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6.4 Module 6 Discussion Forum

6.4 Module 6 Discussion Forum. Paper details 1. Review both videos below. Make sure your computer is using Google Chrome or Fire Fox. Make sure your volume is “on” on your computer and the video. If you need closed captions, simply click on the “CC” link. These are very short videos. You may need access to the internet. 2. Do you think we need to abolish our two party (Republican – Democrat) party system in favor of a more diverse system with various parties? Do you think this would create more chaos? 3. What ideas do you have on a different system that will more effectively represent all of the citizens of America and not just the wealthy, more powerful or the majority? You will answer all of the questions indicated above. Please develop your answers by explaining and describing the who, when, what, why, where and how of your response. Provide substance by including examples and references to your text and outside articles. Do not forget your citations for all sources used. You should write one page. Module 6 Discussion Forum
The concept of biological species defines species as populations that can interbreed and are isolated from other species reproductively, thus making different groups that are unable to interbreed with such other species. Mayr also defines biological species as “a reproductively cohesive assemblage of populations” (222). One species can be separated from another geographically, for example. It should be however noted that species differ not only in the areas of their habitation but also in behavior (different mating rituals and processes), genes (differences in chromosomes), physiology (body mass, shapes of genitalia, etc.) that isolate them from each other (or, in return, make interbreeding more likely/possible). Thus, species that have similar physical features, mating rituals, genes, and behaviors (like the dog and the wolf or the tiger and the lion) can interbreed, and their offspring are usually fertile (wolfdogs and ligers are the examples of such interbreeding). At the same time, the species that differ in these characteristics or features too drastically are rarely able to interbreed and have fertile offspring, if any offspring at all (for example, cats and bears). Another prominent example of such interbreeding that does occur but leads to sterile offspring is the mule. The mule is an offspring of the horse and the donkey, and while these species do have a common ancestor, their differing number of chromosomes (64 in horses versus 62 in donkeys) does not allow them to have fertile offspring. The mule is sterile and has 63 chromosomes (Yilmaz et al. 450). Thus, differences in behavior, genes, and physiology often define whether species can interbreed or not. Paleospecies are “species defined from fossil evidence, often covering a long time span” (Jurmain et al. 107). Scientists can observe the reproductive behavior of different species that are modern and not extinct, but it is impossible for those species that are researched only through their remaining fossils (i.e., those that are extinct for a long period of time). When fossil groups are studied, the variations between them are specifically taken into consideration. It is critical to understand whether these variations are intraspecific (differences seen in every biological species) or interspecific (differences between reproductively isolated groups) (Jurmain et al. 107). If we had fossil remains of the wolf and the dog and tried to understand whether these species were different or the same, we would compare the variation between these fossil samples to those present within species of closely related forms (Jurmain et al. 107). If these differences were comparable, we would not split the species. Thus the wolf and the dog would be probably perceived as one species. It should be noted that the differences between paleospecies are complicated to study because these groups differ not only spatially but also through time. Thus, variations seen in paleospecies often make the distinction between species more difficult exactly due to this separation by thousands or millions of years. The ability of researchers to make distinctions between species (or refrain from making any) depends on the quality and number of fossils that remained from a species (or a group of those). As biologists understand that boundaries between species might be vague or too unclear to identify correctly, it is also possible that the wolf and the dog would be seen as distinct species rather than one. It is likely that their fossils would be compared to other (“modern”) species to understand whether the biological variations of the dog and the wolf indicate that the sample should be split into two different species. Thus, our ability to understand the difference between paleospecies also relies on our understanding of modern species. Works Cited Jurmain, Robert, et al. Essentials of Physical Anthropology. Cengage, 2017. Mayr, Ernst. “A Local Flora and the Biological Species Concept.” American Journal of Botany, vol. 79, no. 2, 1992, pp. 222-238. Yilmaz, Orhan, et al. “Phenotypic Characteristics of Turkish Mules.” International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, vol. 14, no. 1, 2012, pp. 450-452. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More
Which sentence is written in passive voice?.

As I said these words I busied myself among the pile of bones of which I have before spoken.
It seemed to have been constructed for no especial use within itself…
“But I must first render you all the little attentions in my power.”

Which sentence is written in passive voice?

“Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold Literature Critique Essay

“Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold Literature Critique Essay. Analyzing the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold, one can say that the images of sound and sight play a significant role in making the poem more effective and bright. The hero of the poem is a young man who stays on the balcony looking out at the sea. The critics are unanimous in the fact that since the poem was written during the honeymoon of the author, he may be talking to his own fiancée. Obviously, this poem contains romantic mood. In this context, the images of sound and sight help the author express the feelings in a more emotional way, making the poem bright, live and moving. The first line of the poem creates a picture of the nature around the man: “The sea is calm to-night” (Arnold 582). This image of sound helps the readers feel the sea which is calm and peaceful at night and comprehend the man who invites his woman to join him looking at this amazing picture with moon and stars. The same as man wants to share his views with woman, the author wants to share them with the readers. The image of sound makes the picture of nature deeper since the readers can not only see, but also hear this poem. They can imagine the quiet rustle of the waves and trees. Besides, they can taste the sweet air and the salty sea. There is no need to talk; the author asks the readers: “Listen! You hear the grating roar of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling, at their return, up the high strand…” (Arnold 582). They hear repeatedly crash of waves being involved in this eternal natural process that never stops. And, obviously, the readers can hear the waves that go forth and back making quiet noise. However, Arnold wants to show not only the picture of the sea in its nature, but also its figurative meaning as the eternal movement with the “note of sadness in” (Arnold 582). The researchers emphasize that “phonetic intensives are speech sounds which in themselves suggest meaning, when such attributable meaning is related to the sense of the words in which they occur” (Walcutt 18). Thus, Arnold shows not only the struggle of the hero, but also indicates the essence of light and dark. The author demonstrates that everything can change drastically and rapidly. The movement of things cannot be stopped. This allusion of small moving light is seen in the image of gleaming stars which are passing by. The image of sight emphasizes the romantic relationship between two people. The readers can see the room and the woman on bed. However, it is eveident that the author does not pay too much attention to the description of the room or the environment. The most important and vital image is the one of the sea. The author wants to describe the nature and the place of humans in this world. The visual image of this poem is dedicated to nature, see, moon and stars. The author wants the readers to feel the harmony with nature and forget about any problems, at least for some time. Suddenly, the scene changes, and the hero sees the sea as “turbid ebb and flow of human misery” (Arnold 582). The hero claims that love should be true and sincere, as it is only one place where people can find peace and harmony. Arnold sees the world as a place of contradictions. On the one hand, there is beauty of the nature and love. However, on the other hand, there is misery and defeat. The end of the poem seems sad, because the author underlines that without his love the world will be painful with no peace and remedy. Although everything seems perfect and peaceful, the reality can be cruel and the things can be changed quickly. In this case, Ciardi says that “love, on the other hand, tries to image a land of dreams and certitude” (196). The images which Arnold uses in the poem are very effective in regards to describing love and relationships. One can see the different reflections of the hero, admiration, fear of lost as well as the fear to live suffering. Therefore, every image in this poem is used in order to make the picture deeper and describe the spiritual image of love more vivid and colorful. By means of using the images of sound and sight, the poem represents a dramatic monologue of the author. Changes of the sound and sight emphasize the emotional transformation of the man who is afraid to lose his love and live in the world of misery. Arnold mixes sound and sight, describing the eternal meanings, broad views, deepest emotions and fears. The poem makes clear that the hero is an integral part of this picture, not just a witness. Similar to the waves in the sea, the emotions are changeable, so peaceful and quite world can be destroyed in a trice Works Cited Arnold, Mattew. “Dover Beach.” Literature and Writing Process. 9 th ed. 2011. Ed. Elizabeth Mc. Mahon and Susan X. Day. US: Pearson Education Inc. Print. Ciardi, John. How Does A Poem Mean? Boston: Houghton, 1975. Print. Walcutt, Charles C. The Explicator. Chicago: Quadrangle, 1968. Print. “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold Literature Critique Essay

Aveda Institute New York Microbial Paper and Study Design Presentation

assignment helper Aveda Institute New York Microbial Paper and Study Design Presentation.

I’m working on a biology writing question and need support to help me study.

2. The objective for this assignment is to write a summary of the gut microbiome paper that is suitable for a lay audience (aka people who are not scientists). To do this, summarize the most important elements of(a) study design (5 pts),(b) main findings (5 pts), and(c) biological importance (5 pts) presented in the assigned manuscript using no more than 3 – 4 sentences. Use your own words.and the other assigment is to write summer about it,, when u accept the question i will download the description for oit
Aveda Institute New York Microbial Paper and Study Design Presentation

Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the discussing Coenzymes or vitamins structure and analysis. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Discussing Coenzymes or vitamins structure and analysis,The report is on Coenzymes/vitamins:,In your paper, you will discuss the following:, 1.      Firstly, the structure of the coenzyme or vitamin.  How does this structure enable a biochemical pathway?,2.     Secondly, chemical and physical properties of the chemical including the molecular and structural formula and the family of molecules of which this coenzyme is derived from or vitamin transition into.,3.     Thirdly, the reason why this substance is of interest to the scientific community and why it is being researched.,4.     Fourthly, research results that have shown the importance of these chemicals in human diets, and what diseases may be  associated with the deficit of these chemicals. Investigate both positive and negative results of chemical usage.,5.     Discuss the methodology of the research (tissue cultures, bioassays, animal studies, etc.),All information must be cited and you are to submit a reference page with your report.  Remember that what is not original to you, MUST be cited.  If there are no citations, it will cost you 5 points off your grade.   The format and also rubrics are as follows:,Discussing Coenzymes or vitamins structure and analysis,Title page — 5 points, Description of biochemical pathway involved in producing the molecule– 20 points,What is the molecular formula of the coenyme/vitamin– 20 points, The signs and symptoms of the disease associated with vitamin or ,coenzyme deficiency, — 20 points, what has been learned about the importance of the coenzyme/vitamin by scientists as a specific research of interest –20 points, putting information into your own words and also citing information accurately –10 points, reference page — 5 points, The 100 will be equivalent to the 10 points.  Any points off will be translate in a fraction of the 10 points.  Example -20 points will give a grade of 8.  A perfect paper will be 10.,In your paper, you will discuss the following:,6.      The structure of the coenzyme or vitamin.  How does this structure enable a biochemical pathway?,7.     Chemical and physical properties of the chemical including the molecular and also structural formula and the family of molecules of which this coenzyme is derived from or vitamin transition into.,8.     The reason why this substance is of interest to the scientific community and why it is being research.,9.     Additionally, research results that have shown the importance of these chemicals in human diets, and what diseases may be associated with the deficit of these chemicals.  Investigate both positive and negative results of chemical usage.,10.  Lastly, discuss the methodology of the research (tissue cultures, bioassays, animal studies, etc.),Attachments,Click Here To Download,Mathematics homework help

Just to edit the sales marketing letter

Just to edit the sales marketing letter.

the feedback i provided by instructor you have to edit according to the given feedback. I have mentioned that bellow:You can make a up a name and address here. You want to personalize this.Run on sentence. Good start though. Try to punctuate.Try to use bolding tactics to highlight your business nameMake sure you leave space between paragraphs.Some nice examples of persuasive writing. Good job. This just needs to be cleaned up for grammar and style. Make sure you go over this with your group.
Just to edit the sales marketing letter

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