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Thomas had become the man of the house and grown up. I know this because in the beginning of the story it states that he “I left a pail of milk in the summer kitchen for Ma. ” This was usually done by the man of the house because it involves heavy lifting to be done. Thomas doesn’t like that his father is back because his father is acting like he had never left and was taking over of the role of the man of the house which he was when his father was away.

I know this because in the story Thomas states that “…sitting opposite of me, in the chair I’d sat in for the past four years. b) I think that Thomas’s dad was Thomas’s hero because his dad taught him how the jobs are done. He also thought that because he had found the medals when he was cleaning his father’s bag. He was amazed by the number of medals his father had earned over the years he was at war. I know this because when he found them what he had said was something you would say when you are surprised. c) When Ma says “Some men are just like that? ” I agree with her because I think that when she says the word “that” she means the way he act to others and how it is how he is and they can’t change that about him that.

Writing Question

For this week please choose a particular disease or health behavior which negatively affects at least one or more ethnic or racial groups.
You will then complete the following:
Create a graph comparing your racial or ethnic group(s) to other groups who are not affected as negatively.
Provide at least three possible causes for your chosen health disparity.
Explain how these possible causes could be addressed.