around us more. After losing so many people in a short period of time I became very wary of making new friends. For some reason I thought that if I got to know someone new I would lose someone else. I kept pushing people away, trying to protect myself from feeling more pain. Thankfully over the summer I had a chance to realize that I thought wrong. There were so many people around me that wanted to be my friend and I was losing out.

By the time I got back to school my whole attitude had changed. People that I had pushed away were still willing to be my friend and I accepted them. Now I have some really great friends that are there to help me out whenever I need them. Most important thing I feel though is that they need me. Once I let these people in my life it got a lot happier. By taking one small step you can change your life forever. Whether it be forbetter or for worse you still learn from it. Every decision you make is the first step in your thousand mile journey

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This Discussion will focus your attention on these issues through review and application of the ethical standards from the NCDA, which are dedicated to career counseling.
To Prepare:
Review the NCDA Ethical Standards found in this week’s Learning Resources.
Access the “Career Ethics in Practice: Four Case Studies” located in the Week 4 Learning Resources. Select the case study most closely aligned with your area of specialization. As you review the case study, consider how you as a counselor would ethically work with this client/student, including any multicultural or social change considerations.
Select at least two NCDA standards you think are most relevant to the case, considering how these standards are relevant.

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