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“ I am the greatest!” Four simple words but and great sentence. Most people strive hard to earn the right to say or write these words in honor of his name- including myself. Who would not want to be great? The answer is everyone of us. Yes! I darely believed that not one of us would not want to be equally great as Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci. Some even want to be a superhero like Superman or Spiderman. Another question to be considered is how to become great. You should not worry because I have one good experience that would tell you how to become equal to the greatest.

One good day in my quiet simple life as a young man, I woke up with  vivid smile in my face. My friends were at the kitchen preparing some food for our adventure set on that day. You should have imagined right now how excited I was that time. We were set to invade one of the highest waterfall in our place.  How’s that?  What I am excited about are not the things that are planned to be done but the inevitable consequences that might occur which would go beyond our control. After all, we all wanted adventure.

The place was equally august as expected. The height of the waterfall was recorded at approximately two hundred feet and the depth of the pond that catches the water was too enough to advise to wear lifejacket all the time to ensure our safety. I call the basin of the waterfall a pond. The water was bluer than the sky and green was around. Truly beautiful. A raft was made available for those adventurers who would want to get into the foot of the waterfall where a small cave lies.

The raft was craftily made using bamboo trunks and bigger than big plactic barrels tied by a big rope. The plastic barrels are used to prevent the raft from sinking. The raft can contain as many as thirty people of different weights. Just imagine what kind of fun it could offer. It works going to the foot of the waterfall by pulling a big rope against the current of the water which one end tied inside the small cave and the other end tied at the gigantic trunk of a tree naturally positioned at the opposite side of the pond.

Proper pulling and maneuvering of the raft is the only key to get into the small cave unless a good number of people providing strengths to go against the strong current of water coming from the majestic waterfall. Aside from rafting, rock climbing can also be enjoyed at the place. What is more exciting in rock climbing is when to get to the highest prescribed weight to be climbed is the next thing you are more likely to do…jump! It is just about thirty feet above the surface of the cold water. For a first timer like me, it would be the most breathtaking moment of my life.

I was looking at the grandeur of the setting and felt relaxed. All the tiredness I earned from hiking two kilometers and making four hundred twenty-nine descending steps just to get into the nature’s gift were vanished. My friends feel the same thing. All the good emotions I could afford to find were all there. Little did I know that one of the best experiences is already taking place.

I did not hesitate to try everything and all are worth trying. Fascinating. The best part of the adventure is seeing myself riding the raft with three of my friends. Two of them are girls. I guess you could know how exhaustive it is. I was in front with my guy friend and the two girls were at our back for support. Our goal was to beat the record of five folks who successfully made it to the cave earlier that day. While doing the chore, the girls fell off one after the other from the raft. The current was so powerful that made it very hard for us to do the grip at the big rope. The girls did not give up. They climbed back to the raft and started pulling again.

They are really determined to test their endurance. The tension was all over us. My palms were already pink because of the pressure it exerted against the rope. I agree that pink is better than red whish is the color of the palms of my friends. All of us tried all positions while pulling the rope just to have the maximum force we could ever put to it. Before we decided to reach the small cave, I was just contented pulling the rope against the current just to get through the middle of the pond and when we get there we stop pulling, try to relax by having a safe ride to where we come from by just going with the current. You must take note that getting into the middle of the pond is already fulfilling. Try to think how fulfilling it is to reach the cave. What am I thinking? I convinced my company to try going into the cave. Convincing people is one of my expertise and that was the easiest part. We are doing it.

After so many attempts, I was so desperate and decided to quit. I already accepted that the four of us could not do it. Two of my good friends decided to quit pulling too. Unfortunately, the other girl was still pulling despite seeing sitting down and trying to calm our palm. She fell off from the raft twice, pulled her back and still pulling. She continued doing it without saying a word or even looking at us. I was surprise with her courage and determination and eventually became inspired. The next moment I saw myself pulling again with a stronger grip ignoring the pain in my palm. I gained determination.

The other two did the same and we are back in form. I gazed at her, felt charmed with her splinded smile. A stronger pull, better grip and much cooperation finally made us achieved what we wanted. We reached the small cave. I was so happy but the happiest was my female friend. At the other end of the pond, some people overwhelmingly clapped. I take the clap as a gesture of felicitations and salutations to the four of us who tried and tried and succeeded. After that, we rest ourselves at the comfort of a safe ride.

I sat at the raft smiling. I was still overwhelmed with what we have accomplished. I was thinking deep and realized that the whole experience at the raft carved a life-changing lesson in my heart and soul. When I decide to get into the cave and do something courageous, it taught me that life is indeed taking risk. You can not achieve what you want in life if you refuse to take the risk. When taking risk you should be well-equipped with courage, faith, determination and a little bit of inspiration. My female friend has it all. She inspired us. She is the reason why we reached our goal.

A deeper thinking convinced me that courage, faith, determination and an inspiration are the qualities one must have to maximize his potential and become great. Courage and faith conquer fear in taking risks. Determination, on the other hand, keeps you going despite all disappointments and desperation that you will encounter. Finally, an inspiration would give you the comfort that what you are doing has worth. Life is always mysterious. You need to decipher its mysteries even in simple things like rafting or climbing or just walking. When you are able to understand what life is all about, greatness is within reach of you hand.

 Absolutely, it was a day that never happened before and I doubt if it would happen again. I was glad that when it did, it taught me a lot about life.

Project 3: Texture

For this project, you will create a design consisting primarily of one element of art—the element of texture. Follow these steps in creating your design:
For the surface of your design, use art board, illustration board, or an Adobe Illustrator document.
Your surface or document should measure 16″ x 20″ with a one-inch border around all four sides. To insure your design does not exceed the margins, use artist tape to outline the margins.
You are to create an original composition in which the predominant element is texture.
You should incorporate an effective use of the principles of design, particularly in the areas of asymmetrical balance, focal point, and unity with variety.
Your design should be abstract or nonobjective, not realistic or pictorial. There are three basic types of art: representational, abstract, and nonobjective. Representational art attempts to represent the actual visual qualities of objects or subjects from reality. Abstract art takes objects and subjects from reality and presents them in a different way—simplified, manipulated, or distorted. Nonobjective art is oftentimes mistaken for abstract art. Nonobjective art represents nothing found in the natural world; it is purely conceived for aesthetic reasons. There is no recognizable object.
Feel free to express personal spiritual views in your design.
Keep in mind that this project is not just a collection of textures, but a creative design which incorporates a variety of textures whether actual or implied or both.
You are not limited in the media used. For example, you may use paint, pencil, pastels, marker, paper, digital software, or whatever is necessary to create a successful design with strong visual appeal. The main requirement is for your design to be primarily textural in emphasis.
Once you have completed your project, take two pictures of your design—one with you holding your artwork and one that is a close-up of the artwork itself. Use a good camera to photograph your work. A simple point-and-shoot will suffice. Make sure the images are crisp and clear and taken in good lighting. Your images should be in JPEG format (.jpeg). You will need to submit both images.If you created your design using Adobe Illustrator, save your work as both an Illustrator file (.ai) and a PDF (.pdf). You will need to submit both files.
Texture Design Examples(examples represent similar projects)Texture Design Example 1 Texture Design Example 2 Texture Design Example 3 Texture Design Example 4 Texture Design Example 5 Texture Design Example 6
TipsA texture-rich collage opens up many possibilities for design. The illusion of textures using cross-hatching, rubbings, stamps, stippling, impasto paint, or other mediums can be combined with found objects such as textured papers, metal foils, fabrics, fur, leaves, twigs, or other interesting objects. Collaged items should be securely glued in place. Great solutions for this are scrapbooking or paper craft adhesives, “Modge Podge,” or acrylic medium.