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A Cultural Analysis Of Bram Stokers Dracula English Literature Essay

From the years 1887 through 1901, the British Empire entered a period known as the Victorian Era. This era, which is better known for the enormous prosperity it brought upon the British middle class, was also marked by the increasing concerns in “The Great Social Evil”, a reference to prostitution. These concerns were founded on the idea that women in this era were to remain pure and chaste unless bound to their husbands through marriage. Violating these restrictions would result in the loss of all Victorian virtues and the expulsion from the household. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which coincidently is set in the Victorian Era, a similar pattern emerges due to the presence of a blood-sucking UnDead known as Count Dracula. Stoker’s novel celebrates the paranoia brought upon the Victorian people at the very sound of the word “sex” (Leatherdale 145). The author is ultimately trying to convey the theme that sexually assertive women in the novel are to be destroyed because they compromise men’s self-control in a society that must be dominated by them. Lucy and Mina’s respective transformations into the new women as well as the three vampires encountered by Jonathan Harker in Dracula’s castle all greatly reinforced the theme introduced by Stoker. Lucy Westenra’s character portrayed before and after her encounter with Dracula demonstrates accurately what Stoker intended to bring forth in his novel. The reader is first introduced to Lucy early in the story, and the impression of sexuality is immediately felt. In one of her early letters to Mina, Lucy talks about the many experiences she has had with men, in particular, Arthur Goldaming. She constantly emphasizes her love for him in the letters yet she still mentions other men and how they too have marked her life in a more than positive way. This is very unusual behavior for a woman in the Victorian Era who must typically be docile when it comes to love and sexuality. She continues by whining about how “[they can’t] let a girl marry three men, or as many as [she] want[s]…” (Stoker 50). That statement proves without a doubt that Lucy has many desires she can unfortunately not satisfy because of her social class. When Dracula beings his assault on the innocent Lucy, the latter begins her long descent into vampirism and Van Helsing and his team take full advantage of the situation. “Her admirers and the medical men are obliged to put in what Dracula has taken out – blood” which is traditionally associated to intercourse (Leatherdale 150). Quinsey Morris and Dr. Seward, who had previously declared their love for the poor Lucy, now had the opportunity that only Lord Goldaming could ever dream of, making love to this woman. The same could be applied to Van Helsing “who despite his age retains a keen eye for female beauty” (Leatherdale 150). The four blood transfusions depict exactly how men’s discipline can turn to recklessness in the face of sexuality. Stoker does not stop here. When Lucy’s transformation into the UnDead is successful, her once “erotic presence” becomes “the wanton voluptuousness of male fantasy” (Leatherdale 151). As a matter of fact, during the team’s visit to her tomb, she taunts her lover to “come…come!” which is hardly resisted by Arthur (Stoker 181). Arthur “seemed under a spell” by the “diabolically sweet…tones” given off by the Undead Lucy (Stoker 181). He opened his arms wide to the opportunity of at last fulfilling his sexual desires with Lucy. This obviously left him in a vulnerable position which is certainly unacceptable for a man in the Victorian Era. This left the team with no other choice than to destroy the undead Lucy and bring back the pureness which is essential for a Victorian lady. Arthur had the honors of driving a stake through the new woman’s heart, which can also represent a penis. Arthur thus had the last word on Lucy’s fate, and he brought her back to what truly matters for him, innocence and pureness. This related to the theme proves that sexually assertive women in the novel need to be destroyed because they leave the men vulnerable and this is unacceptable. Contrary to her good friend Lucy, Mina portrays the ideal woman in the Victorian Era. Displaying humbleness and chastity throughout the novel, Mina gets spared from Dracula’s fangs for the first half of the story. As a matter of fact, Mina never speaks of sexuality or desires despite being married to Jonathan. As Van Helsing says, Mina is “one of God’s women…” (Stoker 161).



one (1) of the following CEOs for this assignment: Larry Page (Google), Tony
Hsieh (Zappos), Gary Kelly (Southwest Airlines), Meg Whitman (Hewlett Packard),
Ursula Burns (Xerox), Terri Kelly (W.L. Gore), Ellen Kullman (DuPont), or Bob
McDonald (Procter & Gamble). Use the Internet to investigate the leadership
style and effectiveness of the selected CEO.

a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:

Provide a brief (one [1] paragraph) background of
the CEO.
Analyze the CEO’s leadership style and philosophy,
and how the CEO’s leadership style aligns with the culture.
Examine the CEO’s personal and organizational
Evaluate how the values of the CEO are likely to
influence ethical behavior within the organization.
Determine the CEO’s three (3) greatest strengths and
three (3) greatest weaknesses.
Select the quality that you believe contributes most
to this leader’s success. Support your reasoning.
how communication and collaboration, and power and politics influence
group (i.e., the organization’s) dynamics.
at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites
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UOFM Article Summaries Essay

assignment helper UOFM Article Summaries Essay.

Read the articles: 1) Anthony Abraham Jack’s article “The Hidden Divide” and 2) Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill’s article “Should Everyone Go to College.” Take notes as you read, perhaps writing a single sentence summary of each paragraph. Also note any responses, questions, or reactions you have to the ideas in the articles as you read. These first notes can be valuable to return to as you write your essays in a few weeks.Task:1) Write a one-paragraph (150 words or so) summary for each article. Answering these questions from Reading, Reasoning, and Writing can help guide your work:What calls to action or recommendations for change does the article make?How does the article show the importance of the question or issue raised?What kind of evidence does the article present to earn its conclusions?2) Write a third paragraph that responds briefly but productively to a key idea in each article.
UOFM Article Summaries Essay

Qatar Steel Company’s Environmental Policy Essay

Defined as a set of “context-specific organizational actions and policies that take into account stakeholders’ expectations and the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental performance” (Aguinis and Glavas 933), CSR is a crucial element of any organization’s framework in the global economy. Therefore, making sure that the companies operating in the Qatar environment comply with the basic principles of the concept in question is essential for the economic wellbeing thereof. Since a recent report points to the need to integrate the principles of sustainable use of resources into the framework of the local entrepreneurship (“CSR Qatar 2015” par. 1); operation, the criteria such as the necessity to promote sustainability and a reasonable allocation of resources can be deemed as the basic for the CSR strategies assessment. The necessity to consider the sustainability rates of the projects suggested by the concerned organizations lies in the very definition of CSR. Since the latter involves the promotion of responsibility, in general, including the responsible use of the resources that an organization has at its disposal, CSR can be interpreted as the means of fostering a well-balanced approach to the use of resources in general (“Sustainability Report 2014” par. 1). Apart from the above-mentioned factor, the concept of the Islamic discourse should be viewed as the tool for evaluating the projects that various companies may pitch to the organization to promote the further development of CSR in the area. For the SCR practices used by organizations to be efficient in Qatar, they need to be adjusted to the specifics of the local culture; particularly, the religious philosophy of the local residents needs to be taken into account. For instance, it will be essential to view the issue of sustainability promotion through the lens of hope and optimism, which the Islamic discourse offers (Al-Jayyousi par. 3). Thus, the controversial issue of the effect of entrepreneurship on climate change can be approached and discussed productively. Last but definitely not least, the issue regarding the green economy needs to be considered. As a recent analysis of the Qatar agenda shows, an environmentally friendly policy is crucial for retaining sustainability rates high in the area. Hence, the assessment of the green policy followed by the company in question – or the lack thereof – will have to be viewed as a crucial part of the evaluation of the project that the firm pitches. CSR is an indispensable element of any organization’s functioning, which serves as the tool for promoting the coexistence of an organization and the elements of the local environment. Hence the inclusion of the concepts such as the sustainable use of resources, the green policy of entrepreneurship, and the Islamic discourse as the tool for promoting sustainability in the context of a Muslim community need to be viewed as a necessity After contemplating the rates thereof in the organization in question, one may figure out whether the firm under discussion is going to pose a threat to the economic, financial, societal and environmental wellbeing of the state. Works Cited Aguinis, Herman and Ante Glavas. “What We Know and Don’t Know About Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review and Research Agenda.” Journal of Management, 38.4 (2012): 932–968. Print. Al-Jayyousi, Odeh Rashed 2015, Islamic Discourse on Climate Change. Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More CSR Qatar 2015 2015. Web. Sustainability report 2014. 2015. Web.

Anthropology: Natural Selection and Biological Variation

Anthropology: Natural Selection and Biological Variation.

For the following two questions, please write a minimum of three paragraphs for each question. Each paragraph must be a minimum of 5 sentences. Please answer the following questions in an essay style formatYou’ll notice that each essay question has multiple questions within it – So in other words – it is 3 total paragraphs for question #1 and 3 total paragraphs for question #2Answer the following questions:1. Explain what the processes of natural and sexual selection are. Provide examples. Using natural selection as a model, explain how and why our ancestors became bipedal. Make sure to discuss the different hypotheses and the changing environment. Which hypothesis or combination of hypotheses do you think provide the best explanation? Why?Please make sure to use support from videos and articles.2. What are the differences between “biological variation between modern human populations” and the “cultural concept of race?Please provide examples of each concept. Why would you argue it is important to understand the distinction? Please make sure you define terms. Please provide support.
Anthropology: Natural Selection and Biological Variation