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8.2 Assignment: Final Research Proposal on (immigrants experiencing Isolation)

8.2 Assignment: Final Research Proposal on (immigrants experiencing Isolation). Paper details Break the paper down in the order below for the research proposal: Identifying your social work problem; Writing your statement of the problem; Writing your purpose of the study; Writing your significance of the study; Structuring your literature review; Writing your literature review; Writing your research problem (AKA problem statement); and Developing your research question and hypothesis Complete this assignment as a Word document using APA guidelines (this is the case for all assignments); Your final paper will need to be a minimum of 15 pages (this does not count the title and reference pages); Make sure that your final paper has a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed references (websites and books will not count toward this total) 8.2 Assignment: Final Research Proposal on (immigrants experiencing Isolation)
test of winning in the workplace. I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

This course will probably be a bit different from the other courses you are taking. Typically, high school courses cover subject areas—math, science, language, social studies, etc. All of the subjects you study are important, and they will help prepare you for a career. Winning in the Workplace takes that idea a step further and discusses what you will actually encounter when you get out in the “real world” and FIND a career.
This course will provide an overview of the entire employment experience from start to finish—from beginning the search for a job through retirement! This sounds like a lot, but the course is set up in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. You will begin by evaluating yourself and getting some ideas about what kinds of jobs you might like. You will then learn about ways to find jobs, as well as how to apply effectively. The course will explain the issues, situations, and concerns that new workers face. It will also discuss ways to manage the money that you earn as an employee, and, finally, you will learn about ways to begin planning for retirement. (Of course retirement is a long way off, but keep in mind that the earlier you begin planning, the sooner you will be able to retire, and the more you will be able to enjoy it.)
The overall purpose of Winning in the Workplace is to show you what it is like to have a job. The idea of starting a new position may make you a bit nervous. After all, there are many steps you must go through—applying, going to an interview, meeting new people from different age groups and backgrounds, and learning new tasks. As you study these experiences, you should realize that you can handle all of them. The activities in this course should help you build confidence so that when you are ready to start a job, you will know that you have what it takes to succeed.

Winning in the Workplace has five units:
test of winning in the workplace

Negotiation Strategies Cases. I’m studying and need help with a Business question to help me learn.

This work will be labor intentsive, please do not accept if you will not supply quality work.
*** Please follow each instruction carefully. Each module should have a minimum of 5 references, including the required reference listed for each case. In end there will be 4 separte papers with proper ABA formatting. DO NOT COMBINE INTO ONE*** I have attached the minimal required refences but a WORD DOCS of the assignments. If you have any questions I will be happy to assist
Negotiation Strategies Cases

University of Phoenix Week 3 Handling Ethical Decisions Discussion.

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Wk 3 Discussion – Handling Ethical Decisions [due Thurs]Discussion TopicPost a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member. Due ThursdayRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: What is the role of a health care manager when facing an ethical decision?How would you handle an ethical conflict?Due MondayPost 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional.
University of Phoenix Week 3 Handling Ethical Decisions Discussion

Herzing University Online Artifact of Pop Culture and The Role of Media Paper

Herzing University Online Artifact of Pop Culture and The Role of Media Paper.

I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

We have seen throughout this course how popular culture influences our attitudes, both positively and negatively. In this final paper, you will examine an artifact in pop culture to determine its message and effect.For this assignment, select an artifact that, in your opinion, unfairly creates a negative bias or promotes a negative stereotype about one population of society. The pop culture artifact can be a media source (song, movie, television program), a product or other tangible associated with pop culture. Provide a link to this artifact (or an image). Explain why you have selected this artifact, and why you feel that this creates a negative bias. Describe how you would re-design or re-write the script of this artifact to change the way others would view this population.In your paper:Provide a specific link to pop culture artifact used for this paper or an image of the artifact. Discuss the artifact in depth. Explain the stereotypes or biases that you see being perpetuated in the artifact. Discuss the role of popular culture in communicating harmful or incorrect stereotypes or biases. Using the concepts, terminology, and ideas within Units 1-7, recommendations for how people can identify and correct views that are incorrect or harmful.Re-design or re-write this artifact to change the way others could view this population without the negative bias. Be sure to support this revised artifact with factual examples of the culture.Specifications: Submit a 1200-1500 word essay addressing the questions above. In your essay:Be sure to structure your essay with an introduction paragraph that includes a thesis statement, well-organized supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion that reiterates the main points of your argument.Your argument should be supported by reputable research cited in APA format both in the body of the paper and in your references section.Helpful Resources:Herzing University’s Tutoring and Writing CenterGrammar checker and writing help: (Links to an external site.)Use the Herzing LIbrary to search for scholarly research sources.
Herzing University Online Artifact of Pop Culture and The Role of Media Paper

Chapter 3 Settling on Structure Shaping Flash Nonfiction Analysis Essay

best essay writers Chapter 3 Settling on Structure Shaping Flash Nonfiction Analysis Essay.

Flash Nonfiction: “Settling on Structure” (3 chapters); “The Singular Moment” (3 chapters)—pp. 113-156Each of the chapters you’ve read for this week has a section subtitled “A Flash Nonfiction Exercise” or “A Flash Nonfiction Prompt.” Choose one of these exercises/prompts as a jumping-off point for a flash nonfiction essay of no more than 500 words. This should not be a first draft but instead should be the culmination of a number of drafts as you craft the best essay you can by the due date. You will receive feedback on this draft from me and from other students in the class. Do the best job you can on it so that our feedback helps you further hone your writing. If you turn in a crappy draft that you haven’t spent time on, and we just tell you things you already know and would have changed if you’d taken the time to revise, then the feedback portion of the course is of little use. Write the author and chapter title of the exercise/prompt you chose in italics at the end of the essay. 500 word only
Chapter 3 Settling on Structure Shaping Flash Nonfiction Analysis Essay

Merrill Lynch Company in Japan Essay

Merrill Lynch Company in Japan Essay. Challenges are unexceptional in the field of business. Therefore, it is not surprising to meet and overcome challenges for skilled managers in global businesses (Mirabile, 2007). It is through these challenges that managers create a strong foundation for their business. Merrill Lynch Japan Securities is a company that has faced many challenges during its development. In a bid to explore these challenges in the global businesses, I will evaluate Merrill lynch challenges and review the participation made by the host government toward the company. Merrill Lynch was operated by a young (less than 60 years) lady from America according to this case. Legally, CEOs should have an age of at least 60 years in Japan (Mirabile, 2007). Additionally, there exists a cultural stigma that these CEOs should be men. Consequently, the age and gender of the CEO had a critical aspect that altered the normal functioning of managerial operations in Japan. Probably, the people were not willing to accept the new cultures arising from the American CEO. There are other aspects that arose with their geographic origin. For instance, there was an issue due to the pronunciation of words when speaking to the natives and blames related to the failure. This factor generated a lack of trust and customer ignorance leading to low income and high losses. The Japanese were reluctant to expose personal information on financial status. Lastly, other companies copied their products after months of research and development and offered them at lower prices than the executors. The case reveals that the Japanese government has a responsibility to set roles that regulate the operations of foreign investors — successful business assists to develop the country’s economy. Consequently, the government monitored the income of the company to prevent it from exploiting the citizens. For instance, the government could not allow the citizens to share this company after making a loss of 100 billion yen. Additionally, the government evaluated the company and granted access to invest in the country. We cannot, also, forget to appreciate the protection that the government provides to the company against product execution. In this way, the company can retain ownership of the products made. Also, Merrill had ownership of the client since the government had a state that refuted ownership of clients by the salesperson. Operational and strategic challenges that the company faced were related mainly to the customer. There was a need for trust and acceptance from the community. However, gaining this required implementation of long term commitment. Also, Merrill Lynch was not able to communicate with other global private businesses across the globe. This was brought about by the failure of language fluency from employees to global businesses. Management of a lady was unique in Japan and required endurance to overcome the attitudes portrayed by the Japanese. Finally, the shifting of customers from the previous systems was tough. For instance, Bird and Wong (2006) described that Yamaichi customers were not able to prefer Merrill Lynch even after hiring Yamaichi brokers. In conclusion, these are some of the challenges that global businesses encounter in their operations. The rise of Merrill Lynch into an established company was due to strong and effective managerial strategies that motivated workers and increased productivity. We cannot, therefore, assume the fact that challenges are the tools of creating a company’s foundation. Therefore, fighting tirelessly and straining to overcome an issue in the management of the global business has to lead to the rise of Merrill Lynch efficiently. References Bird, W.,Merrill Lynch Company in Japan Essay

An Analysis of the Clinical Decision Support System MYCIN

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp With technology becoming such a prominent factor throughout the healthcare field, it is important that these technologies and systems are able to supply users with both the confidence and reliability needed when it comes to the information that is being generated from them. These systems that are designed not only need to analyze and sort through the information that is programmed into them, but also need to have the capacity to store all of this knowledge, as well as, supply the user with accurate information as to how it has arrived at its final decision. From the start of the development of these clinical decision support systems (CDSS), the capability to deliver the requirements expected of them is what gives each individual system the success needed to either advance to the commercial market or remain limited in its use throughout the industry. MYCIN is an example of a system that did in fact display successes, however, was never able to branch out commercially. This report will take a closer look at the successes of the MYCIN system, along with the reasons why it could not advance to the next level. MYCIN was first introduced into the field in the 1970s and was a system that aimed to diagnosis and give suggestions of treatment for patients who appeared to have a blood/bacterial infection (Copeland, 2008). In order to understand the qualities that led to MYCIN’s success, it is first important to understand how exactly the system was structured. By utilizing production rules and primarily a backward-chaining approach, MYCIN was able to access information contained in both its inference engine and knowledge base in order to generate probable patient outcomes to then be considered by healthcare providers (Buchanan