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Commitment and curiosity are not always complementary. Passion and dedication allow me to uphold my obligations easily, but my desire for the unexpected pushes me to seek new experiences. My friends joke that I will be the first to jump out of a plane or trek through remote regions in Africa simply to quench my desire for the unknown and broaden my understanding of the world and my place in it.

My sophomore year, I discovered a scholarship that would allow high school students to take flight classes through the Auburn Aviation Association. My mom nearly had a heart attack when I asked her to sign my application papers and was even more shocked when I won the scholarship. Failing to see the insanity in learning to fly a plane before I had my driver’s license, I attended ground school classes twice a week for four months. I lost myself in such ideas as gyroscopic procession and g-forces, finding the classes even more demanding than my calculus homework. While my scholarship money did not include flight lessons, I was unconcerned about how I would use what I learned. I was simply engaged and impatient to know more.

That same curiosity has driven me to join and lead such clubs as Salsa/Swing, Go Green, Math Circle, and French Club. I have joined the Grant Advisory Board for Youth in my community, volunteered as a camp counselor at the Placer Nature Center, helped construct the first cross country course at my school and volunteered with the Meadow Vista Trails Association. I have recorded a CD of my piano performances and helped organize the local Pioneer Day fun run with my cross country team. Each experience has reminded me of the value of each day. Commitment is imperative, but curiosity allows me to make the most out of life.

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