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After you’ve read Chapter 13, watch the “Stick Up Kid” video. For a total of 2-pages, give a brief synopsis of the video (1-page) in your own words and answer the following questions (1-page). Your essay must be written in either APA or MLA style format. Do not include the questions and numbers in your paper; simply reply to the questions in essay format. Include a reference page and use proper in-text citations when referencing statements or information from the video: 1. Do you believe that Alonzo was charged fairly as an adult instead of as a juvenile? 2. Was his sentencing time of 13 years per charge justifiable or necessary based on the facts of the case? 3. State what you know about sentencing, the death penalty, and other forms of punishment described in Chapter 13 (in your own words and include in-text citations and a “Works Cited” page if you reference information from other sources). 4. What is your opinion of the juvenile justice system? 5. What do you think needs to be changed about the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems? (Use in-text citations to support your response) link for viedo

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