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3-4 page paper

3-4 page paper.

INSTRUCTIONSFor this assessment, consider that you recently applied, and were selected, for a promotion to an executive level position in your organization. The organization’s HR department conducts management training sessions periodically as needed for employees recently promoted into senior manager or executive level positions. The organization’s HR team places a high value on leadership skills and emphasizes that as part of the management training sessions. You and other new senior managers are scheduled to attend one of those training sessions. In preparation, each attendee was asked to analyze and write a short paper about leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders. During the management training session, the papers written by participants will be distributed and reviewed.PREPARATIONTo complete this assessment:Select a leader you admire from a for-profit or nonprofit organization you know well. This should be an organization you have a positive perception of, such as an organization for which you might someday aspire to be a leader. Examine and reflect on your chosen leader’s leadership styles and characteristics as defined in the multimedia piece.REQUIREMENTSAnalyze the leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders. In your analysis, address the following:Briefly describe the organization of the leader you selected and the type of products or service it provides. You should briefly include additional key organizational information, such as size, years in operation, location, and reputation.Evaluate the leadership styles and characteristics of the leader whom you admire. In your evaluation, explain how these leadership styles and characteristics can determine effective leadership.Compare and evaluate your own leadership styles and characteristics to those of the leader you admire, and identify what is necessary for effective leadership.Evaluate how environmental and societal factors such as politics and innovation might influence your approach to leadership at this organization. How might these and other factors affect the way you lead? Would there be differences in your leadership style if this were a different type of organization?Evaluate how economic conditions might influence your leadership style. Would your leadership style change during the time of a strong economy? Would your leadership style change during the time of a declining economy? Would your leadership style change if you were leading an organization through different maturation phases (including start-up, growth, and establishment)?Formatting: APA Style, when using a direct quote make sure to use quotation marks followed by in-text citation. The same with paraphrasing. 3-4 pages in length.
3-4 page paper

Titan Company Limited Analysis Case Study. Executive Summary Titan is a ball manufacturing company found in Sydney, Australia. The company was established in 1960. Initially, the company was contracted to make high-class balls for huge corporations based in the country. Therefore, the company had no department for marketing. However, in 2010, the company got its first contract to supply soccer balls to the Australian premier league. The company is planning to open a sales office in Perth. This makes the sales function a necessity. The company will serve a geographical area covering the city of Perth and its surrounding. The targeted market will include schools, sports clubs, premier leagues, and individual consumers. The company is expected to increase sales substantially over the next year. Sales are projected at around $450000 in the first year. The gross margin is expected to be over 60 percent. Introduction Company’s Overview Titan is a sports ball manufacturing company located in Sydney, Australia. The company was established in the1960. Initially, the company was contracted to make high-class balls for huge corporations based in the country. Therefore, the company had no department for marketing. However, in 2010, the company got its first contract to supply soccer balls to the Australian premier league. Given the growing demand for the company’s products and the opening of a new sales office in Perth, the marketing department became necessary. The company had recognized the significance of marketing strategies in the overall success of the organization. Marketing strategy is a process by which companies can maximize great opportunities to enhance sales and attain sustainable competitive advantage using the available scarce resources (KotlerTitan Company Limited Analysis Case Study
6 pages, double spaced..

Question 1:Read Case 8-3 in your book and tell me the major facts and arguments in that case. What did the
Four Seasons do wrong? Research the law and tell me what a hotel in Nevada must do to avail
itself of “limited liability” in connection with a guest’s property. What monetary limitation
applies in Nevada if a hotel follows the law completely? There is something unusual about
Nevada’s law…tell me what it is.
Question 2:
There are three types of “bailments.” Describe them in detail and give me an example of such a
bailment (you may not use an example from the book). Specifically describe when a bailor has
“liability” for each type of “bailment.” What kinds of bailments have you been involved in over
the past year (surely you can describe two or three).
Question 3:
What is the difference between an “invitee” and a “guest?” How does one become a “guest” and
what rights does a “guest” have that “invitees” do not? What is the difference between a “guest”
and a “tenant?” How does one become a “tenant” and what rights does a “tenant” have that
“guests” do not? What steps would a hotel have to go through to “evict” 1) an invitee? 2) a
guest? 3) a tenant?
6 pages, double spaced.

2202-BE-1325-025-Intro biomedical engineering. I’m studying for my Engineering class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1. What’s your definition of bioengineering/biomedical engineering? Use your own words to describe it.
2. List 5 biomedical engineering products that were not discussed in class.
3. Why do you choose biomedical engineering? Which subdisciplines are you most interested in and why?
4. If hydrogen bonds are much weaker than covalent bonds, why do you think they are used to hold biomolecules together?
5.What are the four basic types of biomolecules? Draw the basic structure of them.
6. (1) A phosphate buffer system H2PO4- ⇌ HPO42- + H+ is used to create a condition of pH6.3. In this system, which molecule is the acid?
(2) If the equilibrium constant for the acid dissociation is KA and pKA (-log Ka) =7.0, what is the ratio of [HPO42-] to [H2PO4−] in this buffer system? Please show your calculation.
2202-BE-1325-025-Intro biomedical engineering

Computer science

Many organizations store all documents, such as medical records, engineering data, and patents, as digital files.  identify commercial software products that support this form of data storage.  Examine the differences between these products and more traditional data storage approaches.  Concentrate on efficient use of storage space, internal data representation, and methods of data search and retrieval.  What unique capabilities are possible with image-based storage and retrieval?  What additional costs and hardware capabilities are required?  Examine sites such as,, and

Flexible Working Hours for Staff at Language Department Report

assignment helper Introduction This is the end year report about creating of a better and a happier environment for our staff submitted by the Language Department Manager to the GM at the end of the year. From our department, these are the proposals we saw necessary regarding our staff situation. This was necessitated by the fact that our staff lack of punctuality despite those who are caught coming late being fined and being given warning letters. How did we come up with this idea? It is the situation of our staff that forced us to look into their welfare and to know the main reason they were not performing as expected. This was so much reflected on the performance of the students which was going down. We therefore conducted our performance valuation through students and realized that the teacher were not attending to the students queries and needs as required. Objectives The objectives of our research was to look into the factors that hinders our staff from operating effectively and thereby to ensure that the have a happier and enabling environment for them to serve optimally. From the enquiry observation and the attendant sheet we were able to obtain the information about the challenges our staffs goes through. They are in line with what people are going through now all over the world that is the challenge to balance time and career. The finding were very important to us as it enable us help our staff to be more effective in all that they will do by implementing flexible working hour because they will be able to balance their time well. I believe that this will enable them to always endeavor to deliver and do their best and in the process the school general performance will improve. This scheme is effective because there are other institution which have implemented the scheme effectively and more so a collage like Aston University (Aston University (2008). Flexible working hours. So this gives me the confidence that our institution can implement it effectively. Discussion In most cases flexible working hours scheme have a period during the day when employees must be present which is known as “core time” but can arrange their own working pattern during the flexible periods. The staff are generally free to start and stop work during these defined periods provided their approximate times of arrival and departure are accepted to their manager ( flexible times) and are in need to ensure that sections are covered during normal working hours. It is during this moment that the staff may subject to the needs of the department or section. There are two bandwidths system available in flexible working schemes as cited in the Aston University (2008). Flexible working scheme. These systems can not be mixed nor can the two options operate simultaneously in a department. But each department may operate on its own. On implementing this scheme we are likely to meet the following challenges; absence during maternity leave of which the manager of a given department should arrange for cover up, cases of illness of which the staff should be encouraged to se the doctor during the flexible time or in a serious case the manager should make the necessary arrangement for the students to be attended to promptly or organize for a cover up. To deal with the issue of tracking time one has worked the Department can borrow a leaf from Aston University system of using computerized time recording system or the time card and take the appropriate disciplinary action on those who don’t abide. The average home work not only saves a substantial amount on pollution by not driving to work but they also perform with an average of 15%extra productivity. Worth approximately (₤6000 a year). (Aston University, 2008). Advantages Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It enables parents to attend to their children appropriately. It helps in the environmental management by avoiding air pollution. Helps in establishing stable family by minimizing the work pressure the employees undergo at work place. It helps in improving the productivity of the staff as indicated in the report above. It gives employee a choice over the actual time they want to work. Disadvantages It involves an extra expenditure in implementation. The organization can incur loses incase one of the staff fails to adhere to the regulations. Recommendations I would recommend that we implement the flexible work hour scheme. This is because its advantages override the disadvantages. This system enables the employees to manage their time at work and with the family appropriately. To implement this scheme, the manager and the staff representative should go for a meeting where they will design the format they want to use. During the implementation there should be a set period of time of a maximum six months whereby the staff can evaluate whether to carry on with it or to withdraw depending on ones programs. To implement this project, I would propose that we use the Aston University sample as cited on (Aston University, 2008). This is because it is an organization like ours and is using the same scheme successfully. Conclusion Flexible working hour program is a good scheme to deal with the staff because it creates an enabling environment for them and enables them to budget their time to attend to other needs appropriately. This enhances their performance and therefore a greater output. Good output from our staff will enable our students achieve a lot which is what we want. And therefore since it works for others, I believe it is a high time we implement it too. Reference Aston University (2008): Flexible working hours. Web. Dex, S.

Central Michigan University Digital Darwinism about Sears Presentation

Central Michigan University Digital Darwinism about Sears Presentation.

Open your Digital Darwinism presentation from earlier in the course.Given that your strategic evaluation toolbox is more robust, it is time to add more depth to your analysis.You will add a minimum of three (3) slides to this presentation, likely more. These will address the following specific elements:How has the overall situation changed for this company, if at all?Perform a thorough and detailed Five-Forces Analysis for this companyFor each of the five forces identify:The level of the threat (high, medium, or low)A specific example of that threatA strategy for how that threat can be mitigatedThis may require more than one slideAn additional method for how the company can save themselves from the fate that is Digital Darwinism
Central Michigan University Digital Darwinism about Sears Presentation

Define critical thinking and evidence-based practice. Discuss what critical thinking in nursing practice entails and explain why it is

Define critical thinking and evidence-based practice. Discuss what critical thinking in nursing practice entails and explain why it is important. Discuss the role of critical thinking and evidence-based practice as they relate to patient outcomes. must cite 2 references