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5 months ago I start working on postpartum/ mother-baby unit and now I want to apply for a lactation

5 months ago I start working on postpartum/ mother-baby unit and now I want to apply for a lactation counseling program. I need to write a short paragraph why I want to become a lactation amd why I want my hospital to pay the tuition that cost $625.

Economic Relationships – Circular Flow Diagram

Part One: Choose
Identify an economic issue that is important in your community. You may choose to talk to your instructors and members of your family.
You may choose an issue from the list below.
Economic Policy Topics
Water scarcity
Sustainable development
Climate change
Animal overpopulation
Air pollution
Energy conservation
Water pollution
Resource stripping
Hazardous waste
Chemical safety
Population/food supply
Noise pollution
Part Two: ResearchLearn more about how this issue affects your community. You may choose to contact a local leader such as a member of your city or county council or representative from a related citizen interest group. Consult an online phone book or community website for contact information. Use the Research Chart to document your data, take notes, and track your sources of information.
Part Three: ConstructConstruct a circular-flow diagram for a business or industry in your community. Diagram the flow of goods, services, and money from your chosen industry to the various sectors of the local and world economy.
For example, a factory in your community creates jobs and products. The income to the households creates spending in the economy as people consume products, invest, and pay taxes to the government.
Use the Research Chart to document how this business or activities affect the various sectors of the local and world economy.

Food and Beverage Planner: Catered Event

5 months ago I start working on postpartum/ mother-baby unit and now I want to apply for a lactation For your final project, you are budgeting for a catered event. Use the Food Preparation Cycle; make charts of what you are purchasing and the cost of the items. Describe where items will be stored and Issuing. Make a chart of your cooking and preparing. Describe how you will prepare for your service staff. How and when things will be served. Time process of how and when each course will be served. Then describe cleaning and consumption. Remember it is about budgeting, costs, and staying under budget so you make a profit. You decide on your budget, how much profit you want to make. You are feeding 10 people. Have fun with it. Describe in detail the atmosphere, what if it was a Hawaiian Luau, A Beach Party at a resort, or a wedding reception, etc?
Food and Beverage Services come only after preparing what is to be served. Most food and beverage service businesses operate in the following cycle −

The upper half depicts food preparation related functions, whereas the lower half depicts food and beverage service to customers.
Each one should contain at least one page of content and some will require a chart. You should have a Title page, no less than 6 pages of content and charts, citations throughout the Food and Beverage Catered event, and a reference page. Please use APA format; 12 point font;

Microbiology Question

I need an expert in microbiology to help me out with some questions.
Here are the topics:
Survey of microbes
Classification of bacteria
Lab methods
Cell structure
Growth and metabolism
Killing bacteria
Microbial genetic
Classification of microbes
Molecular diagnostic
Fungal infection
Protozoal infections

How have Norse gods been represented in popular visual culture?

How have Norse gods been represented in popular visual culture?.

Answer the following questions in at least three paragraphs 1. How have Norse gods been represented in popular visual culture? Consider representations of Odin, Loki, Thor, and Hela. Given the playfulness of their representations in the tales from the Prose and Poetic Edas, should we view these gods in the same vein as contemporary superheroes? Why or why not? 2. Review the documentary we watched on the market for African ritual masks (African Art- The Market of Masks – 2015). Rene David is, perhaps, the central character of this documentary. Is his collection of masks, and the decisions he makes about displaying this collection, problematic? Is his collection unethical? Why? [note: we aren’t looking for gut reactions here – we are interested in answers that address the complexity of the above issues in a post-colonial world] ( 3. How are issues of faith and doubt represented in That Dragon, Cancer? In your informed opinion, is this effective art that can move an audience regardless of their status as insiders or outsiders, believers or atheists (or agnostics), practitioners or abstainers? Is That Dragon, Cancer religious propaganda aimed at proselytizing and conversion? Why or why not? (

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Psychology Question

Discuss the different methods (at least 2) for identifying preferred stimuli as positive reinforcements. Use behavior-analytic terms, discuss the differences and similarities (if any), and provide examples. Use minimum (2) peer-reviewed articles to support your ideas. Must use APA Style, minimum 1 page double spaced.

Engineering Question

Write a Research paper on the emerging technologies.
This is a required assignment, worth 150 points, and must be submitted by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted.
Details on the Paper: Professional Paper on Emerging Technologies.pdf Professional Paper on Emerging Technologies.pdf – Alternative FormatsWhen references and citations are included, you must apply and use the basic citation styles of APA. Use in-text citation and list the reference on your supporting source following APA’s style and formatting.
Do not copy and paste information or concepts from the Internet and claim it as your work. It will be considered Plagiarism and you will receive zero for your work.
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cultural constructs and sustainability

cultural constructs and sustainability.

 Pick an ESEM (Earth System Engineer and Management) principle and write a one page essay on it applying it to cultural constructs and sustainability. – Good Content and Analysis (Well researched and shows command of topic and includes discussion about ESEM principles covered in course; Strong topic sentence.) – Good Technical Compliance with Requirement (Is within range of 375 to 425 words with 1.5 line spacing; It is not hard to interpret the meaning of statements because of poor grammar; Has been proof read and does not have distracting typos and misspellings; Paper has both APA format in-text and bibliographic citations, and at least 1 reference that add depth to the content and analysis (i.e. do not source the dictionary).).

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Organizational Behavior

Imagine that you are hired to manage an underperforming department of a business. Upon assessing day to day operations for a period of time, you observe that there appears to be a good deal of confusion in the department. The problems run the gamut from unmotivated employees to those who either don’t know what they should be doing or don’t know how to do their job. Suggest a plan of correction to improve the department’s outcomes.

Critically evaluate the role played by Buddhism in the cultural exchange between India and China

Critically evaluate the role played by Buddhism in the cultural exchange between India and China.

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Suggested references:

Bagchi, Prabodh Chandra, Bangwei Wang, and Tansen Sen. 2011. India and China: Interactions through Buddhism and Diplomacy: A Collection of Essays by Professor Prabodh Chandra Bagchi. New York; London: Anthem Press India.

Kieschnick, John. 2003. The Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Material Culture. Oxford; Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Kieschnick, John, and Meir Shahar. 2014. India in the Chinese Imagination. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Liu, Xinru. 1988. Ancient India and Ancient China: Trade and Religious Exchanges, AD 1�600. Delhi; Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Sen, Tansen. 2001. �In Search of Longevity and Good Karma: Chinese Diplomatic Missions to Middle India in the Seventh Century.� Journal of World History 12.1: 1�28.

Sen, Tansen. 2003. Buddhism, Diplomacy, and Trade: The Realignment of Sino-Indian Relations, 600�1400. Asian Interactions and Comparisons. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Press.

Sen, Tansen. 2012. �The Spread of Buddhism to China: A Re-Examination of the Buddhist Interactions between Ancient India and China.� China Report 48.1�2: 11�27.

Sen, Tansen, and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre. 2014. Buddhism Across Asia: Networks of Material, Intellectual and Cultural Exchange. New Delhi; Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.

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Bay gardens St. Lucia resort

Please introduce this company based on the following instructions. Please be specific using international marketing terms such as types of laws that will differ based on the home country of this company and etc.
Introduction and Rationale -Introduce the company, service and or product to the reader and give a rationale as to why this product will succeed in a foreign location.