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2nd version – Writer’s Choice

2nd version – Writer’s Choice. Paper details In a total of 400 words explain the following: *please use simple English. 1. Explain why the control function is important for managers, and where can the value of the function be seen? 2. Discuss how feedforward, concurrent, and feedback controls can each be used by managers to control workplace violence.2nd version – Writer’s Choice
Navigate to the “My Next Move” website and take the O*NET Interest Profiler quiz. The O*NET Interest Profiler quiz is based on Holland’s Theory of Career Choice. Holland’s Theory notes that the personality traits of an individual are consistent with career choice and career satisfaction. Write a paper (1,000-1,250 words) about your quiz results. Include the following in your paper and a heading for each requirement: Document the names and scores of your Holland Code (Referred to online as the Interest Profiler Results) Based on the results, list three different careers offered as potential matches for you (each should be at a different job zone/educational level) Identify the education required, potential outlook of the career, theoretical salary, and other information connected to the career Provide your opinion of how useful the website was, how easy it was to use, how well the site connected you to careers you would actually be interested in Discuss when, why and how you may use this site when providing career counseling with clients Describe the difficulties that could be encountered if a chosen career did not include the characteristics of your Holland Code? Discuss how mental wellness impacts career choice and how career choice impacts mental wellness At least three references from the O*Net site. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. You are allowed to use first person as appropriate in this assignment.
Los Angeles Pierce College The Watchmaker & Paleys Teleological Argument Discussion.

(1) After reviewing this week’s material, share as a blog entry a video clip or an image that reflects Paley’s Design Argument from Analogy. Do not choose media that explains the theory. That is YOUR job. (2) Briefly explain why you chose that particular clip in reference to the reading. (3) Identify the key elements of comparison in Paley’s analogy between a watch and the universe. (4) Explain one of Hume’s criticisms of the design argument. (Hume’s position is represented by Cleanthes.) (5) Discuss why or why not this criticism strong enough to counter Paley’s argument?*Please number all responses**Be sure to embed the clip or image, rather than posting as an attachment.*- It suggests to read the book, pages 59-74 of Great Philosophical Arguments for a more detailed explanation of the argument and critical analysis by David Hume. – I have the notes needed for the week
Los Angeles Pierce College The Watchmaker & Paleys Teleological Argument Discussion

China is ranked as the third largest global economy after Japan and USA with an economy of $3.4 trillion in 2007 (Miller para. 5). Its current great economy can be linked to its adoption of strategic economic reform policies in late 1970s. These reforms were aimed at enhancing rural income and incentives, decrease central planning, promote experiments and business dependence. This approach for realizing these aims was referred as socialism. With the introduction of these reforms, the local peasant Chinese farmers were now at liberty to trade their farm produce in a free market. Similarly at the grassroots level, the municipalities and provinces were free to invest in industries they regarded as more profitable. This promoted them to invest in light manufacturing industry (Making It para. 4). This move was aimed at enhancing industrialization in the country and it succeeded to shift Chinese economy from agricultural based to light industry which was mainly for export. The adoption of light industry that required little capital to invest in was a very appropriate move of the Chinese. This is because the Chinese were able to use the income they received from their new venture to reinvest into more advanced technologies that were more rewarding and required higher capitals China economy is associated with very high level of investment over the years. Its entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 was an important step in enhancing its economic growth to its current status. This is because it was able to expand its market niche by sharing in the foreign market and also being exposed to the global competition that required it to strategize its products very strategically to compete well in this stiff and very susceptible market (Laurenceson 3). In early 1990s the China manufacturing industry was only limited to assembly of low quality products. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Due to the stiff competition that China predicted to face after joining global market in late 1990s it shifted its production from developing labor-intensive export oriented industries to high tech industries that were capital intensive. Therefore apart from the existence of a great output from the textile industries, china output now constitutes a great production of electronics goods such as mobile phones, automobiles and electric circuits. The success of Chinese economy is closely related to its firm commitment to socialism and globalization. This is well demonstrated by the high contribution of the non public sectors that accounts up to 60% of the total GPD and more than 70% of urban and town employment (Miller para. 6). China has adversely employed the strategy of opening up to the outside world through opening up borders, coastal and inland areas. This has enabled it to bring in large capitals, talent and technology through globalization to countries where it is doing business. China economy is also greatly supported by its commitment to reinforce both local and global market and nurture intellectual property by actively enforcing intellectual property rights. This has greatly promoted innovations in China greatly which has enabled its products and services sell well in the global market. In the process of promoting innovation, China has adapted a National Programme for Medium and Long Term Scientific and Technological Development. This programme have outlined 16 projects among them the development and adoption of nuclear energy, development and use of superior numerically regulated machines and development of very superior electronics devices (Laurenceson 4). In addition the developments of new form of energies that are environmental friendly are also key issues. For instance china is the 2nd largest consumer of oil after USA. This has greatly impacted negatively on the environment. This has triggered the government to shift its effort to develop alternative source of energies such as wind and solar energies that are environmental friendly. In its effort to develop these energies China invested US$ 34.6 billion on them. China predicts to produce about 700 million metric tons of renewable energies by 2010 and moreover to cut its carbon emission greatly by 2010. This will be facilitated by its success in completing its carbon capture and storage plant by then. We will write a custom Essay on The Global Economy: China specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although china enjoys one of the best economies in the world, it faces a number of challenges among the; High pollution, low household income, susceptible rural economy and low level of urbanization. This can be overcome by the Chinese government adapting environmental friendly sources of energies. The government should also increase the urban and rural remunerations in order to boost household income. Furthermore the government should encourage people to embrace new technologies and China can be considered as a country that have achieved a lot since 1970s after the adoption of the reform and opening policy. This is because it has been successful in maintain a Gross Domestic Product Growth of 10% since then. In addition, it has been able to reduce poverty by 75% for a period of nearly 20 years. Moreover, the Chinese government has also been instrumental in the quest for enhanced economic development in the country by way of embracing such policies as would necessitate the attainment of this goal. Works Cited Laurenceson, James. The globalization of China’s financial sector: policies, consequences, and lessons. Web. Making It. China’s stunning economic rise. 2010. Web. Miller, Don. China now the world’s no. 3 economy, supplanting Germany. 2009. Web.

Research report about the founding fathers of America

Research report about the founding fathers of America. Paper details Write at least 150 words a research report about the founding fathers of America. Cite your sources. Here are some questions to help you research: Who were the founding fathers? Why were they called the founding fathers? What impact do their actions have in America today? Research report about the founding fathers of America

Hist149B American Indian Movement (1968-1973)

essay writing service free Hist149B American Indian Movement (1968-1973).

What were the goals, challenges, and achievements of
the American Indian Movement (AIM) between 1968 and 1973? Please respond directly to this
question, make a clear thesis statement, cite Calloway, Smith, and Warrior as well as the PBS episode
“Wounded Knee.” Use at least fifteen footnotes. Papers should be no more than six pages long,
including a cover sheet with your paper titled, your name, the date, and History 149A. Your paper
should be in Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins all around. Footnotes should be
single-spaced. Do not submit your paper in PDF format.Must use only these sources:Colin G. Calloway, First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History
(Bedford/St. Martin’s, 6th edition, 2018), 704 pages. We will focus only on the second half of this
textbook in this course. Note: This book can be rented from Chaat Smith and Robert Warrior, Like A Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz
to Wounded Knee (New Press, 1997), 297 text pages.“We Shall Remain,” multi-part 2009 PBS documentary: Part 5, “Wounded Knee”
(These are available online via YouTube)
Hist149B American Indian Movement (1968-1973)

Critical Analysis of a Current Health Initiative Essay

Abstract: The development of African countries and more particularly South Africa, has led to some diseases that are hard to treat and they affect a large number of people in the population. More specifically, cardiovascular disease has taken hold and is increasing its effect on the people, especially those of middle and lower social class. This is a new trend, as previously, the disease was thought to be mostly affecting the higher classes, due to their inactivity. This was mostly the case but presently, people of middle class, who are starting to hold higher positions and are able to move up the social ladder are influenced, as they get higher paid jobs and allow themselves more time without exercise and more fattening lifestyle. Another reason is that the necessary equipment to diagnose and treat the disease is not available. This brings people back to the lower classes, as well as to the poorest conditions and slums. The cycle seems to drag people in, even though there has been some international attention in the recent years. The paper will focus on the issues in more details. Healthcare, governmental involvement, new techniques that are used to identify and treat the illness, as well as any help from other countries will be looked at. With the governments increased involvement and the disease becoming an important issue for the country, some results are seen but they are not very reassuring. The rehabilitation has been shown to have great results but only 15-20 per cent of the population are “eligible private cardiac patients” (Perk, 2007). These people get referred to the services but there is another problem that arises. There are often schemes and impossible requirements, as well as treatments that are imposed. People are fooled in their treatment and end up giving money away and not receiving the benefits. Also, some companies do not have the ability to provide the medical assistance, as the people sent to them require more staff and special equipment, which they do not have. This shows that there is a significant disorganization with the healthcare system and the country must change its practices and processes. At the same time, the government is trying to educate people on the preventative measure for cardiovascular disease. The population is reminded to lead a healthy lifestyle, to eat healthy, exercise plenty and avoid stress. The key figures of the disease are affected by people abusing tobacco products, being obese due to overeating and consuming fattening products, having a mix of other disorders, such as diabetes and high blood cholesterol. The statistics show that in year 2010, 0.56 per cent of people were affected, in 2011, 0.98 per cent and in 2012, 1.02 per cent (Rao, 2012). Such a steady and rapid increase in the disease is closely tied with people’s inability to get proper healthcare due to their resources and the organization of the hospitals. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Currently, there are benefit organizations and private funding agencies that are trying to change the statistics. One example is the Health in Africa Fund that will invest in small centers and health clinics, allowing for more equipment and better diagnosis. The African Development Bank is planning to invest around twenty million dollars towards the country’s needs while Gates Foundations is investing 7 millions of dollars. There are also numerous companies and charitable organizations that are focusing on the environment and creating the necessary conditions for people to lead a healthy life. As a lot of these problems take place in the slums and conditions of people living below the poverty line, a reorganization of social division is taking place. The government is providing better possibilities for people to find jobs, more support to those in great need and investing in the healthcare system (Perk, 2007). (Bradshaw, 2010). Initiatives: Increase in technical provision of healthcare delivery is one of the proposed solutions, adding the number of workers and volunteers, identifying priorities, proper and efficient allocation of services, development of donor initiatives and proper government funding. As of right now, the estimates show that 70% of the budget went to “curative medicine, while a mere 10 percent has been allocated for preventative care” (Quaye, 2010). The government tried to change things by aiding in the policy modification, “in March 2001, the government abolished user fees in health expenditure (Quaye 2010). The taxes have been somewhat lowered, as the majority of the poor population is forced to contribute the most, financially. Even though there is aid, the numbers of mortality are alarming: (Bradshaw, 2010). Several international organizations have taken specific attention to helping South Africa in this matter. For example, World Health Organization is one of the major organizations focused on delivering and bettering the system. They work with local hospitals to increase awareness, getting donors involved and promoting governmental help in finding a more lasting solution. We will write a custom Essay on Critical Analysis of a Current Health Initiative specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The IRC or International Rescue Committee is taking active role and participation in changing the life of many in South Africa. Social programs, fund raising and administration help is increasing, allowing for better living conditions and the total functioning of the society. Unfortunately, the majority of African people are still unable to afford healthcare. This has led the government to set forward a number of reforms and so, the next decade will see major results. Some of the strategies include giving the local communities and administrators more control over healthcare resources and needs of people, the mobile technology is being used to an advantage in the access and transference of available equipment, medical device, drugs are being better controlled and the distribution has become more regulated. The government realizes that sometimes the international agencies will not be able to provide help, so there is more orientation towards own strength and the reliance on charities is planned to be decreased. The administration is also targeting the population in the poorest areas, as these are the primary sources of the decease. Universal coverage and basic access to benefits and packages that include necessary pharmaceuticals and tools will increase preventative measures and the onset of the disease (Jamison, 2006). The changes that are taking place in the healthcare system and governmental control are none like before. The international attention, the increasing demand and number of people dying are all factors that contribute to major changes. Proper life conditions like shelter, food and most importantly drinking water must become readily accessible, so that people do not stress and become a part of the cycle of depression, poverty and unemployment. The middles class has been increasing in the past decades and so, it must be maintained, as people are starting to fall back into the lower socioeconomic status. Awareness and prevention will prove effective in the next ten years and the future looks somewhat reassuring. The international help has been providing much change and it is greatly appreciated but in order for there to be a shift, the African government must rely on its own strength. This will concretely fix the society and the healthcare system. References Bradshaw, D. (2010). Cause of death statistics for South Africa: Challenges and possibilities for improvement. Tygerberg, South Africa: Burden of Disease Research Unit. Jamison, D. (2006).Disease and Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa. Washington, United States: World Bank Publications. Not sure if you can write a paper on Critical Analysis of a Current Health Initiative by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Perk, J. (2007). Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. New York, United States: Springer. Quaye, R. (2010). Balancing Public and Private Health Care Systems. Maryland, United States: University Press of America. Rao, G. (2012). Coronary Artery Disease: Risk Promoters, Pathophysiology, and Prevention. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers.

Trident University International Traditional Health Education Program Questions

Trident University International Traditional Health Education Program Questions.

Part I: For this final segment of the SLP, review the article “Development of a Theory-Based (PEN-3 and Health Belief Model), Culturally Relevant Intervention on Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Latina Immigrants Using Intervention Mapping.” Consider this article and everything you have learned throughout the SLP and write a paper that addresses the following:Explain how you would approach a health education program for the cultural group you have written about for your SLP. Support your choices with scholarly references. You should be able to use the information you found in researching your previous SLP papers.Would your program be for the person, extended family, or neighborhood?What positive perceptions, enablers, and nurturers would you want to reinforce? What negative ones would you want to try to overcome?What positive aspects of cultural empowerment would you want to reinforce? What negative ones would you want to try to overcome? What existential ones would you acknowledge but not try to change?What challenges do you foresee in trying to plan and implement health education programs for this cultural group?Length: 3 pages (excluding the cover page and the reference list). please use scholar template for this writing assignment
Trident University International Traditional Health Education Program Questions