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a book, training manual, textbook, or online source that is related to your internship. This manual/resource is meant to

a book, training manual, textbook, or online source that is related to your internship. This manual/resource is meant to be a reference that will help you to better understand your internship work. This manual/resource will be used for your Reflective Analysis of Internship (final paper) in which you compare the manual/resource findings to what you experienced during your internship.

Briefly describe the manual/resource you are planning to use for your final assignment. In this descriiption provide the following:

1. Details about internship placement just a paragraph (where, who is your supervisor, type of work, when you started, likes, dislikes, etc.)

2. Describe manual/resource (who recommended it, why you chose it, authors, title, year, etc.) A Human resource internship

USDA 1890 Scholarship

USDA 1890 Scholarship.

Submit a 500-800 word essay describing: 1) your interest in USDA; 2) how you envision the scholarship will impact you and your future as a public servant, and 3) your experience and perceptions about agriculture, food, and natural resource sciences. your major should be Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition and Wellness. Show an interest with the USDA working as a Food Inspector or a Consumer Safety Officer on the paper.

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Ars Erotica

a book, training manual, textbook, or online source that is related to your internship. This manual/resource is meant to Ars Erotica.

Each essay response should include an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs which build upon each other, and a conclusion. Additionally, it is imperative that you use precise information when supporting your claims and that you draw upon the assigned course readings – remember to always cite your sources. Finally, proofread and edit your responses to ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and fully answers the prompt. Do not plagiarize from the web. We check and if we do discover plagiarism we will report it. Please choose THREE of these ten questions to answer. EACH answer must be at least four comprehensive paragraphs (400 words) but no longer than two pages; include the initial prompt directly above each response. Each page should be double spaced, Times, 12pt. You must use a standard citation methodology (Chicago, MLA, etcetera) to cite your sources. Questions: 1.How does post-porn re-invent the medium of pornography? Describe the ways in which it transforms societal ideas about sexuality, gender, and the erotic. Provide a comprehensive definition of post-porn as stipulated in the course texts that you read. Illustrate your argument with examples you have seen in presentations such as Annie Sprinkle’s lecture, Shine Louis Houston’s and Jiz Lee’s“Crash Pad” Series,and Saul Lopez Garcia’s presentation of La Pocha Nostra’s work to support your answer. If you have already written about Annie Sprinkle and Jiz Lee for the midterm, focus your response on Saul Garcia Lopez and/or the work of other artists discussed in the class. 2. Using course materials covered throughout the quarter as evidence, describe how heterosexual norms have been both maintained and challenged throughout the history of pornography/erotic art. Be sure to reference some of the films we have watched and discuss how “other” sexualities have been created, made visible or even normalized. What is the role of visual representation in the construction of different sexual identities? 3.How does the work of Saul Lopez Garcia and La Pocha Nostra defy conventional understandings of identity? Discuss in reference to Guillermo Gómez-Peña’sessay entitled “Culturas-in-extremis: Performing against the cultural backdrop of the mainstream bizarre” labeled “ethno-techno” in the canvas file under Week 9. How does the written text complement the performance art and how does each act as vehicle for radical political expression by foregrounding the body? 4. What is the definition of “Ars Erotica” and how does this concept challenge older forms of power and incorporate itself into our current era?How is sexual repression exerted in the political realm today as opposed to the past? In what ways have artists, pornographers, and viewers/consumers challenged such repression in the present day context through their production or interaction with the erotic? 5.How has Ars Erotica developed as a genre? Please give an example of an erotic artist notmentioned in class and relate their work to at least two artworks and/or concepts we’ve viewed and discussed in the class. You could consider the difference between mediums, for example, how does an erotic painting differ from an erotic animation posted to Instagram? How have visual representations of the erotic shifted from past to present? What are the similarities and/or differences that you can locate across eras? 6.How do constructed sexual and gender categories and the subsequent policing of these imposed norms benefit the hegemonic state? Reference class materials (lectures, visiting artists, films or readings) to support your argument. 7. How does ecosexuality aim to change methods of environmental activism and encourage our culture to reimagine the Earth as Lover instead of Earth as Mother? Use examples from the Gender/Nature article on Ecosexuality by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. Reference the work of at least two visiting artists to help support your answers. 8.How does Avital Meshi use the cyborg body to push boundaries around sex, technology and gender? Frame your answer by referencing Paul Preciado’s “History of Technosexuality.” 9.Compare Marlon Riggs’ “Tongues Untied” (available at the library) with one of the visiting artist’s work or presentations made in the class to discuss intersectional ways of approaching ars erotica. Include issues of: voice, identity politics and agency via art and film. 10.How has the representation of sexual organs been politicized and/or aestheticized throughout this course? In what ways do artistic representations of vaginas, penises and/or hybrid visions of the anatomical defy or hew to the pornographic? Provide three examples drawn from the class and discuss.

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Market Trends: Catching Consumer Attention

Market Trends: Catching Consumer Attention.

Market Trends: write one page about : Catching Consumer Attention → moving away from newspaper ads, and magazine ads, people watch less TV and skip commercials Include: Statistics about how traditional forms of marketing (TV, magazines, newspaper) are declining because social media advertising is better and blog posts are more common now too write 2nd page about: People are shopping differently → targeted shopping examples to include and discuss: People are using Like to Know it and INstagram Buy now feature and Pinterest buy now feature to shop Twitter posts…almost 40% of people have purchased a product as a result of an influencer tweet People are browsing less and are more influenced by cookies/ads on the internet based on their own internet history People buy things because of a blog review or because of an instagram post Percentages of people influenced by all of these things

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The just deserts model of justice.

The just deserts model of justice..

What is the just deserts model of corrections? Explain the pros and cons of this model. How did it lead to an increased use of imprisonment and to prison overcrowding? What are prison subcultures, and how do they influence prison life? How do they develop, and what purpose do they serve? use references and any citation needed. such as ch 13 and 14 of Schmalleger, criminal justice today 15th edition

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