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A Doll’s House: Advantages and Limitations of Dramatic Forms personal essay help essay writing examples

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is a dramatic play that epitomizes the sacrificial role of women, parental and filial obligations, and the unreliability of appearances. The play illustrates the story of the Helmers family, introducing the role and purpose of each character. Moreover the play shows the advantages and limitations of the dramatic form. First and foremost, Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House shows the different advantages of the dramatic forms. These advantages give appeal to its audience.

One f these advantages is the use of social interaction skills. With dramatic plays, one can enhance his/ her ability to interact to others, the way he/ she talks, and the way he/ she deliver his/her lines or part. Another advantage is the language development. The vocabulary is more improved in most dramatic play. Script writers often use words that are easy to understand but in addition, they also include new words that maybe new to the audiences’ hearing. Vocabulary is not the only part that is improved; sentence structuring is as well developed.

In dramatic forms, organization of words is highly different. The third advantage of dramatic forms is the use of symbols. In literature, symbolism is very important. Symbols make the story more understandable for the audience or readers. Symbols are the objects, characters, fgures, or colors used to represent abstract ideas and concepts. Lastly in dramatic forms, fantasy and reality are mixed together. Sometimes fantasy is being turned to reality and on the other hand reality is being turned to fantasy.

However, A Doll’s House doesn’t only show the advantages of the dramatic forms, it also shows its limitations. These limitations sometimes let the audience want for more. Dramatic forms that are not detailed like Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House turn off the audiences’ appetite. Oftentimes plays are being summarized, script writers do not include unnecessary details, and they only write what is needed and appropriate for the play. They do not give the audience the whole picture, hence they let the audience think of heir own conclusion in some part.

In addition, plays have limitations on time. Script writers avoid the audience to get bored, so they avoid long and repetitive scripts. Also plays like this are confusing, since script writers do not give the whole picture to the audience; confusion starts to arise in the middle of the play. Summing up, Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House shows the advantages and limitations of the dramatic forms. Advantages such as language development and use of symbols make dramatic forms ore understandable and interesting.

Therefore, these advantages help the audience to be more comfortable and attached to the story. On the other hand, the play also illustrates the limitation of dramatic forms. It shows how the story can be confusing and mysterious due to the lack of details. Nevertheless, the play is good and easy to understand. The themes are well explained and showed as well as its motifs, and symbolism. A Doll’s House: Advantages and Limitations of Dramatic Forms By i lovefrogs

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