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They are very hard working. We are going to introduce a girl named”Nasima” who is a garment worker. We will go through her lifestyle and special emphasis will be given, the struggle she is facing with her poverty. In Bangladesh almost 70% or 80% workers are young girls. They come from different areas of the country.

It is appropriate time for education when they come to Dhaka or other towns and starts working in different garments factories. They live in severel slum reas and suffer much. Their salary is very poor. In some garments factories they work forom 8 am. to 8 pm. Sowe should realize this inhuman condition of these young girls of the garments industries. The garments workers, who are mostly women, and earns 76% of total foreign exchange,are ill paid and lead substandard life.

These workers genuine problems are often over looked by the employers even after their repeated demands to look into their genuine demands and create an atmosphere so that they can have their minimum wages and other facilities like medical allowance, festival bonuses and others, so that they can put their best efforts to produce quality products and compete with countries like China and India . Mentionable that export of Bangladesh garments products remains still strong, while many countries have gone down.

Unfortunately enough that the owners of many garment factories are yet to wake up to their call calling for unnecessary chaotic condition in the factory which leads to layoff of the factory, destruction of the factory and loss of lives of many who sometimes becomes unruly incurring huge loss of money. To sustain the momentum gained by our garment industries the owners of the garment factories must think seriously and meet their demands which are very negligible to what they themselves earn. And save the industry for the greater interest of the country. The women are deprived too in their new workplace.

She does not know what are her rights at workplace. So she is deprived of her rightful wages, though she exhausts her all life-energy competing with the machine at the factory. They are deprived from other rights of workers and human rights, as they are discriminated as women. These workingwomen are the most deprived section among the deprived class, poorest of the poor. Most of the workers came from the village, could not income paper money in the village. After arrived Dhaka/ cities they could get a chance, at the same time bound to work as without money city life mpossible, can not continue ever one hour. The garments owners take this  change as there is huge number worker available with competitive price. Although they know there are doing more work compare to there salary, but they can not say anything. They work 12-14 hours daily, even for whole night during shipment, despite this violate legislation. They walk down 6-7 km to reach the factory, again walk the same way to return home. They face the danger of insecurity and sexual harassment. They feel helpless in the machine-like environment of the City.

They are compelled to seek shelter in the suburban slum area to maintain their lives with such a meagre income. In spite of such ordeal she dreams of freedom, leading a decent life. The opportunity of work has enabled her to dream. But if that dream is shattered? If they lose job? If the factory closes down? So they accept all exploitation without question. As most of our garment workers are women, they have to carry their small new born child to the factories as there is no one to look after these children at home.

As their no baby care facilities in most of our factories these workers have to face untold sufferings; carrying their children in their lap in severe cold and severe heat during hot season, exposing the children to severe health hazard. Management has to look into this particular problem by making special facilities so that these particular workers have this facility for their uninterrupted routine work in their factories. Many garment workers are poorly-paid. They work in garments for a long time. They even work during the weekend. It is for these workers Bangladesh earns huge foreign currency .

But they can’t get their due salary. The government should look into this matter seriously so that they can get their due wages and other facilities as these sectors accounts for 76% of our total foreign currency. Bangladesh is a small and poor country. It is an over populated country too. There are many people who live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is a very crowded city. Most of the people of Bangladesh live in villages. Many people, especially the women,come to the cities to do a good job to earn money. Most of them work in garments factories. But garments workers’ life is very difficult………

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