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Hope, a word used all too commonly but not defined very clearly. When someone hopes for something, they wish for it, but they have some idea that their wish might happen. Many things have been accomplished because of hope, people resort to hope when they have nothing else to go to. People hope their mother’s gets better, people hope they get the Job, they hope for many things and do not even realize that they make these things happen. People are hope, they determine the outcome of their wishes most of the time, they Just have to go out and do something.

There are any things that go along with the word hope, most people think of hope as a wish, but this is far away from the actual truth. People might say “l hope everything is fine” or “l hope I get this car”, but for these things to happen, a person needs to do something serious about it. In most cases the person who is hoping for something actually goes and does something to his situation. For example, I hope my brother gets an excellent GPA, so to help the situation I try and tell him at least once a day to work hard, also if he crosses any difficulties he can depend on me.

In many ways such as that where I gave my prime example, it would be one of the ways in which I can influence what I hope would happen. Sometimes things may take a while or they may not even get a chance to have time pass by them, but I am actively trying to always influence the outcome, whether or not everything goes the way I want. A lot of people knew how to use hope in their favor. They had only one choice, and this choice was to take the path of hard work where hope was its fuel that makes it run.

There is no one better to give an example for rather than Oprah Winfrey. In the long days when her mother was absent from the inner city apartment, young Oprah was molested by her male relatives. Her abuse lasted till she was 13 years old. She began her professional life at the age of 17. After hard work in the field of media and entertainment, Oprah Winfrey began a new show called “The Oprah Winfrey Show’; which has captured the hearts of millions in the North American continent and the entire world. The Oprah Winfrey Show had its special theme.

This show helped in employing people and bringing out sensational stories to the viewers so that the eople could learn and gain pure morals from these stories which are real and happen in our daily life. Oprah’s persistent character made the regular citizens voices reach the governments brain so that the government could find a way to solve the citizen’s problems. Oprah also is a native in the field of public and worldwide services. She has contributed with all she had so that she could revive the concept of “hope” in the souls of those who really need it, and that was the secret of Oprah’s success.

Oprah is a true example of hope in the era we are living in. The word hope paints a different picture in every persons mind. A lot of people think of angels and messengers but I think of people working hard and giving effort on something and then depending on the angels and gods will to fall on it. There are also many meanings people think of when the word hope is said like promise, trust, faith etc. People look for hope in times of despair, but in times of despair they also work hard to finish what they were hoping for. That is why the only meaning that best suits the word hope is effort or hard work.

In the end we can finally reach to a point that hope “treasure” of hope. Hope is viewed as the battery for the spirit, but hope is not the hing that gives people this feeling, it is also the people around you and the community that you live in. The people are they who create the sense of “hope” by encouraging you to work hard and give effort in the task you have, or the project you are obliged to do, and even with doing your home work. Hope is also seen as a child because this child will grow up to do things to help others and help spread the right- of-hope, even if it was in a simple or a massive way.

In my opinion, I see that hope is a Holy right that should be available at any time to who deserves it. We live in a world hat was created with laws and orders so that people could have their rights equally. Hope is the golden key that truly opens the gate for a better life. A Detailed Description of the Kipande House By Charity-Nyange Kipande house. It is a colonial architecture building that was built in the early 1900. It was designed by gurdit Singh and was the tallest building in Kenya before city hall was built in 1935. The building has a clock tower that is 65ft high and is a one storey affair.

It is located on Kenyatta avenue opposite GPO, general post office building and currently ouses the Kenya commercial bank KCB as do other colonial style buildings on Kenyatta avenue. It is made of grey building rock with a beautiful hand dressed finish which allows it to have sharp defined edges. It has an arc above the main door and the two windows next to it while other windows are rectangular. The labour for this was provided by slaves in Kenya. Historically, this building as the name suggests was where Kenyans went to get their Identity cards. Culturally, the kipande played a very important role in the Kenyan man’s life and history.

This building that still stands eminds us of our not so pleasant past and sheds light on the progress we have made as a people since independence. There’s no more slavery. For some, however, it reminds them ofa horrible past. In my opinion, the building is beautiful. In its form, I see a use of line that is magnificent. There are curves, arch’s around the door and windows and also as the clock tower begins. From its structure we can see shadows and highlights depending on where the light falls. The colour of the building, grey gives it a sense of age and antiquity. It is unique. Its edges are interesting.

The in and ut placement of the bricks gives it a beautiful finish. My conclusion is that this building was built to last. It has stood for a century and does not wield a single crack. I recommend that architects today design buildings that can stand the test of time. Jommo Kenyatta statue. It is an intricate double life-size, 12ft seated statue of president Jommo Kenyatte in 1969 with every detailed aspect to a birthmark on the presidents face and his trademark peep toe sandals. It was sculpted by James Butler and unveiled in 1973 when the Kenya international conference centre was opened to mark 10 years of independence.

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