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a case in Law of Tort

(Instructions for the first question:-
In each passenger you have to talk about and give your opinion and then you have to give a case title to be a reference to your answer about each passenger. the passengers ( john, Kevin, and A number of other passengers) and talk about the airline company.
The case;-
1. Emily is an Englishwoman who is vehemently opposed to any requirement to wear masks in order to protect against COVID-19. She boards an aeroplane flying from London to Miami. During the pre-flight safety briefing passengers are informed that the airline requires them to wear masks throughout the flight, but Emily refuses to comply.
After the flight has taken off, the cabin crew become aware that Emily is not wearing a mask. They again tell her that she must do so, but she again refuses. They then tell her that if she will not comply, English law will oblige them to return the flight to London so that she can be off-loaded. She still refuses, and the plane turns round and returns to London.
This inconveniences all the other passengers, In particular, John, who is flying out to Miami to see his brother, who is ill with COVID and is not expected to survive, becomes severely distressed and has to be taken to hospital. Kevin, a businessman, loses the opportunity of a lucrative contract because he is unable to get to the planned meeting with the other party to the proposed contract. A number of other passengers, who were going to Miami on holiday, are very disappointed at missing their holiday. In addition the airline has to reimburse all the other passengers.
The question;-
Do any of these parties have a good claim in tort against Emily? You should assume that when the aircraft finally has to turn round it is still in UK airspace, and that English law applies to all aspects of the case.)
(Instructions for the second question:- You have to give an opinion and put title references for your answer. The caes:-2. Musad is a law student. He has applied for a job with a local law firm, who have, as part of the selection process, sent him a set of legal problem questions and asked him to prepare answers to them, which he will then be expected to discuss in his interview. Musad thinks that it would be a good idea to get some help in preparing these answers, so he goes to see one of his lecturers, Saif, to ask for advice. Saif is an expert in constitutional law, but the problems are all about tort and contract. Saif tells Musad that this is not really his area, but that he is willing to make some suggestions.
Musad uses these suggestions in his interview without making any further attempt to check whether they are right. In fact, these suggestions are all hopelessly wrong. The firm is very unimpressed with Musad’s performance, and he does not get the job.
Does Musad have a claim in tort against Saif?)