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[4-7 minutes or 12-18 slides]- Create a PowerPoint/Prezi/Google Slides presentation; produce a video or iMovie; or record a speech given by you on a political topic of your choice; or conduct an interview with a person/persons working in a related field. Audio Presentation [4-7 minutes]– Create a podcast; discuss a collection of poetry; review a series of music related to political activism; or compare musical genres of different periods as they relate to social and political movements. Creative Project/Presentation [Project 1-2 page summary]- Design a creative piece/project to showcase your research, such as a poster, artwork, poetry, music, comic book, storybook, lesson plans, etc. Be creative! Make this a useful project for your career interests, your major, or your portfolio. Written Presentation [10-14 pages; 12-point font; double-spaced] – Complete a research paper on a political issue of your choice and that addresses each of the prompts listed

HOW RACISM AFFECT POLICE BRUTALITY. FINAL PROJECT (200 points) Topic is How racism affect police brutality Project Description: To understand the development of critical issues in the National Government, it is important to recognize and appreciate the historical context in which they were derived. To truly understand the complexity of issues facing our society, one must explore history’s role and influence when addressing modern challenges. This project is designed to encourage reflective thought and deliberate action regarding important issues facing society today and evaluate how those issues have developed over time. — Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this project, students will: examine an important issue relating to the study of the National Government. evaluate the historical development of the issue within society. compare and contrast how the issue has affected society in the past and how it impacts society today. propose ways in which students can take immediate action to address the issue now and in the future. create a presentation to share their findings. — Instructions Choose an important issue and explain how it relates to a topic in National Government. Some examples include topics/issues that address the following: ● Protection of civil liberties (examples may include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, rights of the accused, or right to privacy) ● Guarantee of civil rights (examples may include discussions of racial profiling, gender discrimination, marriage equality, immigration, the struggle for equity and inclusion, or protections for people with disabilities) ● Advancement of social justice (examples may include expanding access to education, eliminating poverty, preventing discrimination, protecting voting rights, protesting inequality and injustice, or defending the environment) ● Promotion of civic engagement (examples may include encouraging voter registration, engaging in volunteerism, participating in community service, or taking political action) — Locate ten articles and/or records on an issue of historical significance and current importance as related to that topic. Using the archival evidence you have gathered, evaluate the historical development of the issue and how it affected society then, and compare and contrast how it affects the society today. Finally, consider how this issue can/should be addressed in the future by offering your own thought and recommendations. — PROJECT TEMPLATE (Key Questions to Consider): Please use the attached template/outline below to format your project. Be sure to address each of the questions. Key questions have been posed for this assignment. In completing your project, you must address what your research says about the past, present, and future. Thus, each project should contain three main sections (historical focus, modern focus, course focus) A. Historical Focus A-1. How does this issue relate to the study of the National Government? A-2. What are the historical roots of the topic/issue? How did the issue develop over time? A-3. What individuals, organizations, and issues played a role in its historical development? A-4. How was it influenced by the social, political, and economic environment of the time? B. Contemporary Focus B-1. Why is this issue important today? B-2. How does this issue currently impact you, your family, or your community? B-3. What individuals, organizations, and issues currently play a role in this issue? B-4. Has the issue changed over time? If so, how? If not, why not? C. Future Focus C-1. Why is this issue important for the future? C-2. How might this issue impact you, your family, or your community in the future? C-3. What individuals or organizations should take the lead on this issue in the future? Why? C-4. What actions can be taken to address the issue now and in the future? D. List of References