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A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms. Paper details   Instructions Reflective Essay Assignment Complete all lessons prior to this assignment. Frederic Henry’s perspective and attitude about war changes drastically in this story by Hemingway. How and why does Henry’s change happen? Write a reflective essay in which you explain Henry’s change in thinking about war and connect this to a personal experience where you underwent a significant change of perspective, how and why this change happened, and how this benefited your life. The essay’s thesis statement and body contents should refer to A Farewell to Arms and clearly state the connection. The conclusion should refer back to A Farewell to Arms too. Note: Henry’s change in perspective about war has nothing to do with Catherine or romance! Thesis statement: Your introduction’s thesis statement must include story title and author (A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway), the controlling ideas of Henry’s change and your change, and why this is important. Do not use announcements such as “In this essay…”. The essay should be 1 typed page in length and include essay structure with an introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. Proofread and edit carefully for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.A Farewell to Arms
What forces have had an effect on increasing health cost over the past 30 years? How is research used to produce effective public health care policies in order to spend public resources wisely? Give one example. Identify your legislators for the state and national level. Please include the name of your state, district numbers for both your state level representatives and senators, as well as those on the national level. To respond to this item, you will have two US senators, one US Congressman, one state senator and one state representative What contexts or factors inform crafting/developing/creating policy? Why should legislators use research evidence in public policymaking? Why are effective programs not always implemented?

Skewness of frequency distribution?

Skewness of frequency distribution?.

Consider the following frequency distribution:Class No.Class BoundariesFrequency18087.5 – 8096.5328096.5 – 8105.5838105.5 – 8114.51048114.5 – 8123.51458123.5 – 8132.515The skewness of the  frequency distribution is   
Skewness of frequency distribution?

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Our first discussion forum focuses on pseudoscience and its effects on our society. Before posting, make sure you’ve read the online lecture on Anthropology and Science, particularly the two external links in the Pseudoscience section. Choose either Question 1 or 2 below. Write a response to the question in the Reply box.
1. Browse the web and find an example of a product that is marketed in a way that you’d consider to be pseudoscience rather than legitimate science. Briefly describe the product (try to provide a link to the website or paste the website into your post so others can refer to it). Then explain why you think it is pseudoscientific, using evidence lfrom the product’s website to support your argument.
2. Do you think pseudoscience is necessarily harmful, or are there instances where it can be harmless or even beneficial to people? What about companies who use pseudoscience in their marketing, particularly claims about health products and services? Should there be more stringent restrictions on this type of advertising, or is it ultimately up to the public to be informed consumers and decide for themselves?
In order to obtain maximum credit, you need to contribute 3 posts, one original post and two responses to other students. Your original post should be at least 150 words long. While there is no minimum length for responses, they should be meaningful and thoughtful. Just writing, “I agree with you,” is not acceptable. You need to explain why and support your argument with evidence.
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Chains of Cocaine Essay

Chains of Cocaine Essay. Introduction Cocaine is mainly a product of coca plant. Consumption of cocaine leads to stimulating the central nervous system. It is also said to be an appetite suppresser. Cocaine is addictive and is hard to break away from the addiction. Its illegality is a major chain. The greatest inducement is the mere believe that cocaine increases energy and productivity but the worst mistake is forgetting the negative effects attached to it. When the addiction of cocaine has occurred, there are chains since it disrupts one from his normal day-to-day activities. Cocaine converts the user to the control of its use hence the freedom to decide and act freely is compromised. The chains of cocaine The most serious thing about cocaine is that the addicted person is not aware of the chains and he will always try to fake normalcy. The overdependence of cocaine results into physiological complications which may take a lifetime to recover. Heart related diseases and respiratory diseases are highly connected to the use of cocaine. The effects of cocaine are classified into two categories: the long term side effects and the short term side effects. The categorization is based on the duration of the drug use (Johnson, 1992). It is worth noting that apart from for medical and research purposes, possession of cocaine, concealing or cultivation of the coca plant with the intention of selling or personal consumption is illegal. Whenever it is possessed for research a license must be obtained from the relevant authorities. The illegality of the said drug creates another chain. Considered highly addictive, cocaine is most used by those who wish to have high performance in their work since it energizes. Athletes are considered the first category of those who intend to have unfair advantage in international arena but that challenge has been sufficiently curbed. The athletes go through a close check before the race starts and those found having taken cocaine are suspended and it can lead to expulsion from the games. The effects of the chains Johnson (1992) asserts that the chains of cocaine come in after addiction whereby a person cannot perform any task without first consuming the product. The brain changes and focus of all his/her life is pegged on the availability of cocaine drug. There are no greater chains on earth like the dependence of a drug for the performance of the day’s duties. For beginners, they will be tempted to think the drug is very vital since it assists in one’s daily duties and the products are seen. Recently the consumption of cocaine has become a ladies issue due to the fashionable ideal among ladies to slim. Models are the perfect example of those that use the drug to slim. This is grounded on the fact that cocaine leads to loss of appetite. The only sad story about taking cocaine to slim is that one may die before they slim. To add on, if one slims then the addiction cannot be ruled out. According to Johnson (1992), facts have clearly shown that consumption of cocaine is dangerous. It is imperative to note that cocaine causes people to be addicted not because it is a strong drug but by the mere fact that it arouses an insatiable desire to take it. Addiction of this drug is very easy but it should be remembered that hallucinations associated with cocaine gradually become more serious resulting to insanity and sometimes death. In the most appropriate terms, the consumption of cocaine is determined as digging of one’s grave. During the initial stages of cocaine use, the one using the drug is seriously depressed and the only way, in his mind set, is it to voluntarily commit suicide to get over depression. The most pathetic part of the drug is the embarrassment of always having a running nose. The effects of cocaine are mostly facilitated by the tolerance of the drug. It creates a mind situation of feeling that life cannot continue without it. Many of its addicts have repeated desires to commit suicide. Behavioral change will always go hand in hard with excess consumption. Behavior changes not noticeable in the first stages of cocaine consumption usually come along at the advanced stages of its use. Such behaviors include stealing and absentmindedness. A cocaine addict normally fights anything standing on their way not to get the drug. If they lack money to purchase the drug they resort to stealing (Johnson 1992). How to cut the chains Johnson (1992) indicates that cocaine has severe long term effects which form part of the cocaine related chains. The long journey to cocaine recovery, or the break away process, starts with having sufficient knowledge of the effects of cocaine. It is upon this basis that one assesses both the benefits and the detriments of the drug and hence leading to a free choice. Cocaine causes massive restriction of arteries causing unusual high heart beat which later translate to heart failure, attack or a dangerous rhythmic change. The brain is not spared either. Cocaine constrains the brains blood vessels. What follows is stroke which can even attack young people who do not have a history of stroke. Cocaine causes lung related problems which are connected to but not restricted to smoking of cocaine. It also causes permanent lung damage paving way to a variety of respiratory diseases. The stomach of a cocaine user runs a risk of getting ulcers which subsequently inflict wounds on the gastrointestinal tract and the intestines causing wounds famously known as ulcers. A grave risk of kidney failure confronts cocaine users every time they use the drug. It is more related to the cocaine users who have high blood pressure. Cocaine, just as mentioned earlier, has an energetic effect mostly to the starters but there is a tendency of cocaine addicts not to finish what they started. This with time breeds sexual malfunction (Johnson 1992) Having deeply explored the effects otherwise considered as the chains of cocaine, a door opens to the next level whereby the submission will try to give deep analysis of how to efficiently break lose from the chains of cocaine. In recent years, institutions for rehabilitation have been established but the greatest and the most celebrated of all methods was the discovery of bacterium known as Cocaine esterase. This bacterium has a natural way of splitting the cocaine in one’s body. Of importance is that the bacterium also counteracts the threats of long time effects of using cocaine (Johnson 1992). All elements of addictiveness are broken down by the bacteria, a very interesting feature of the bacteria. The remaining content of cocaine in the body cannot be of much risk. Cocaine treatment is another method of cutting the chains of cocaine addiction. This process basically requires use of acquired knowledge and trying to stay away from drug. The process is very powerful and important. It is classified into numerous categories. It attends to physical, mental and emotional elements of addiction of cocaine. The beginning step is called medical detoxification which involves treatment to reduce the amount of cocaine toxins from the body. The step requires close and strict supervision by a medical supervisor. It is said to be the hardest step since it requires much sacrifice and the patient has craving for the drug at the same time. The process should take place in a closed environment such that it does not afford the patient a chance to use the drug again (Johnson 1992) During the process of the medical treatment, the patient should be subjected to an environment which restores back the life he used to live before cocaine addiction. Just a few of this include walks and quite environments for meditation. Emotional treatment involves interaction through counseling which brings about free surrounding to the addict so that with time he/she lets go the past. The guidance involves one on one conversation or group conversations which discuss their challenges and their past. Family involvement and support is much needed that time. It gives the addict time when he realizes that the family members are concerned and interested in the new life. The process of treatment requires one to be in a rehabilitation centre to get the maximum attention required (Johnson 1992). Conclusion It is worth appreciating the fact that use of cocaine puts one in many chains and hence to break away from these chains requires commitment by the addict and also support from the family and friends. The process to full recovery is complex and dropping the recovery process can be devastating. It is wise enough to seek preventive measures since the medical treatment is not a sure proof, and if the addict slips away to the cocaine recovering again cannot be guaranteed. The cocaine drug medical treatment does not erase the earlier effects already suffered. List of References Johnson, O. J. (1992). Breaking the chains of cocaine: Black male addiction and Recovery. Illinois: African American Images. Chains of Cocaine Essay

FIN 504 Week 2 Analysis of Fundamentals: Goals

FIN 504 Week 2 Analysis of Fundamentals: Goals. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

OUTLINE To include an insightful analysis, make sure that your information is research based and you cite your sources. The 500 word count is a maximum of words needed. Reference citation required in APA .

Diagram from Assessing Company’s Health Doc
  Step 1:Analysis of Fundamentals: Goal of Tesla Inc
State goal then look into market, competitive technology, regulatory and operating characteristics
Instructor Details:

Research and identify the company’s goals as they have defined and published it.

Then research the market/major competitors, how they use their technology to achieve shareholder wealth maximization and compare to their competitors.

Discuss any regulatory issues that could affect them and discussing the characteristics of their operating environment.

FIN 504 Week 2 Analysis of Fundamentals: Goals