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13 DQ 1

Three days before admission, she had an abrupt onset of a dry nonproductive cough, malaise, and anorexia that resulted in a prolonged period of fasting. On the second day of the illness, she awoke with diffuse muscle pain and progressive weakness, culminating in an inability to walk. She subsequently noted dark urine and presented to the emergency department, leading to this admission. She had no recent trauma, exercise, rash, joint pain, or foreign travel. She was taking a multivitamin supplement but no prescription medication.At presentation, she was mildly distressed but oriented. Her vital signs were within normal limits, apart from mild tachycardia (heart rate, 104 beats/min). Physical examination revealed grade 3/5 limb muscle strength, although testing was associated with obvious discomfort. Muscle bulk and tone, tendon reflexes, and sensation were normal. Notably, there was no rash, and cardiorespiratory examination yielded unremarkable findings. Initial chest radiography revealed a left lower lobe infiltrate most consistent with pneumonia. Urinalysis was strongly positive for hemoglobin. Initial laboratory analysis (reference ranges provided parenthetically) revealed that her creatine kinase (CK) level was markedly elevated at 118,342 U/L (38-176 U/L).What is the most appropriate next step to confirm the diagnosis of rhabdomyolysis in this patient? Provide an explanation for your answer.What is the most likely etiology of this patient’s recurrent rhabdomyolysis?Rhabdomyolysis is a rapid breakdown of muscle. Detail the pathophysiology behind rhabdomyolysis.What are the possible complications of rhabdomyolysis?Which medications may cause rhabdomyolysis?



 READ CAREFULLY: You have to write about you interaction with sexism as a woman and racism in the work place. Write as if you work at a grocery store. Please write about scenarios you as a woman of colour may face in the work place and hierarchy. Nothing too serious. Minor instances, such as comments pass off as jokes. YOUR experience with customers and higher up superiors. Use first person, use “I’ HERE ARE THE REST OF THE INSTRUCTIONS TO WRITE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE Step 1: Choose a social setting or group that you are able to directly observe. This can be any space where humans interact with one another. It may be a social group that you directly participate in, or one that you are easily able to observe. It may also be a virtual space. Do not choose a space that you need special permission to enter, or where people would not reasonably expect to be observed by a stranger. THINK: a workplace, classroom, public event, restaurant or bar, online gaming community, shopping mall, a club or team that you participate in, or any other social setting or social group. Step 2: Narrow your focus to a particular theme within the social setting. Look to course material for inspiration. Some examples of course concepts you might use to focus your research include (but are not limited to): group identity, culture shock, ethnocentrism, globalization, gender, race, ethnicity, the body, resistance, memory, development, frontiers, nationalism, neoliberalism, class, etc. Look to the lectures as well as the readings. Step 3: Conduct ethnographic fieldwork in this setting or with this group for a minimum of 1 hour. This includes careful observation of how individuals interact with one another. What kinds of interactions do you see? What social roles do you observe? How do people use the space, and how does the space enable some interactions and not others? Who is present and who is not? What are the protocols and practices of these people? How formal is the space? How do social and cultural phenomena play out in this space? Pay attention to detail. Keep in mind your thematic focus and TAKE NOTES! Step 4: Write an analytical essay with the following components: 1. Introduction 2. A clearly stated argument 3. Ethnographic description of your social setting 4. Analysis of what you found, drawing from course material 5. Conclusion 6. References and citation 7. An appendix with your fieldwork observation notes (typed or scanned if legible) Notes: • Your analysis should serve to back up your argument, drawing from both your data (your observations) and course concepts. • In anthropological texts, it is acceptable to write in the first person. • When referring to course material, make sure that readings and lectures are properly cited in-text and listed in your bibliography. You can also bring in outside sources, but you are not required to. Bibliographic entries for lecture slides should be formatted like so: Joy, Amanda. 2018. Interpretation and the Study of Culture [PowerPoint slides]. Carleton University. ANTH 1002A, Fall 2018 Carleton University • Research ethics with human subjects: When conducting research that involves human subjects, it is imperative that your study does not have negative impacts on the people you are studying. For this project, you must respect the privacy of the people you’re observing by not including their names or any other potentially identifying personal details in your essay (you can assign pseudonyms). If you are concerned about the ethics of your project, please get in touch with your TA or instructor. Essay Proposal: Due November 6th: Proposals should be 200-300 words and should include: a brief explanation of the social setting or group that you are going to study; the focal point of your essay (the aspect of the social setting that your analysis will focus on); Assignment Formatting: Assignments should be in a standard font, double-spaced, with 1-inch (standard) margins. Double-sided printing is acceptable. You are not required to have a cover page, but the following information must be included in the top right corner of your assignment: your name and student ID, the course code, the instructor’s name, and your TA’s name. In-text citations and bibliographies should appear in APA format.

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Critically evaluate the extent to which the design of public realm in town and city centres reflects urban design theories and principles

13 DQ 1 Critically evaluate the extent to which the design of public realm in town and city centres reflects urban design theories and principles.

Essay Critically evaluate the extent to which the design of public realm in town and city centres reflects urban design theories and principles, using examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ practice to illustrate your argument. Credit will be given for clear, concise, logically structured and properly referenced work. Reference should be made to both academic literature on urban design theory, urban design manuals and observations to support the conclusions reached

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Compare the development of Ottoman and Safavid architecture

Compare the development of Ottoman and Safavid architecture.

Compare the development of Ottoman and Safavid architecture 

Compare and contrast the development of Ottoman and Safavid architecture. Using examples from textbooks and the mini-lectures, try to identify the key features of each dynasty’s architecture (you will probably want to focus on mosques, though you should feel free to discuss/include any building type) and provide a brief outline of how the style evolved to the point it did. What are the sources/models for each dynasty’s architectural style? Is there something inherently Turkish or Persian about the forms used for both buildings and their decoration?

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French Art from the 1850-1900s

French Art from the 1850-1900s.

 Write a 4 page paper on Eugene Delacroix’s painting from 1850: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel Include information about the artist (early life, etc.) Times New Roman, size 12 Must include 3-5 sources

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I have 3 articles and 3 templates for each article. I need help filling out the questionnaire template for each article. It’s really short and quick. 1-2 sentences for the responses and yes or no answers. For the 3rd one it’s not letting me attach the template. the article is enclosed.

SWOT Analysis

The strategic planning process provides the leader with an opportunity to resolve an issue. As you consider the strategic planning process, identify current challenges in nursing practice. Discuss the challenge identified using the format of a SWOT analysis. Who would you involve in the SWOT analysis and what is your recommendation for change?
For assistance completing a SWOT analysis, refer to this FAQ.
Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

European Union

European Union.

European Union


Paper details:

Solve the concept of multilevel governance and how we can understand the EU as a multilevel system. Discuss then the role of the European commission in the EU decision making system with special emphasis on relations with the council of ministers and the European Parliament

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Reflective Paper on A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer

Reflective Paper on A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer.

 The purpose of this assignment is to personally reflect and react to one of the following memoirs (or novels based on a true experience). The reflective paper is not a summary of the content of the reading. Rather, it is a personal reflection and reaction to the reading. Therefore, provide only one or two short paragraphs summarizing the main ideas presented in the book. The rest of the paper should focus on your critical reflections, addressing the questions below, and personal response. 1. What was the impact of child maltreatment and/ or trauma on the child(ren) across the domains of functioning? 2. Explore the barriers to, and opportunities for, prevention, intervention, and response in this particular case. 3. What, if any, were the roles of the professionals in the case? 4. What diversity dimensions were identified with the child and family, and what was the impact thereof? 5. In what ways could a professional from your future discipline support and encourage the promotion of resilience in this child and family? It is the student’s responsibility to secure a copy of the book, through a local retailer, the public or University library, or online. If you have any difficulty finding the book, please contact the instructor as soon as possible. A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer

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Global Corporate Strategy

Global Corporate Strategy.

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Individual Assessment
Case Study: Volkswagen’s Competitiveness in the Global Car Manufacturing Industry

This individual assignment will be assessed by means of a 3,000 words (maximum) report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic issues relating to the Global Car Manufacturing Industry. You will be required to apply the strategic concepts and analytical techniques studied in this module. All the learning outcomes below will be assessed:
1. Demonstrate critical understanding and application of relevant theories associated with global corporate policies and strategies.
2. Understand the holistic nature of strategy and apply analytical techniques to solve complex problems in real life organisations.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of the strategic decision making process through critical analysis of how strategic decision making enables an organisation to relate to its global business environment.
4. Critically evaluate and monitor the business mission, objectives and policies of international organisations.
5. Use critical reflective skills to reflect on the impact of their understanding on the problem solving process.
The assignment will be internally moderated by: John Dixon-Dawson
Please note:
1. All work must adhere to the University regulations on ‘Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism’ which are provided as an Appendix in your Programme Handbook. You are encouraged to use ‘Harvard Referencing Style’ and avoid ‘Plagiarism’.
2. An electronic copy of the assignment in pdf format or Microsoft Word file must be submitted online on or before the appointed date. Please include a Turnitin Report.
Your task is to carry out a critical analysis and evaluation of the strategies adopted by global car manufacturers, using the case study provided and other materials researched. You will be expected to select and apply appropriate theories, techniques and models studied during the module whilst having regard to the practical aspects of strategy development.
Your assignment should be presented in a business report format and should be 3,000 words (maximum) (excluding executive summary/abstract, references and relevant appendices). The report should include a title page and abstract and be fully and consistently referenced, using Harvard Referencing style. The title page should be clearly labelled with your name, your course and the name of the case study.
It is recommended that you research information additional to the case study to support your arguments. This may be obtained from a diverse range of sources and you are encouraged to research the issues in whichever way you deem appropriate.
Assessment Criteria
The assessment will focus on the level of ANALYSIS carried out. That is, the application of THEORETICAL CONCEPTS studied in the module to the ‘practical’ case study presented. In other words, you should proceed beyond a DESCRIPTION of the company and its actions. You should be analysing ‘why’ rather than describing ‘what’. The assignment will be assessed and moderated by two members of staff in accordance with the marks allocated to each of the questions detailed below. 10% of the marks are set aside for the ‘presentation’ criteria. In the event of failing this individual assignment, normal referral / deferral procedures will apply. This assignment carries a weighting of
Academic Rigour
 your ability to isolate the key strategic issues
 the coherence and depth of the analysis of those issues
 the ability to analyse the strategy context within which companies operates
 the ability to critically review and evaluate strategic decisions made by companies
 the use of relevant evidence, from material provided and personal research to support any statements made
 the appropriateness of the methods used and theoretical models and frameworks applied
 the breadth and depth of research undertaken
Evaluation of data
 the ability to make sound recommendations or conclusions arising from the analysis
 the soundness of arguments put forward
 the summary of arguments
 report layout and format
 use of illustrative material and evidence to support arguments
 the appropriateness of length
 the quantity and accuracy of referencing
Grading Systems
Distinction: 70 – 100%
Merit: 50 – 69%
Pass: 40 – 49%
Fail: 0 – 39%
The Global Car Manufacturing Industry:
“The Volkswagen Group is optimally positioned to deal with the mixed developments in the global automotive markets. The Company’s strengths include in particular its unique brand portfolio, its diverse range of models, its steadily growing presence in all major world markets and its wide selection of financial services. We offer an extensive array of attractive, environmentally friendly, cutting-edge, high-quality vehicles for all markets and customer groups. This ranges from motorcycles through compact, sports and luxury cars to heavy trucks and buses, and covers almost all segments. The Volkswagen Group’s brands will press ahead with their product initiative in 2015, modernizing and expanding their offering by introducing new models. Our goal is to offer all customers the products and innovations they need, sustainably strengthening our competitive position in the process.” ( prospects.html )
Read the 2014 Annual Report of Volkswagen entitled “moving progress” available online
[], and carry out appropriate analyses of the global corporate strategies adopted by the Volkswagen Group and other leading car manufacturers, in response to the questions below. You are encouraged to use relevant data/information from company websites.
Question One: Portfolio, Integrated Organisation Perspectives and Competitiveness
Using relevant literature and examples from the 2014 Annual Report of the Volkswagen Group
(, critically evaluate the merits and demerits, of adopting
the ‘portfolio organisation perspective’ or the ‘integrated organisation perspective’ in the management of Volkswagen’s range of products – in today’s fast-changing dynamic global business environment. Based on your evaluation, is it possible for Volkswagen to adopt both perspectives simultaneously, and why?
[20 % marks]
Question Two: Technological Innovation through Strategic alliances, M&As The Volkswagen Group aims “to increase its unit sales and profitability for the long term” and intends “to become the global economic and environmental leader among automobile manufacturers by 2018” by deploying intelligent innovations and technologies to become a world leader in customer satisfaction and quality.
Using relevant literature and examples from Volkswagen, carry out a critical assessment of the company’s ability to acquire and deploy intelligent innovations and technologies through ‘strategic alliances’ (SAs) and ‘mergers and acquisitions’ (M&As). In your opinion does Volkswagen have the mix of resources and capabilities to bring the ‘digital and mobile’ technologies together in order to achieve its aims and intentions?
[30 % marks]
Question Three: Corporate governance, CSR, Sustainability and Leadership
“The Volkswagen Group is committed to transparent and responsible corporate governance … Volkswagen Group is aiming to become the most successful, fascinating and sustainable automobile manufacturer in the world by 2018…this means creating enduring value, facilitating good work, and using the environment and resources with care. Our CSR concept is aimed at ensuring that we recognize and manage at an early stage risks and development opportunities in the areas of environment, society and governance at every step along the value chain, and further improve our reputation.” ( enhancement/csr-and-sustainability.html )
Using your understanding of Corporate governance, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Sustainability and relevant management and leadership concepts, critique the above statement and evaluate the ability of Volkswagen’s senior management team to ensure that the company’s CSR activities contribute to increasing the company’s value in a strategic and sustainable way. [30 % marks]
Question Four: Personal reflections on learning
In 350-400 words reflect on the impact of this assessment on your understanding of the Global Car Manufacturing Industry competition, highlighting the key role of strategic alliances, M&As, and corporate leadership, in sustaining growth through responsible policies and practices. [10 % marks]
Note: 10% marks is allocated for overall presentation in report format, including correct
use of Harvard referencing style.
Suggested Reading:
De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. (2014) Strategy, An International Perspective, 5th Edition, Cengage Learning.
De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. (2010) Strategy Process, Content, and Context International Perspective, 4th
Edition, Cengage Learning.
Johnson, G., Scholes, K. and Whittington, R. (2005) Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases, 7th
Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall.
Lynch, R. (2006) Corporate Strategy, Fourth Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall.
Mintzberg, H., Ahlstrand, B. and Lampel, J. (1998) Strategy Safari, Financial Times Prentice Hall
Websites & PDF documents: Volkswagen Group, UK
csr-and-sustainability.html CSR and Sustainability at Volkswagen The Economist The Financial Times

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During the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton made fewer extremely controversial remarks to average Americans than her opponent, Donal Trump. One exception would be her “basket of deplorables” remark. When she was trying to support the claim that

During the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton made fewer extremely controversial remarks to average Americans than her opponent, Donal Trump. One exception would be her “basket of deplorables” remark. When she was trying to support the claim that.


During the 2016 Presidential campaign Donald Trump argued that because a judge in the case against his Trump University is of Mexican American heritage, he [the judge] therefore could be biased against Trump. Many felt that this was racist and offensive reasoning. What would be another way for Trump to support the notion that the judge might be biased that would be less controversial?

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