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2-3 Journal: Track Selection and Literature Review Practice

2-3 Journal: Track Selection and Literature Review Practice. I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

For this journal task, you will first select one of the three tracks in the study of abnormal psychology (biological, psychological, or sociocultural), which you will focus on for your final project research investigation. Review this tutorial to help you with the Track Selection Process. Then, you will analyze one of the articles within the track, which will provide practice for your literature review.
First, refer to the Tracks and Topics For Final Project document (located within the Module Two Journal Guidelines and Rubric document) and select a track and a topic within that track that you would like to focus your final project on.
Choose your track and topic thoughtfully, as you will not be able to switch your track and topic once chosen. Do not worry if you are not familiar with the tracks or topics at this point in the course; you will be learning much more about them throughout the term. Please be sure to contact your instructor if you are having any trouble choosing your track.
Next, analyze one of the articles within the tracks, which will provide practice for your literature review. When you complete your literature review, you will be addressing more specific elements. These questions are the first thing to think about when beginning a literature review. Keep in mind that these questions are practice and preparation for the more detailed literature review elements to come. In your journal assignment, identify your track and topic and answer the following questions about the article:

What is the title of the article? Provide a reference for the article in proper APA format.
What is the purpose of the article?
What is the hypothesis of the study? In other words, what claims do the authors make in the article?
What variables (factors) are being looked at as an influence on abnormal behavior?
If these variables or the relationship between these variables have been studied before, what does the article indicate about the findings of previous studies? This shows historical significance.
Describe the type of research design (e.g. descriptive, correlational, experimental) that was used in the study.
Do you think the research in this article was conducted in an ethical manner? Why or why not?*Review the APA Guidelines for Research (see Standard 8) and Ethical Guidelines from Chapter 15 of your textbook to support your answer.
What was the outcome(s) of the study, that is, the conclusions that the authors made as a result of the study?

Each question requires an answer in one to three sentences, although you can write more if needed. This should result in a journal assignment that is around one page in length. Be sure to cite directly from the article to support your answers.
Please refer to the Smarthinking Online Tutoring Service tutorials to assist you in your writing and to the Research & Citations page on the SNHU Online Writing Center website for proper APA formatting of sources.
For additional details, refer to the Module Two Journal Guidelines and Rubric document

Track Three: Sociocultural Influences of Abnormal Behavior
TOPIC: Social and cultural contributions to the development of psychological disorders:
Article: Difference or Disorder? Cultural Issues in Understanding Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Please let me know if you have any questyions
2-3 Journal: Track Selection and Literature Review Practice

Case Study Analysis: Alaska Airlines Final Project Milestone 1 (APA Format Original Work Only).

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED RUBRIC AND CASE STUDY. LOOKING FOR TWO MORE PARTS OF THIS PROJECT IF FIRST ONE IS DONE CORRECTLY. ORIGINAL WORK ONLY, APA FORMAT. 3-6 PAGES NOT INCLUDING COVER PAGE AND REFERENCES. In the final project, you will be developing a change plan for the “Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change” case study. In The Heart of Change Field Guide: Tools and Tactics for Leading Change in Your Organization, Cohen explains what is required from the leader and other parts of the organization to incorporate Kotter’s steps successfully as a change intervention. Review the case study “Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change” and then complete the following: (a) State what actually occurred in the case regarding Kotter’s first two steps of establishing a sense of urgency and creating the guiding team in a change effort and (b) address each of the critical elements for Section II parts A and B in your change effort analysis. Make sure to include your recommendations for implementing Kotter’s steps 1 and 2. A. Create Urgency Describe a plan to create urgency within the organization and convince stakeholders that this change needs to take place. What processes currently exist for implementing change? How will these processes need to be updated for the proposed change? Describe the strategy you will use to get support from your employees. How will this strategy be effective? B. Build a Guiding Coalition Identify who should be involved in this guiding coalition. Provide rationale for each choice. Kotter likes 50% leaders and 50% managers with experience, while others prefer the composition to be 33% leaders, 33% managers, and 33% informal leaders, but you can assemble the guiding coalition as you see fit. Determine steps you can take to ensure commitment from those involved. Describe those steps. For additional details, please refer to the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.
Case Study Analysis: Alaska Airlines Final Project Milestone 1 (APA Format Original Work Only)

NUR 3894C Rasmussen College Flexible Working Hours for Nurses Research Paper

NUR 3894C Rasmussen College Flexible Working Hours for Nurses Research Paper.

You are a nursing member of a healthcare organization on a policy subcommittee. The subcommittee has been asked to prepare an advocacy policy brief on a current policy that can be presented for facility adoption. As an active nurse advocate, it is important your voice is heard on a matter important to you as this is your chance to influence policy.InstructionsPrepare a policy brief. Identify and support your stance by addressing the following:Explain your selected healthcare policy.Address the background of the problem requiring the policy.Address how the policy is relevant to your nursing practice or area of interest.Identify if this policy impacts practice at the local, state and/or national level.Evaluate how this policy could impact health care and further explain how this policy would influence nursing practice.Provide evidence to support your stance on how you can implement the current policy.Explain ways you can assist in implementing this policy as a nurse advocate.MUST Have- Identification of a healthcare policy with a comprehensive explanation of the background of the problem, supported by resources. Several examples provided, supporting the policy’s relevance to practice, as well as a thorough discussion on how the policy impacts practice at the local, state and/or national level.MUST Have-Meticulous assessment of the policy’s impact on health care, with thoughtful examples of how the policy would influence nursing practice supported by resources.MUST-Provided a multitude of evidence from several credible references, with persuasive support for policy implementation. Thorough discussion on policy implementation by providing a convincing discussion on the role of the nurse as policy advocate.References within 5 years.
NUR 3894C Rasmussen College Flexible Working Hours for Nurses Research Paper

New Marketing Approaches for an Established Company

programming assignment help New Marketing Approaches for an Established Company. Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Assume People’s Plumbing owns a national chain of licensed, local plumbers who fix all residential plumbing issues. Pricing is based on an hourly fee plus parts, but the customer is given a cost estimate after the initial $25 inspection. The company has been successful over the last 30 years by advertising primarily on television and radio. They stress the key messages that their plumbers are qualified, clean, and take care of the problem quickly. Discuss messaging approaches that would be appropriate for the company and any media consideration.
New Marketing Approaches for an Established Company

Air Pollution: Public Health Impact Qualitative Research Essay

Air Pollution: Public Health Impact Qualitative Research Essay. Introduction Over the years, environmentalists have intensified research on air pollution. Air pollution has been attributed to activities such as air travel, coal mining, and geological storage, among others. Consequently, this has increased health-associated risks in societies. The paper will summarize articles on human activities and their effects on human health. International Air Travel and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Proposal for an Adaptation Levy This article begins by recounting the benefits of air travel as well as its expansion throughout the world. According to the authors, Cameron and Benito, globalization was essential in driving commercial aviation. The article begins by exploring the nature and scale of challenges associated with greenhouse emissions in aviation. It argues that increase in emissions is a direct result of increase in growth of air travel since World War II. Using various examples such as those from the European Union, the article cites increase in use of aviation fuel as a source of emissions in air travel. Despite the fact that pollution from aviation forms about 4% of total air pollution by green house gasses, IATA has continued to pursue implementation of a proposal aimed at minimizing air pollution. The article cites inadequacies in current policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions. It suggests a proposal, which fronts for emission minimization incentives and charges, among others. According to the article, aviation emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, it proposes major changes in policies to address potential challenges caused by air pollution. It also faults Kyoto Protocol for exclusion of policy changes aimed at reducing air pollution. The article; therefore, put forward an IATAL to help tackle environmental issues arising from air travel. The authors believe that IATAL would provide stability in the industry more than the current scheme of auction. Moreover, they argue that IATAL would be accepted throughout the world since it addresses the repercussions of climate change (HepburnAir Pollution: Public Health Impact Qualitative Research Essay

Advanced Nursing Practice and Advanced Practice Nursing

Advanced Nursing Practice and Advanced Practice Nursing. Paper details 1. Analyze the differences between Advanced Nursing Practice and Advanced Practice Registered Nursing. 2. Appraise the population served through your Advanced Nursing Practice Role (Geriatrics). 3. Evaluate certification opportunities for your chosen role (APRN). 4. Develop your licensure, accreditation, certification, and education plan based on your chosen advanced nursing practice role (APRN). 5. Investigate state-specific implications for your chosen role (APRN-Florida).Advanced Nursing Practice and Advanced Practice Nursing