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1/ Where does your data come from? What formats is it in? How will data modeling help you? Create

1/ Where does your data come from? What formats is it in? How will data modeling help you?
Create a post in which you offer 1-2 examples of how you can use data modeling or power pivot in your work.

2/ What are some of your ideas for dashboard designs? How will they help you convey information to decision makers and support effective decision-making?
Create a post in which you share a dashboard design concept. Offer 1-2 ideas for how you think it would aid in conveying information in an interactive manner and support effective decision-making.

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Post 1 – Katherine

The introduction part of your post is very captivating because you manage to capture the reader’s attention by highlighting the subject. The discrimination that occurred is indeed, like you put it, a major influence to the decision that was made. You have explained with facts how this case contributed to further awakening of civil rights movements to fighting for a right against segregation. It was sure not the final step in achieving this but in your own words, it sparked off widespread struggle and activism for equality. You quoted that the courts were adamant to an extent but finally had to bow to pressure coming from many lawsuits and this eventually is what led to eventual abolishment if segregation. This is a very informative post, right with facts and fully comprehensive.

Post 2 – Erica

You have explained that no actual battle was fought during the cold war; this is a good way to start off the post because it prepares the reader to understand what cold war was actually about. That’s nice. I enjoy reading your work because of the logical flow of ideas. You have explained what the two allies related to each other and the cause fort the Soviet Union’s tension due to its perception on Americas real motives. The hunger for dominance and fear of being outshined was a major concern between the British and the soviets and this made it difficult for the two forces to work exclusively together. I totally agree with that. I also like the way you concluded and said that the United States was adamant to enter into cold war with the Soviet Union, because of different interest that existed between them. In general, you have done enough research to support you ideas and for that I give you thumbs up!

Post 3 – Antonio

Hey Antonio, first let me comment on your grammar. Your choice of simple English is a great idea for an academic writing. It makes it easy for readers to get your points easily. So, your explanation of what the cold war was all about is precise and clear. You have also mentioned communism and talked about how it had began to spread to smaller countries. This is no doubt a great point that shows how the soviets rivals were not amused about this. It is also correct that America was helping worth the reconstruction after the Second World War. However, I disagree with you on open combat comments because the cold war did not involve any direct combat. It was simply a propaganda war (Risso & Linda, 2014). Besides that, you put it clear that countries that had nuclear arsenal were reluctant to open conflict and this is true because had that happened, the war would not have lasted for the many years it did. Good job and keep up with your style.

Work cited

Risso, Linda. Propaganda and intelligence in the Cold War: the NATO Information Service. Routledge, 2014.

Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment

1/ Where does your data come from? What formats is it in? How will data modeling help you? Create Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment.

Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment –Step 3

Instructions: After deciding on the location of your planning project, the next step is conducting a hazard analysis. You must first understand the threats to your organization to accomplish the planning process. Your written product (see page guidance below) should demonstrate that you understand both the hazards and their consequences that may impact your organization. This will require you to get input from those individuals working at the facility. In compiling your document, you should review and demonstrate your knowledge of the following steps of the hazards analysis process as discussed in class and from your class notes. An excerpt of the process is provided below.Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis Process1. Identify the hazards2. Profile each hazard3. Determine vulnerability 4. Determine risk5. Determine consequences/scenarios6. Identify capabilities and shortfalls7. Apply strategic planning processSuggested format for the analysis (Step 3) follows:Requirement – 3-5 pages, single-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point font. For heading/subheadings use distinctive font style, e.g., bold, italic, etc. to make it easier to read. Each hazard should have its own subheading. Double space between hazard descriptions. Include:General description/background of the analysisDescription of the facility(s) to include physical descriptionIdentify and provide a rank prioritized (by rank order or by low, moderate, and high ratings) listing of hazards to include 1) name of hazard; 2) hazard description and assessment summary as it specifically relates to the organization/facility(s). Please identify and describe hazards that are appropriate for the facility. (For example, if you were doing a plan for a wood working shop on the coast of Florida you would include information about how hurricanes might impact the business, but should also include hazards such as wood dust, dangerous wood working equipment that might cause personal injury, etc.).Upload your Step 3 assignment in .doc, .docx or .pdf format in this week’s module. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor as soon as possible.Tips for Success: 1) Hazard Identification and Profiling: If you have less than 4 hazards, you will want to consider whether you have identified macro- and micro-hazards that the business faces. It is okay to identify a large number of hazards. However, you only want to discuss the most relevant ones in Step 3. 2) Writing your Analysis: Make sure you relate each hazard to the business by explaining how and why it poses a threat to the business in question. Generally, you should have the same amount of analysis for each hazard. In other words, you shouldn’t have 3 paragraphs of analysis on one hazard and only 2 sentences on another.

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Tort Law: Stephanie and Ahmed

Tort Law: Stephanie and Ahmed.

Stephanie and Ahmed have been dating for three years. One Saturday night, Stephanie is awoken by a pounding on her front door – it is her friend Michael. Out of breath and red in the face, he tells Stephanie that he and Ahmed had been out with friends at the local pub and after having too many drinks, Ahmed attempted to drive himself home. However, as he was leaving the pub, he made a turn down the wrong side of the road and was struck by a lorry. Ahmed was taken by ambulance to the hospital, but it doesn’t look good and the car was destroyed. Michael then tells Stephanie he has to get back to the scene of the accident, but he’ll tell the police to come by. Stephanie begins to hyperventilate and cry uncontrollably; she feels her heart beginning to pound and she can’t hear anything. Approximately thirty minutes later, Stephanie wakes up in an ambulance with Ahmed at her side.

As it later turns out, there had been no accident and Ahmed was never in danger. Stephanie was hospitalised for two days and placed on sedatives. Doctors believe that she suffered some form of sudden acute mental trauma, akin to a panic attack.

According to Michael, the whole incident involving Ahmed was simply a joke.

Stephanie comes to you for legal advice. After discussing the incident with her some more, Stephanie reveals that she dated Michael for about six months until she met his best friend, Ahmed.

Your first task as Stephanie’s solicitor is to investigate the relevant precedent to determine whether she might have a claim. You have been asked by the senior partners in your firm to attend a meeting where you will present your initial thoughts on the relative strength of Stephanie’s case. In your presentation, you will present your findings and a short sketch of your primary argument, namely that the court should adopt a new tort: intentional infliction of emotional distress.

You should produce a document to accompany your presentation which contains a bibliography and a table of cases. This should list all of the sources you have used in the preparation of your presentation.

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Clinical linguistics assignment using praat

Clinical linguistics assignment using praat.

Clinical linguistics assignment using praat


Paper details:

This assignment is for a clinical linguistics course using the program praat. I have attached three documents, one with the assignment instructions and the other two examples of transcription examples. I would like this instruction to be completed word for word as the assignment says and in four different sections

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Analyze an annual financial report(called a 10K for a U.S. public company)

Analyze an annual financial report(called a 10K for a U.S. public company).

Analyze an annual financial report


Paper details:

In this assignment, you are asked to analyze an annual financial report (called a 10K for a U.S. public company), which might be one of the following: Publically traded company (e.g., Pearson Annual Report) [Recommended database is company website; or Edgar (Links to an external site.)] Charter school company [via Google search] Non-profit organization [Recommended database is GuideStar (Links to an external site.)] Identify and discuss the following in a 2- to 3-page paper: Part A: The Income Statement What it the name of the organization and source (URL) for the annual report? What are the major sources of income for the organization? What is the breakdown of each source of revenue as a percentage of total income? What are the costs? Part B: The Balance Sheet How much does the company have in cash and short-term investments? Look at the cash against current liabilities? What are the current liabilities? Does the company have enough cash to pay off its short-term debt (current liabilities)? What is the company’s working capital? (Hint: you have to calculate this. Refer back to Module 1 Learning Object for help.) What is the company’s current ratio? What does this mean? What is the company’s debt-to-equity ratio? What does this mean?

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Pobability and statistics

only these problems please
solve with steps in txt files not handwritten
Section 2.1.4 Problems p.90 (102) 2.1.3(*), 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.1.8
(*) Don’t plot
Section 2.2.4 Problems (113): 2.2.1, 2.2.2(bc), 2.2.3(ab), 2.2.4(bc), 22.5(abc)
Section 1.7.3 Problems (85): 1.7.1(a,b)(*), 1.7.2(a,b)(*), 1.7.3(a,b)(*), 1.7.4, 1.7.7(**), 1.7.12(**), 1.7.17(**)
(*) Use Excel or other tool
(**) Express your answer using Factorial, Permutations, or Combinations: Do not calculate!
Section 1.10 Problems (88) : 1.10.1, 1.10.22, 1.10.3(*), 1.10.8, 1.10.10, 1.10.14(**)
(*) tricky but easy
(**) Express your answer using Factorial, Permutations, or Combinations: Do not calculate!

JRL Intro to media relations in sport

There have been many stories in the media regarding athletes and substance abuse. Two recent stories are that of MLB player CC Sabathia and former NBA player Lamar Odom. MLB player CC Sabathia checked into alcohol rehab during a crucial time of the playoffs. Former NBA player Lamar Odom almost died of a drug overdose in a Las Vegas brothel. Lamar Odom is not currently on an NBA team, but played for the Los Angeles Lakers for many years and they issued a statement during that time of crisis. Discuss your strategy for presenting the scenarios regarding CC Sabathia and Lamar Odom in a positive light to the media. Would your approach be similar or different for the Lamar Odom (assuming Lamar Odom was still on a team) and the the CC Sabathia cases. Also, please discuss two more examples of athletes having off the court personal issues in the sport of baseball and then present your strategy as a media relations professional of presenting these situations in a positive light to the media.
Review Lesson 1.
Read Chapter 1 in Schultz, Caskey and Esherick.
Read the following articles found in this week’s readings:Kaplan, R. (2010). The legacy of Ball 4. Retrieved February 23, 2014, from:…
Kirkpatrick, C. (1989). Dodging a bullet. Retrieved February 23, 2014, from:…