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(1)review the article found in this module’s readings: The Effects of Music Therapy on Anxiety and Depression of Cancer

(1)review the article found in this module’s readings: The Effects of Music Therapy on Anxiety and Depression of Cancer Patients., answer the following questions.

Discuss how the research was conducted.
Recap essential information from the methods set forth in the manuscriipt.
Does the design of the study clearly tie to main objectives?
Your opinion on whether the statistical tests were appropriate for testing the hypothesis.
(2)Use other peer-review resources to support your opinion

Management Question

The terms “the gig economy” and “gig employees” have come into the language of business over the past few years. Supported by apps such as Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Instacart, and many others, individuals can decide to take on certain jobs, working as many or few hours as they choose, and taking on (or not) different jobs. For many individuals and companies, this is changing the nature of work, and relations between employees, employers, and customers.
This concept is not new; in fact it is quite old. The term “free lance” has been used to describe many writers and journalists for decades, while musicians and actors have typically been paid “per performance.” Turning up “gigs” or “tricks” has been a valued source of income for many individuals, long before there were smartphones, the internet, or computers. Back when I was growing up, most every carpenter, cleaning lady, and fishing guide I knew were “independent contractors” who were paid directly by an individual who wanted a particular task competed. (Many of these transactions took place using cash, with no traceability for income tax purposes.) The overall prevalence of this type of employment, however, declined over the last half of the 1900s, as these sorts of workers increasingly started working as employees of an organized business.
There are any number of articles and online resources that provide definitions of gig work and the gig economy, and some have contradictory descriptions. I have provided a couple of articles with this post, but I encourage you to look around and find additional resources. I don’t have any preferred definition, and sorting out some of this ambiguity is an aspect of this assignment. One set of definitions, and some data, can be found at:
This paper should focus on the personality and personal attributes that are important for gig workers. Refer to the concepts described in the book, and identify the attributes that are particularly important in order for gig workers to be successful. Similarly, it may be appropriate to discuss the attributes that would limit the ability of someone to be a gig worker. It is important for individuals to find the type of work that best suits them and their personality. (Generally speaking, shy individuals would have difficulty as a realtor or car salesperson, and those who have little concern for time or punctuality might not be well suited to be an airline pilot.)
This paper should be around 1800-2500 words, with proper referencing of all sources used. I recommend using the APA format for the paper and references, although I am not a stickler for following every detail of the official formating guidelines. The library or the writing center can provide assistance if you have any questions. There are also a number of sources of information regarding this standard, including and Sample and Refernce Guide as 1 file.pdf. As described in some detail in the academic integrity section of the syllabus, it is very important that all sources of information used receive proper attribution in papers.

Historical Analysis of Ephesians 28-13

(1)review the article found in this module’s readings: The Effects of Music Therapy on Anxiety and Depression of Cancer Historical Analysis of Ephesians 28-13.

This week you will consider and write on the historical, sociopolitical, and cultural contexts of the passage that you have selected to study for this course. Though your textbook, Elements of Biblical Exegesis, include literary and rhetorical contexts under the historical analysis, you will hold off on those contexts until next week in writing your Formal Analysis rough draft. You should have already completed a full reading of the book of Ephesians. If you need to freshen up on the book one more time, please read it again. From your readings determine: A. What does the book state about the author? Who is the author? If the author is not identified, are there statements which might imply the identity of the author, or which might reveal any other information concerning the author? B. Who are the recipients of the message? Where do they live? What is their relationship to the author? What is their spiritual condition? Note any customs, places, persons or events mentioned in the passage or surrounding material. C. When was the passage written, and what occasion prompted it? D. What is the purpose of the book? Are there any explicit or implicit statements of purpose? Second, consult and use at least two sources (including your Ephesians commentary). Compare and expand the results from the reading of the book described above (A-D) with these sources. For this section you will need to turn in one complete page of content. This section must be written as a narrative rough draft. Submitting a paper that lists A-D and includes research will not suffice. The rough draft must be written in a narrative format just like your final paper.

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Production and Costs

Production and Costs.

 For Module 1, you did research on consumer demand and pricing for your business idea. Continue with the same business idea that you wrote about for Module 1, but now look at the cost side of your business. Do some research on various potential start-up expenses for your business based on research on wages, office space rental rates, etc., in your home town. More specifically, write a three-page paper answering the following questions: What do you think the main expenses will be for your business? Make sure to discuss labor, rent, equipment, and any other major expense you can think of. Do some research on the internet or from your own personal contacts to get a ballpark estimate of how much the specific expenses are in your home town for the items that you listed in your answer to Question 1 above. You can use Craig’s List or similar webpages to get an idea about wages for different positions that you may need to hire for, and there are many webpages that have advertisements for renting commercial property in different parts of the country. Finally, break down your expenses into fixed plus variable costs. Make sure to cite two of the required background readings as justification for your classifications of your different expenses into the fixed and variable cost categories.

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Behavior change

Behavior change.

Pick a person, perhaps a client, employee or colleague, with whom you have worked in your field placement or in a job who you think could benefit from a behavior change. It could be a change related to diet, exercise, finances, sleep, substance use, phobias, sexual activity, adherence to treatment for a health issue, emotion regulation, etc. Write a short 2-3 page paper on the following: 1. Describe the person that you selected. Please disguise their name by changing it or using only their first name. Who are they? What makes up their identity? Include what you know about their age, gender, family, ethnic and racial background, economic background, sexual orientation, living situation, employment, spirituality, hobbies and activities, strengths and values, etc. 2. Describe the behavior they could benefit from changing and why. How is their behavior impacting their life or the lives of others? Are there any potentially serious health or safety issues? Any legal or ethical issues? What might get better (for the person and others) if they could change their behavior? How do they see the issue? Are they seeking change or help? What is their response to other people’s interpretation of the problem? 3. If you were to work with this person on their behavior change, how would you build engagement or rapport with them? What skills would be helpful to you in fostering a therapeutic relationship? What challenges might you experience (especially around your own personal biases, assumptions, values, cultural differences, ethical issues). How might you address these challenges? 4. What specific modality that we have discussed in class would you want to try if you were to work with them on this behavior change? You can pick Motivational Interviewing, SBIRT, Harm Reduction, Restorative Justice, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Why do you think this modality could help? Find at least one evidence-based article about the modality you choose that supports your reasoning. Summarize the article in a few sentences (make sure to cite your references). How does the information in the article help you think about working with this person on their behavior change?

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Using information gathered in your food diary, critically assess and discuss the nutritional adequacy and quality of your diet.

Using information gathered in your food diary, critically assess and discuss the nutritional adequacy and quality of your diet..

 You can frame your answer around how well your average dietary intake fits with Australian Dietary guidelines including food groups and fluid consumption, written in a formal way. You may like to use sectioning/headings that can help organise your answer

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How do the principles of economics (macro or micro) influence career goals

How do the principles of economics (macro or micro) influence career goals.

 As we have learned throughout the course, economic conditions and principles have an important impact on how we and the world around us analyzes and applies these principles to address issues. You will consider the role that having a better understanding of the principles of economics will play in your life and your career path as you reflect on the team collaboration experience along with the knowledge that you have gained this semester. Compose your professionally focused responses from the broader perspective of one of the following three career path areas: business, technology, or healthcare. You will write a reflective essay that addresses the following questions. Use at least one or two fully developed paragraphs for each response. • What are your career goals? How do the principles of economics (macro or micro) influence these goals? • What concepts from the course are applicable to your career path? Name and describe at least two economic concepts that will translate to your profession. Explain why these concepts are important and how they will be helpful to you or to the organization you will work for. • What concepts from the course are applicable to your personal life? Name and describe at least one economic concept that you consider to be an important takeaway from this course. Explain why, and describe how you plan to apply it. • What can you do to continue to reinforce and grow these ideas about economics and/or about ways to improve team collaboration? What are some of the resources that you can utilize as you continue your education? Successful assignments will accomplish the following. • Have a clear focus that clearly links course content knowledge and objectives to career path and personal application. • Use concrete economic concepts from class discussion and the readings to address professional goals and areas for economic-competency development. • Draw on experience with team dynamics—people collaborating toward a common goal. • Establish a plan for continuing to scaffold knowledge and develop as a professional. • Demonstrate articulation (mechanics, spelling, clarity, structure, and organization, utilizing APA style and grammar to produce a well-designed and coherent document).

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Difference between heritage and heirloom seeds

Difference between heritage and heirloom seeds.

Difference between heritage and heirloom seeds


Paper details:

An essay of the difference between heritage and heirloom seeds. And What does open pollinated mean? If not open pollinated then how are plants pollinated?

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