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6-2 Reflection: Societal Development

Describe how the developments changed society’s understanding. How is the development applicable outside of the social sciences? This assignment can be completed through a “micro-presentation” format (1 to 2 slides) or a short-answer response (1 to 2 paragraphs). If you are choosing to submit your final reflection as a presentation, please complete the micro-presentation for this assignment (a presentation with 1 to 2slides and accompanying notes). You may use a presentation platform of your choice (Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) to complete this assignment. For moreinformation on accessing and using either PowerPoint or Prezi, view the Project 3 Supporting Resources document. If you are choosing to submit your final reflection as a short paper, please complete the short-answer response for this assignment (a written response of 1 to 2paragraphs). Both assignments will be graded using the same criteria.

Financial Analysis and Valuation (FIN103) Assignment 3: Company valuation and investment recommendations

Financial Analysis and Valuation (FIN103) Assignment 3: Company valuation and investment recommendations.

Background information

    For this assignment you are required to evaluate the quality of JB HiFi’s (JBH’s) earnings, calculate and analyse market performance ratios related to JBH, and prepare a report in which you are required to provide an investment recommendation for JBH.

    For the purposes of your analysis and discussion for questions 1, 2 and 4, ignore post balance date events at JBH (i.e. post 30 June 2017 events). In other words, your responses to questions 1, 2 and 4 should be based on JBH’s performance up to 30 June 2017. However, for Question 3, do not ignore any dividends that were declared post 30 June 2017 that relate to JBH’s financial year ended 30 June 2017.

    Show all workings for any ratio calculations in your answers. Your workings and answers should be rounded (unless otherwise stated in a question) to the same extent that JBH has rounded amounts in its 2017 Financial Statements. For example, JBH’s total assets of $2,452.3 million as at 30 June 2017 would be shown in the assignment as $2,452.3 million.

    Consistent with Assignment 2, assume that the only significant items in FY2017 were as follows:

          transaction fees and implementation costs of $22.4 million pre-tax ($15.7 million post tax) associated with the acquisition of The Good Guys

          goodwill and fixed asset impairment charges relating to JBH New Zealand of $15.8 million pre-tax ($11.1 million post-tax).

    Assume that the current market price (CMP) for JBH at 30 June 2017 is $23.37.

    Assume that the FY 2017 price/earnings ratio for the ASX Consumer Discretionary sector is 12.8 times (x), while the FY2017 dividend yield for this sector is 4.1%. 

Question  SEQ Question * ARABIC 1       Quality of earnings (12 marks | Word limit: 500 words)

LO3: Calculate a company’s working capital, profitability and market performance ratios using its annual report.

LO4: Assess the company’s performance using the results of the financial ratios calculated to make an investment recommendation.

(a)       Evaluate JBH’s quality of earnings with reference to the trend in earnings results (at the earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) level as disclosed in JBH’s 2017 Annual Report) over the past five years; the occurrence of significant items in FY17; and the nature of its earnings base. Then provide an overall conclusion about JBH’s earnings quality. (7 marks)

(b)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 effective tax rate to the nearest whole percentage and provide a brief assessment of JBH’s effective tax rate. (3 marks)

(c)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 financial gearing profitability ratio ($m) to one (1) decimal place and provide an evaluation of this ratio. (2 marks)



Question  SEQ Question * ARABIC 2       Earnings per share and price/earnings ratio (12 marks | Word limit: 300 words)

LO3: Calculate a company’s working capital, profitability and market performance ratios using its annual report.

LO4: Assess the company’s performance using the results of the financial ratios calculated to make an investment recommendation.

(a)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 earnings per share (cents) to one (1) decimal place. Ex‑issue prices must be calculated to two (2) decimal places and dilution factors must be calculated to four (4) decimal places. Show all your workings for the calculation of ex-issue prices and dilution factors.

             Note: Refer to the ‘Background information’ for additional information. (8 marks)

(b)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 price/earnings ratio (PER) at the current market price (provided in the ‘Background information’) to one (1) decimal place. (1 mark)


(c)       Explain how PER can be used to value JBH. (3 marks)


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Write about Unilever and one of its subsidiary.

6-2 Reflection: Societal Development Write about Unilever and one of its subsidiary..


This a structured report on Unilever and one of its subsidiary. The paper requires you to take BREXIT, MICRO, AND MACRO factors into account and analyse its portfolio. Present factual data and analysis. The assignment brief is uploaded below, it explains the details

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Australian Literature

Australian Literature.

Research Essay

2000 words



‘It is necessary to understand/ That a poet may not exist…’ (Ern Malley, ‘Sybilline’)

Offer an essay that explores issues of subjectivity, perspective and the limits of the self in at least five poems set for study. Is it helpful to argue that these poems demonstrate a particularly Australian sense of poetic personhood?

You must answer using 5 poems from those set for study within the Puncher and Wattmann Anthology.


TEXTBOOK: Leonard, J. (ed) (2009) The Puncher and Wattman Anthology of Australian Poetry, Puncher and Wattman





1.John Shaw Neilson

2. Lesbia Harford

3. Kenneth Slessor

4.Robert D. Fitzgerald

5.AD Hope

One poem from each poet within the Anthology book.



This assignment is designed to test and develop a student’s critical understanding and discussion of literary texts. It also examines your ability to frame an argument and place your thinking within broader theoretical approaches. This requires deep familiarity with the texts, and skills in textual analysis.

This task aligns with the subject’s learning objectives of:

Have an introduction to the major lines of development in Australian prose and poetry from 1788 to the 1990s.

Be able to place the literature in its social, political and cultural context.

Be aware of the relationship between reader and text in the creation of literary meaning.

Have continued the development and refinement of their literary competence through a reading of selected Australian works.

NB: it is ok to use another recognised system of referencing (e.g. MLA) in each of the assessment tasks in this subject


Marking criteria

The assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:

Addressing/answering the question (outcomes 2,3,4)

Clarity and sophistication of essay thesis and argument (outcomes 1,2,3,4)

Depth of reading of primary texts and reflection on them (outcomes 1,2,3,4)

Quality and clarity of writing in all parts (outcome 4)

Adherence to referencing protocols: Your essay will include a full bibliography of all works cited and relied upon. You automatically lose marks in any essay if this is not included. (outcome 4)

Similarly, your essay should be proof-read for grammar, and spell-checked: marks will be deducted for errors of this kind (outcome 4)



HD: 85-100

DI: 75-84

CR: 65-74

PS: 50-64

FL: 0-49

Address to question


The question is intelligently addressed and answered throughout


The question is well addressed and the essay stays mostly on track


The question is either addressed and not always sustained or not addressed clearly, but still covered fairly well


General response so that the area is covered


Simple address to question


Partially addresses the question


Essay is off-topic


Clarity and sophistication of essay thesis and argument


Exceptional thesis clarity and sophistication


Clarity and sophistication are achieved with small errors/ lapses


Clarity and sophistication are achieved with some errors/ lapses


Clarity and are sometimes achieved, or achieved with noticeable errors/ lapses


Significantly unclear and/or unsophisticated


Depth of reading primary material

Always in-depth knowledge of texts


Mostly in-depth knowledge of texts


Knowledge of texts is mostly evident but may need further clarification or detail


Knowledge of texts is sound but sometimes requires more depth


Unsatisfactory knowledge of texts


Referencing and secondary sources


Judicious and extremely intelligent choices, excellently integrated and used. Perfect referencing


Strong choices well integrated and used. Referencing well done but may have small errors


Good choices fairly we integrated. Referencing is competent with some errors


Some secondary material of varying levels of applicability. Referencing is satisfactory with some errors


No secondary sources. Inappropriate secondary sources. Unsatisfactory referencing


Writing quality and clarity


High quality writing and clarity (always stylish, incisive, precise, engaging)


Writing quality is sound and very clear throughout (mostly stylish, incisive, precise, engaging)


Writing and clarity are sound and expression competent (sometimes stylish, incisive, precise engaging)


Writing and clarity are usually sound but may have awkward moments (may have stylish, incisive, precise or engaging moments)


Unsatisfactory writing, very unclear with grammatical errors or errors of expression





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Designer Babies

Designer Babies.


What are designer babies. How are they made. Pros of making designer babies including specific genetic disorders that could be avoided. Cons, including ethical issues. My view which is against based on my religious beliefs. Double spaced, APA format, 3-5 pages, at least 3 sources.

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Health Promotion Across life the life Span

Health Promotion Across life the life Span.

Create a 5 slide power point presentation including Speaker’s Notes that discusses the following: Access your State’s environmental agency’s website by via this EPA link 1. What are some leading environmental health-risk factors in your State 2. Which environmental health risk do you believe has the greatest impact on health promotion throughout the lifespan in your community? 3. Locate your local county government website and public health website. What information and resources are available regarding environmental health risks? 4. Based on the discussion presented in the Larsson article, do you believe your community has an effective environmental health policy? Be sure to include a cover and reference slide, speaker’s notes and ensure that material is bulleted and well presented. Please use appropriate graphics. Text should be limited to about 5-10 words per line. In other words, there shouldn’t be content copied and pasted directly onto the slide. Speaker’s notes need to complement the material on the slide and read in the manner you would present your findings to the class.

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