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Like many other people I dream to get away from it all for a while and to soothe away stress. I can’t say what type of a holiday-maker I am, because I may feel happy about anything which gives me an opportunity to relax my body, renew my energy and refresh my spirits. Like sun-worshippers I may go on a seaside holiday. I will laze around on the beach in the middle of nowhere, bronzing myself and gazing at the sea. By the way, I don’t need a five-star hotel with luxury accommodation facilities. I only want my hotel to overlook the sea and to be a stone’s throw away from the beach.

There, on the beach, apart from basking under the sun I can indulge in sports activities and, who knows, look for a holiday romance. These watersports enthusiasts look so attractive! Or I may enjoy an adventure holiday, like a true traveller. I will look round the cities, exploring the obvious attractions and taking the best of the local cuisine. If I get tired of places swarming with people I can always find something completely off the beaten track – for example, a chalet in a bijou village or a boarding house providing homely food – and stay there for a weekend

I may even follow the example of home-lovers and stay at home, spending precious time on my own and with people I like and love. The only holiday that doesn’t appeal to me is camping. Pitching a camp is tiring and tents always look as if going to collapse. Besides, sitting round the fire singing songs in a place swarming with mosquitoes doesn’t sound like my scene at all. As you see, my list of holiday must-haves is not very strict. The only thing I really look for in a holiday is something which will make me feel refreshed.

a case analysis written in an essay format. Use APA style. That the paper should be 4 double spaced pages, not counting cover or reference pages. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides. APA recommends using 12 pt. Times New Roman font, A reference page is required, and the proper use of the references throughout the paper s also required. Please use the reading attached to support your perspective. If you quote the reading use this format: example – “Philosophy is wonderful” (Author, 2015, p1). Make sure that you also put the detailed reference in the Reference section. The six (6) bullets listed under “Instruction” must be addressed, but please do not just list question numbers and respond. You should build your responses to these questions in the body of your paper without rehashing the questions. In concise and complete sentences (using essay format), explain your thought process!

Please evaluate the Attached case, “Mandatory Masks and Racial Profiling” and identify the various descriptive claims. At a minimum, you should identify at least two descriptive claims. Then apply the normative claims for each of the descriptive claims selected. As a minimum, there should be at least two normative claims for each descriptive claim. Note that the normative claims may not be stated directly but could be implied. Apply the following ethical theories to each of the appropriate normative claims (one ethical theory per normative claim): 1. Virtue Ethics (living the good life). 2. Utilitarianism (consequentialism ethics). 3. Kantianism (duty-based ethics). In all situations, please define the ethical theory(ies) while applying them to the normative claims. Write from the perspective that the reader is not familiar with the theories being presented. When thinking through each deliberation, make sure that you support your perspective by citing sources (including ethical theories) from our classroom readings (lectures, weekly readings, discussion forums, etc.). Using examples from our class readings to support your perspective will improve your paper. DO NOT USE SOURCES FROM OUTSIDE OF OUR ASSIGNED READINGS. It is recommended that you identify your descriptive and appropriate normative claims with subheadings in your paper. For example, something like this: 1. Descriptive Claim 1 *Normative Claim I *Normative Claim ll 2. Descriptive Claim 2 *Normative Claim I *Normative Claim II I also uploaded the case “Mandatory Masks and Racial Profiling’ that you will be evaluating along with a short youtube clip. And I uploaded 11 different reading material that can be used to help with this essay. Only the Material I uploaded can be used. PLEASE make sure you can access all the attached reading files. PLEASE