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10 slides Powerpoint

10 slides Powerpoint.

In this Discussion, you are seeking an investment for your business or product you’ve developed.Prepare individual presentations e.g. in PowerPoint and prepare approximately 10 slides (see points below). Attach your PowerPoint presentation to the Discussion for the sharks to review.Pitch “shark” investors (aka your classmates) your ideaEntrepreneurs/Presenters: You are seeking investment for your business or product you’ve developed. Pitch to the “sharks” and convince them to invest in your product.Sharks: You are welcome to find weaknesses and faults in an entrepreneur’s concept, product, or business model. Or you may choose to invest in their business/product.Make sure this presentation is all-encompassing. Here are points to think about. Each point should have its own slide.
What is your Product?What is the Investment you’re seeking (dollar amount and ownership stake)?Why is your product Important? i.e. why is there a need for your product? What is your Solution? i.e what is the purpose of your product?How does your product Work? i.e. what does it do?Why your Target Market should buy your product? i.e. what are your product’s benefits?How much does it Cost? How much do you sell it for? i.e. show the sharks how much profit is in each product.What are your Sales Trend over the last 3 years with a projection for sales for next year? e.g. show a bar chart of your sales over that 4-year period.In which economic Market Model does your product fit and explain why? How will you Market your product? i.e how/where do you sell? Why do you need the Investment? And Close the deal!!!Responses: As Sharks, please reply to 2 of your classmates’ Shark Tank presentations. Sharks: You are welcome to find weaknesses and faults in an entrepreneur’s concept, product, or business model. Or you may choose to invest in their business/product. Explain why or why not?Presentation: Your presentation and your PowerPoint slides are being graded in this Final Discussion. Remember – this is your shot! Your one-time to pitch to the sharks!! Make your presentation impressive. Include images, pictures, diagrams, logo’s, charts, etc. You should have 10 slides (i.e. one slide for each point listed above), so you will have space to include and impress with your slides.
10 slides Powerpoint

FSU Psychopathology Clinical Social Work Biomedical Industry Complex Discussion.

On four occasions during the semester, you are asked to select one of the required or recommended course readings and write a reaction paper. You may select any peer-reviewed article or book chapter that is assigned or recommended. Papers will be 3-4 pages long (not counting the required title page and reference page) and will be in 12-pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1” margins. Papers must be formatted according to the APA 6thedition manual. Papers will cover the following (please include these as headings within the paper):Name the readingProvide a summary of the essential content/argumentsPick at least one piece of new information/a concept/an idea that you were not familiar with the reading and:Describe it, and explain what you found interesting about itCritique the information/concept/idea -what are its good and bad elements, and why?Discuss why you may or may not use the information/concept/idea in the futureARTICLE ATTACHED!!
FSU Psychopathology Clinical Social Work Biomedical Industry Complex Discussion

“The Most Dangerous Game” Narrative Essay

“The Most Dangerous Game” is a short story authored by Richard Connell published in 1924. It is a story about a hunter becoming the hunted. “The Most Dangerous Game” essay shall provide an analysis of the story. The main character Sanger Rainsford accompanied by his partner Whitney set out on a journey from New York to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The two are on a mission to hunt the Jaguar, a big cat in South America. The play notes here that Rainsford loves hunting to the extent that he calls it the best sport in the world. In the course of their discussion over their ability to hunt wild animals, they are terrified suddenly by gunshots and screams. This occurs at night. The scare makes Rainsford fall off their boat into the Caribbean Sea in trying to rescue his pipe. The circumstance did not allow him to swim back to the ship. He then swims to an island, which is in the direction that the yells and gunshots had come from. This island also happens to be a Ship-Trap zone. On the Island, Rainsford finds two inhabitants living in a palatial mansion. General Zaroff is the owner of the island and an astute hunter. The second person is Zaroff’s servant, who is deaf and mute. His name is Ivan. It is surprising that after the introduction, Zaroff has heard of Rainsford from the books he has read about him hunting leopards in Tibet, China. They then have dinner together. Zaroff’s explanation follows this to Rainsford on how he got bored with killing wild animals because the adventure did not bring challenges anymore. His adventure surprises Rainsford, who, even after persuasion, refused to join. What happens when Rainsford refuses to hunt with Zaroff? Zaroff says that he now captures sailors whose ships are wrecked; he then sends them to the forest with food, dressed in full hunting regalia and a knife. The sailors now become his target and turn to hunt and kill them. Being a determined General, he sets his limits to three days. If by the third day neither Ivan, his hunting dogs nor himself have killed the prey, he lets them go. However, his hunting skills had never allowed an escape to occur. Rainsford turns down the offer to join the hunting of human beings. Zaroff gives him two options. To become either the next prey to be hunted or Ivan whips him to death. Rainsford chooses the former. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” dogs and Ivan play equally significant role in the plot. This is a dangerous game pitting Rainsford on one side and Zaroff’s entire team of Ivan and the dogs on the other side. It is the use of stamina and strength with the show of intelligence. Zaroff makes sure that Rainsford gets the standard treatment of a captive, including giving him food supplies and instructions. The challenge is risky but very intriguing. Rainsford starts by hiding his hunting tactics. He climbs a tree where he is very visible. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This serves to convince Zaroff that Rainsford is easy prey and immediately turns it into the game. The next flow of events proves that Rainsford is a guru in hunting. He sets a trap made of a massive log joined to a tripwire. The first casualty is Zaroff. His shoulder is injured, sending him back to the mansion to sleep. The trap he uses here, he calls it, a Malay man catcher. Day one is done, and Rainsford knows that he has two to go. His trap on day two killed one of Zaroff’s hounds. This is a trap he nicknames the Burmese tiger pit. The third trap, a native Ugandan knife, kills his servant Ivan. Rainsford then throws himself over the cliff and swims back to the mansion to evade Zaroff. On returning home, the presence of Rainsford in his bed curtains causes Zaroff to salute him. Rainsford refuses this and challenges him for a fight. As the “The Most Dangerous Game” narrative essay shows, he is confident that he can handle him. Rainsford considers the hunting of human beings as cold blood murder. The general takes the challenge. The challenge affects both whoever loses the duel would be fed to the dogs, and the winner will sleep on Zaroff’s bed. Rainsford expressed that he had never slept on a better bed before. This implies that he killed Zaroff. “The Most Dangerous Game” essay proves that reading this play, we can see the conflict between man and wild animals. This appears to be acceptable in the story. In the beginning, Rainsford and his partner proudly talk about their experiences in hunting. They are also on a hunting mission to hunt a jaguar. Furthermore, Zaroff, who also explains to Rainsford how he was a good hunter of wild animals before he sort new challenges, has featured Rainsford in books for his hunting skills as read. Zaroff introduces the second conflict that is between men. Zaroff launches his new adventure of killing people. He uses his wealth to prove his inhuman actions. He is chasing people to kill them like wild animals. This was, in fact, the cause of his death at the ending of the play.

Quatea Inc and Macro Ind Tracking Stock Paper

write my term paper Quatea Inc and Macro Ind Tracking Stock Paper.

I do not plan on having you use the StockTrac but i do want you to select some stocks and track them through the semester.  We will use these stocks in an assignment later in the semester.  So, to get started, please select ten (10) publicly traded stocks and begin tracking their price on the Excel sheet attached to this message
Of the 10 stocks you choose to follow, pick four (4) and write an explanation of why you picked that particular stock.  Limit this to a half page on each, so the total is around two pages.  Slightly over is ok.
There is a drop box in the Assignments for you to upload your write up and a copy of your spread sheet with the 10 stocks listed and the trading price at the open of the day.  You will track the 10 stocks until the last week of the summer semester.
I will be posting additional quizzes today, so be on the look out. 
Quatea Inc and Macro Ind Tracking Stock Paper

Java and Git

Java and Git.

Open the Calculator application code that you imported into Eclipse. This Java code is required to complete the following tutorial exercises:There 3 pdf tutorialThese tutorials will have you practice the Git operations in Eclipse using Java code while working within your local repository.Capture the changes you made in the tutorials by taking screenshots (at least one per tutorial) and then adding to your changelog document. Download the Changelog Template document and customize the changelog with your information for the author, date, and the changes that you made.
Java and Git

Population Affected by Disabilities

Population Affected by Disabilities. I don’t know how to handle this Nursing question and need guidance.

Mention and discuss the differentiation between the medical model and social construct definitions of disability.
Identify and discuss selected health care and social issues that influence the ability of people with disabilities to live and thrive in the community.
Mention and discuss the characteristics of rural community health nursing practice.
Mention and describe the features of the health care system and population characteristics common to rural aggregates.

As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 12 font attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard titled “Week 8 discussion questions” A minimum of 2 evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older than 5 years must be used.
Population Affected by Disabilities