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2. Sources: You MUST use a minimum of 3 CREDIBLE sources. You must cite them orally in the speech, Essay

2. Sources: You MUST use a minimum of 3 CREDIBLE sources. You must cite them orally in the speech, in full sentences in your outline, and formally in your reference page using MLA or APA format. 1. Phrased as a full infinitive (include a verb form) sentence
2. Sample verbs: inform, describe, instruct, explain, or report. Only pick one.
3. Limit the statement to one distinct thought or idea, be very specific
a. Two nouns connected with a conjunction (“and”) may indicate you have more than one speech topic
4. Should NOT be a question
5. Concise and carefully worded

**************************************************************************************************** You MUST use the template provided and upload as a .doc, .docx or .pdf document file to be eligible for grading on Blackboard.
Answer the questions below for speech topic approval. Be sure to check the feedback text box on Blackboard.

1. Audience
a. Define your audience.
b. Are they familiar with your topic or not?
c. What adjustments will you make to your speech because of your audience demographic? Ex – Do you need to define industry terms, or focus on a geographical location or age group or gender etc. that would interest your audience?

2. General Purpose: Is your intent to inform, describe, instruct, explain, or report?

3. Specific Purpose Statement: To (inform, describe, instruct, explain, report) my audience about____________.

Ontario Politics

Ontario Politics.

Description The main question is : According to Julie Simmons, Ontario’s intergovernmental relations strategy has changed in what she describes as the “free trade era” (p. 148). What does she mean? What is the “fair shares” campaign recent Ontario premiers have espoused? Why did they promote this approach to federalism? Essay Format: The essay must conform to the following format:  Title Page – the title page must include: your name and student number; the title of your essay; date of submission; & the course number . No pictures or graphics please.  Table of Contents – NOT necessary.  Body of the Essay – Pages should be numbered. Do not use Roman numerals. Page one is the first page of your essay, not the title page. You must use one of standard academic citation systems for your notes, citations and bibliography. There are three systems commonly used in the social sciences: APA, MLA and Chicago/Turabian. Choose one. The Assignment: Background information to help you understand the assignment It is commonly recognized that historically, Ontario has been the chief beneficiary of Confederation. For this reason, observers suggest, Ontarians have never developed a strong regional or provincial consciousness; instead, they have tended to identify themselves as Canadians first and Ontarians second. However, in the 1980s and 1990s, changes in the North American political economy provoked Ontario’s politicians to take a more aggressive “Ontario first” stance, and encouraged the view that Ontario has regional interests to defend just like the other provinces. This new strategy continued in the millennium under the McGuinty/Wynne Liberal government in office 2003-18. The new Conservative Premier, Doug Ford, appears to be pursuing a similar strategy with his attacks on Liberal Prime Minister Trudeau

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Read and Respone

2. Sources: You MUST use a minimum of 3 CREDIBLE sources. You must cite them orally in the speech, Essay Hi,
I have the assignment to read a book and then respond to the book. I have included the book (around 20 pages in the book). I need two responses, one that believes and one responds that does not. And two peer comments once I get the respones to turn in so I could see the peer comments.

Activity 6

The data attached contains information on customers’ ratings of your product (CustRate), on a scale of 1 to 100, along with demographic information. The demographic information includes: income (Inc), age (Age), education (Educ), and marital status (Marr). The last variable equals one if the respondent is married and zero otherwise. Assume the data-generating process can be written as:
CustRatei=α β1Inci β2Agei β3Educi β4Marri Ui.
Test the hypothesis that income has no impact on customer rating, using a confidence level of 95%. Be sure to provide the reasoning behind your result.
Test the hypothesis that β2=0.05, using a confidence level of 90%. Be sure to provide the reasoning behind your result.
Build a 95% confidence interval for the impact of education on customer rating. Be sure to provide the reasoning for your result.
Build a 95% confidence interval for the impact of being married on customer rating. Be sure to provide the reasoning for your result.
Predict the change in customer rating if a customer’s income increases by $10,000, with no change in age, education, or marital status.

English Question

This week you will be working on the rough draft of your paper. A rough draft is a copy of your paper that you will continue to shape, edit and strengthen for the final draft. Your rough draft must consist of writing an introduction, supporting body paragraphs and a conclusion. At this point, you should already provide me with an almost final version of your paper.
I suggest you take the outline you have already done and use it to guide your writing for the rough draft. While following your outline is important, putting every little detail and piece of supporting information into your paper in the rough draft is not always necessary, but do what works for you. Your notes and outline together serve as guides for what you intend to include and where you intend to include it. Remember the rough draft is not the final paper, but a glimpse of what is to come.
The following are some tips provided from the writing research center, for writing your rough draft:
Writing the introduction of your rough draftWith your outline in sight, start writing the introduction of your rough draft. The ultimate goal of a strong introduction is to get the attention and interest of your readers. In addition, your introduction should do the following:
• Include some background information on your topic• Make the perspective and point of view clear• Contain your thesis statement• Provide a roadmap of how your paper is organized (broadly defined)• Focus on the main points you make within the body of your paper
Writing the body paragraphs of your rough draftThe body paragraphs of your rough draft are the backbone of your paper; they hold the supporting information that backs up your thesis. Keep the suggestions below in mind as you write each paragraph:
• Start each paragraph with a clear topic sentence that defines what the paragraph is about• Write smooth transitions between paragraphs using transitional words and phrases• Avoid writing paragraphs that are too short because they show a lack of development• Stay in the active voice to keep your paper clear and effective• Maintain your point of view or perspective to keep the paper focused• Avoid summarizing information you have already written about –save it for the conclusion• Support your perspective and interpretations with data in the form of indirect and direct quotations• Replace your keywords with synonyms periodically to avoid repetitive language• Cite all sourced material• Make sure the sentences of each paragraph flow to form a cohesive point
Writing the conclusion of your rough draftThe conclusion of your rough draft is where you tie everything together. Some of the information is similar to that found in the introduction, but it should not be a word-for-word copy. In the conclusion, more emphasis is placed on the results of your research or on broader implications on the subject as a whole. To write the conclusion, follow the below steps:• Re-read your introduction while paying particular attention to the development of it and supporting body paragraphs• Set the introduction aside• Summarize the argument made in your introduction• Conclude your argument(s)
Ultimately, your conclusion is your last chance to help readers truly understand what your paper is about, so it needs to show the order and importance of your main points and show how you logically conclude the paper.
Remember as you write your rough draft that it is okay to omit the more detailed information to focus on the flow and transition of each paragraph. The details obtained through your research are easily added after the first draft is complete. In fact, through the process of finalizing your paper, you are likely to edit, proofread, make corrections and change things up quite a bit.
Once the basics of your paper are in place, though, applying those finishing touches to strengthen your paper is much easier. With a rough draft completed, you should take a day or two away from the paper to provide clarity and a fresh perspective when you come back to finalizing it.

I’m working on a accounting project and need support to help me learn.

Please, prepare a written analysis of the Changing Regulatory Conditions, New Accounting Policies, and the impact of Global Financial Crisis on the country under investigation. ( 9 Pages)

I already did Six pages I just need someone to add 3 more pages (single spaced) to add to my analysis.
on these topics:
Book: Part 1, Chapter 3. Change inBusiness Objective: ShareholderValue vs. Stakeholder ValuePrimacy Concepts

Book: Part 2, Chapter 5Consolidation of Investees UnderIFRS

Krivogorsky V., 2019. “The Financial Crisis Impact on Institutions and Accounting Practices aroundthe World”.

you can use the book or Online sources, but make sure you cite your work please


Week 1 Discussion Thread1919 unread replies.1919 replies.
The Weekly Discussion Forum/Thread is a great place for you to learn from each other and to connect the material we are learning to world around you. I encourage you to actively participate here in a positive and encouraging manner.
Click the “Reply” box below.
Type your discussion post. (1-3 paragraphs)
Discussion Questions:
1. Briefly list three reasons why you think the study of Human Biology is important, in light of any current event.
2. Look at the Contemporary Health topics in the syllabus (table on page 4, column 4). List three additional topics (of your interest or relevance), that you would like to be discussed in this or future Human Biology classes
By the end of the day, respond to at least two of your fellow student’s posts by clicking “reply” below their posts. Then commenting on their post, make a suggestion, or ask a follow-up question.
Posts and Reply Guidelines
Your post should: (1) respond to questions posed. (2) be written in full sentences with few grammatical or spelling errors.
Your replies should: (1) refer to and add a personal perspective to post you are replying. 2) be written in full sentences with few grammatical or spelling errors.
As an example, read my “meet your instructor” post.

CAN1 – Using given objectives need to do a “” PACKET TRACER ” report

Please Use packet tracker do the exercise using below objectives.
Statically assign addresses to the routers( default gateways, point-to-point connections)
Router 1 will host all DHCP pools for each network. All hosts must obtain their addresses via DHCP?
Create static route to ensure that all PC’s can connect to each other
Create the following PDU’s to demonstrate the functionality of the network
PC0 à PC1 –>successful
PC0 à PC2 –>successful
PC1 à PC2 –>successful
NOTE :: Please check below attached images need with brief instructions

How effective is adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV Patients with mental illness

How effective is adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV Patients with mental illness.

Description 1) Write a review of the literature in an appropriate topic that relates to your area of practice. In order to do this you will need to identify a topic and then undertake a literature search in order to find 10 materials for your review. 2) Write an in-depth critical appraisal of a single key study that addresses your research question. Reflect on any relevant practice, research and ethical issues. 10 articles only peer reviewed need to be reviewed and one to be critically appraised in the second part. Also enclosing all the articles found that you can used to review. Please please do not use outdated articles ( no more than 15 years ago)

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Is life absurd without God?

Is life absurd without God?.

For your second essay, choose and answer only one of the questions below. In preparation for this essay, read the following Guidelines on How to Write a Philosophy Paper.

Is life absurd without God?

If you choose this question, you will argue either in favour or against the idea that life without God is absurd. The relevant lectures are the ones where we covered Craig, Nielsen, Stace (the lectures following the reading week); the lectures on Nihilism and Existentialism are also relevant, as there may be other lectures/readings in this course. It is recommended that your essay has the following structure: 1) In the first section (titled “Introduction”) you set up the problem. Explain briefly why one would think that life without God is absurd. State your own answer to this question (your thesis statement). 2) In the second section (titled “Arguments for an affirmative answer” or “Arguments for a negative answer” – depending on your standpoint), present what you take to be the best existing argument(s) in favour of your position, put forward by one of the authors whose readings are listed on Moodle. Also here you give a full formulation of your own answer and present your own arguments. 3) In the third section (titled “Evaluation”), you assess the strengths and the weaknesses of the arguments presented in the previous section. Also here you must consider at least one possible objection to the view that you are defending and answer it. 4) The last section is the Conclusion. Here you summarize the main points made in your essay and briefly restate your own position and why you think it’s true.

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