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A case study examining the relationship between nursing kittens and purring in the domestic cat.

The author of this paper conducts a case study on a mother cat and her nursing kittens to show whether or not the kittens purring is in response to the mothers purr, or in response to the feeding action, or for a different reason. The study was done in order to shed light on an area where little research has been done over the past 30 years.
The kittens’; purring seems to be correlated with the feeding activity. One possible proximate cause for this behavior would be that the feeding motion of the kitten, the sucking motion, causes the kitten’;s vocal area and the blood vessels in the throat to vibrate. This vibration would cause the kitten to purr immediately after beginning to feed. However, this would not explain the continuation of purring behavior after the feeding has stopped.

Addressing Ethical Issues

Addressing Ethical Issues.

Addressing Ethical Issues

Helping professionals often face difficult decisions in their work that may have ethical ramifications. Ethical dilemmas span all areas of your professional practice from confidentiality and privacy to cultural considerations. For this Assignment, you concentrate on cultural considerations that may pose challenges to ethical practice. (Culture is broadly defined here as the behaviors, traditions, and/or beliefs of any subgroup.) Select one of the two case studies below to use for this assignment. After analyzing the case study, consider how you might address the issues present using your professional practice code of ethics. Case Study #1 Nitin and Priya are first-generation Indian-American immigrants, while their 16-year-old son was born and raised in the United States. They were reluctant to engage in treatment, but are doing so at the request of their son, Sujay. In Sujay’s view, his parents are being overly controlling regarding his upcoming choice of college, which is causing increasingly frequent clashes between him and his parents. Sujay wants to attend art school, while his parents want him to attend engineering school. They state that a career in science, religion, law, or medicine is the appropriate path for a person of his caste. Sujay claims that while he wants to please his parents, he feels they are stifling his passion and imposing cultural norms that, to him, are a part of their “world” and not his. You have little knowledge of Indian culture or the caste system and are unsure whether the issue at hand is a matter of controlling parents dealing with a life transition issue or a serious conflict involving social and cultural influences. Case Study #2 Nicole and Julia explain to you that their relationship has felt strained lately and that they fear they are heading for a breakup. The couple explain to you that they have been in a long-term, non-monogamous relationship, but that lately, Nicole has expressed desire to change this practice. Julia feels that Nicole is “changing the rules halfway through the game” and that her sexual relationships with others are of no consequence to how she feels about Nicole. Their current relationship practice conflicts with your own personal opinion about the role of monogamy in relationships, and thus you feel conflicted about how to handle the situation. Identify the case study you chose and describe the ethical issue(s) present in it. Explain how you would address each of these issues. Justify your response using the appropriate professional Code of Ethics.

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