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A History of Language and Writing Systems college admissions essay help Writing homework help

An interesting look at the development of systems of writing starting with the Sumerian people.

In this paper the author looks back in time to the origins of writing and notes and shows that there is new archaeological evidence to suggest that the cuneiform system of writing existed even prior to the Sumer. The author then moves on to examine Egyptian forms for writing and various Semitic languages.
From the paper:

?More than 300 clay tablets with a variety of images on them have already been discovered by Dreyer. Among the symbols found on the tablets are scorpions with trees, scorpions with plants, stylized birds, dogs and fish and various other decorative plant-forms?.

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This is an explanatory synthesis essay. This means that your job is to consider how a group of texts (whether these are essays or videos or websites) examine a larger topic. As these texts examine and consider such issues as: transformation, dependence, independence, power/empowerment, community (or family/brotherhood/sisterhood), truth-telling